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    AI- a threat to humankind?

    Extinction means dying out/extermination of species.

    What will happen?

    If machines flood our information channels with propaganda/untruth?
    If we automate away all the jobs?
    If we develop non-human minds that outsmart/outnumber/obsolete and replace us?

    Answer is we loss control of our civilization… ultimately human extinction.

    Many entrepreneurs and researchers requested pause for AI deployment at least for 6 months due to risk to society and humanity. Center for AI Safety's main worry is the use of AI systems to design chemical weapons.This should be prevented at all cost. Sam Altman the CEO of Open AI said…. "I think, if this technology goes wrong it can go quite wrong…"

    Let us discuss.
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    Any advanced technology that goes into the wrong hands can create disasters and problems for mankind. AI is also such a threat. Now the choice is with us only to either discard and stop AI development or use AI for improved governance and take care of evil elements who would be misusing AI in the future in whatever way.
    Long back when computers were invented then there was a doubt that computers will make people unemployed. But it did not happen and it was only one of the various reasons for unemployment.
    So we have to watch AI development and increase international cooperation in combating the evils associated with it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    AI has to be used for constructive purposes. But certain issues can not be left to AI. There should be human interface. That will help in avoiding disasters. Automation may reduce the requirement of manpower but automation may not think and act like a human being. If something goes wrong with chemical weapons manufacturing or using, disaster will take place and there will be heavy damage. Any deviation in the path should be noticed and immediate action is to be taken. That is many people are feeling that in the coming days AI will be a threat to mankind. Loss of jobs. unemployment and unrest among the people will result in civil wars and may cause havoc in the lives of the people. At the same time chances of unwanted happenings will increase and we will witness many unruly acts in this society. Hunger can make a person to go to any extent .
    always confident

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