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    Making children understand the importance of education is vital

    Many children at the age of 5 or 6 years will not have much interest in going to school and spending time there hearing the teacher. They feel that their freedom has been taken away. Somehow they want to avoid going to school also. They will show more interest in playing with other kids in the school.

    It is the responsibility of the teacher and the parents to make the kids understand the importance of education. Every child will like to hear stories and play with others. So parents should tell them various stories from various epics which will tell about the importance of education.

    Teachers also should try to make their teachings more informal and see that students will learn the subject easily and get interested in their studies. Otherwise, by the time the kids understand the importance of education. it will be too late.
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    The kids are curious by birth and they are influenced with the surrounding environments. If the teachers in their schools are taking due interest in the activities of the kids, start telling interesting stories prior to the teaching session. There would not be any reason for disliking of such teachers since the kids find them more friendly and sensitive in their teaching assignments.
    The teachers should be a little closer to the kids taking interest in them and in no way, they will reprimand or abuse the kids in case they commit mistakes. Handling the kids with affection will strengthen the relationships of the kids and teachers.
    Gradually the kids would be more receptive and attentive to their classes. If the teachers are slightly courteous in their behaviours, they can turn the tables in their favour.The kids will ultimately realise the importance of education.

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    The author is right. However, unfortunately, the current environment is indirectly pointing in the opposite direction.
    To get a favorable audience, many influencers talk and act in such a way that education is not that important.

    The ground reality that even small children just in LKG and UKG and primary classes earn huge money by participating in various reality shows, TV serials, cinema, and many such events, gives an impression to young minds that hardworking and writing examinations and passing, etc are all waste.

    We do not get to read about those who have achieved in education and matters related to education and academics. Other ground realities happening rampantly like backdoor admission to higher courses, backdoor recruitment to jobs bypassing all norms and systems, favoritism, frauds, etc discourage and confuse students as to what after all is the value of education and high grades in exams and tests.

    Earlier there used to be publicity for rank achievers, distinction grades, etc. Now that is abandoned and mediocrity is encouraged. Students who do not attend classes, who do not write exams, etc. are declared passed and get admitted to higher-level courses. Some lobbies advocate open-book exams and others ask for abolishing exams.

    In such a situation those who speak about the importance of education will be booted out, pictured as old fashioned, orthodox, and against reforms and neo-values.

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    I agree with the author that children should be taught the value of education especially at a younger age, because after a certain age, one can not learn all those things that he/she can learn at a young age. The minds of kids are very perceptive. They learn by seeing and observing things around so a good environment plays a very important role in their development. Our country has improved form the earlier norms of rote learning, but it still needs to go far in this direction. These kids need to be made to learn things not necessarily in old ways but with innovations as well. The problem is too much and too early access to smart gadgets have made life to comfortable for everyone. So people don't try to quench the curiosity of a child through conversation but simply hand them a smart gadget and that, I think a modern-day obstacle in learning-stage of a child. I guess curiosity of children at this stage needs to be answered by adults, and they should be given more good books to read instead of smart gadgets. I always give books as gifts to my young cousin because I feel after me the next generation won't see the books in the same manner as I did.
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Making children understand the importance of education is no doubt, important. But how do we do that? I don't think a kid studying in primary classes would be able to grasp as to why being educated is important.

    So, I think we need to train a child to observe and comprehend and make him/ her know the importance of learning. But, in this age, when instead of taking the child out and showing him the trees, flowers, birds, the clouds, the Sun and the Moon etc, we have started engaging them on mobile phones and computers, I doubt whether the environment is conducive for a modern child to develop an instinct to observe and learn things.

    Learning does develop as a natural process but parents must be able to nurture an interest in the kids. Clapping your hands when he repeats what you say or do, be it be a word or an alphabet or the tune of a song or the step of a dance, will encourage him to learn. Learning is a process that, as a child, makes one feel recognized and it is that feeling that would instill in him an urge to learn more. As he grows up and begins his encounter with letters and numerals, we need to ensure that the interest is maintained.

    The importance of education, and not just about scoring high marks, can be infused gradually as one starts understanding the purpose of getting educated. Education being a systematic mode of instruction is a part of learning and children should be taught that making a career is not the only aim of being educated. Proper education should be accompanied by observation and learning things on your own so that the wholesome development of a child into a matured, civilized and good human being is ensured.

    'Knowledge is knowing a Tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.' -Miles Kington

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