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    Getting prepared for implementing the NEP in schools

    From whatever evidence is now available in the field, there is every chance that the new education policy can indeed bring about a massive change in the way courses are run, even in schools. To this end, a remarkable piece of reform that unfolds itself is possibly a choice that is given to the student from the ninth standard onward and up to the school final, that is plus two levels, to pursue the specializations of Economics, Psychology, and Sociology, This means that if a student is weak in science subjects, he can acquire basic knowledge and switch over to the humanities.

    This is the crux of the problem, though. There is a severe shortage of teachers who now teach what is called "social science". There is a premium for such teachers and one finds that residential schools attract such teachers with very high salaries. How it would be possible to even implement a big reform of the kind quoted above remains to be seen.

    Some incentives can work. For example, if the IGNOU can chip in and collaborate with the schools, acquiring Master's Degrees by existing teachers may not be difficult. Once this happens, such teachers should be given higher salaries. The CBSE should give guidelines in this respect and ensure that teachers who hold additional qualifications are given the right sort of incentives. Otherwise, the existing state of affairs will continue. The NEP policy will itself take at least another seven years to be implemented, according to some teachers.
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    New education policy is an ambitious program and it will take some time to establish this in the existing system and get it implemented in totality.
    In fact, implementation of any big program is always a challenge as there are many teething troubles at the grassroot level. The shortage of skilled teachers will be a problem but by holding refresher courses and training programs that aspect can be taken care of. Let us hope that in due time the new education policy will be a successful effort.

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    We must welcome NEP policy formulated by academics but it might take enormous time if the relevant points for making the policy useful to the the students. For any policy to work effectively at the grass root level, pros and cons need to be considered by the scholars so that the students are truly benefited.
    In the meanwhile, we must hold some discussions with the teachers how best newly formulated policy relating to improvements of the students can be achieved. Many worthwhile points would emerge as a result of such discussions and inclusions of such viable points would make this policy more attractive. This policy must be reviewed time to time for inclusion of other relevant points if the committee thinks fit.

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    NEP is supposed to bring in the best changes in our education system. But as mentioned by the author, there is a shortage of teachers. A teacher should have a complete grip on the subject that is being taught to the students. So there should be planning by the concerned departments to upgrade the knowledge of working teachers. Part-time or short term or online courses should be designed to fill this gap. Swayam is a step forward in this direction. Many professionals who are interested can do some related certificate courses. They can be utilised for teaching the students.
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