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    Is it correct to think that formal education is only to earn money?

    These days we often hear from many people that education is a must for earning money through a job. I accept that education plays an important role in getting a suitable job and without the required qualification people may not consider an individual for a job.

    But is it the only use of education?

    My answer to this question is definitely " No". There are many more benefits that can be achieved by an individual. I feel an educated person will have better communication skills and problems solving skills also. Education will teach us the importance of discipline in our lives and also its importance in thinking and decision-making qualities also.

    I solicit the views of other members also in this aspect.
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    For most of the jobs in our country there is a minimum educational qualification required. From that angle it is obvious that a person should be qualified before applying for a particular job.
    But that is only a part of the story. Education is a process through which a person develops and there are improvements in ones personality in various aspects. Education changes a uncut and unpolished diamond into a sparkling diamond. An educated person can be seen behaving in a certain way which is not only well mannered but also graceful. Without education, a person will be raw and will not be in a position to express and communicate the way an educated person does.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes, education helps anyone to get a job, enhance our knowledge in some field, improve problem-solving skills etc. The meaning of the word 'education' has changed to a great extent these days, it just remained to format, a format that produces to work, act and respond. We mostly see good intelligence is absent in the current education systems. I said so because suppose an educated man passing by a road and saw another man got into an accident, laying on the road, he try to flee from there despite helping him. On the other hand, if he would help, he had to face educated police personnel who had been waiting for such a case where he could make some money out of it rather than helping him. What is the use of education, if a person possessed a high degree but can not distinguish the good and bad as a whole? No doubt morals, values, ethics etc are taught in the education system but their practical application is often overlooked in real life.

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    Not exactly, education brings so many positive benefits within a man. By virtue of education, one speaks in the refined way and the same might not have been possible without the development of knowledge. To secure a job is another part but taking decisions correctly in the nick of time and application of right analytical skills are the main advantages what an educated man gets from being educated. In the critical hours, when there is a brainstorming session to arrive at the right solutions, it is possible due to the formal education of the man.

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