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    Topics are getting repeated in the Knowledge Centre

    It is observed that some topics are getting repeated in the Knowledge centre.
    The following is one such example.

    1. What is the admission process for B.Tech courses at IIST Trivandrum? ( This topic was posted on 22 Jun 2023.

    2. IISST Thiruvananthapuram UG Programs Admissions 2023 ( This topic was posted on 8th June 2023.

    Can an author post answers for both topics? The answer will be the same for both topics. This is just an observation and want to know the guidelines for the authors who wish to answer in such cases.
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    I too came across such questions. So there should be an option called the merged option. This would help the interrogator to get an answer at the time of asking if a similar question exists at ISC.

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    I guess this is what happens when any platform is made very limited because people are left with no place for more creativity and creative writing. What else can one bring in If the topics are very limited?
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    Okay, it is me responsible. Did not notice there is already one topic on the same subject matter. At times we miss them, as only the fresh ones or the ones trending are mostly visible. Now that a second exactly similar topic has been posted and I have answered it, it should be preferably merged with the older one. Or it may be deleted and my answer shifted to the first one. Let's see what the admin suggests.
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    Yes, topics are getting repeated in the Knowledge Centre. Maybe members don't find different topics to ask.
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    This is nothing unusual and as the number of topics rise it is going to happen. I have seen in Quora site that there are so many similar and repetitive topics.
    It would be a herculean task for an editor to check that and merge them. May be it could be done through some automated AI based mechanism.

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    I am not finding fault with anybody. As I have answered the first topic, I thought it is better to ask the concerned before making some reply to the new topic. I thought of giving a link to my answer to the first topic here.
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    Dr Rao, the issue is being looked into. But, till the time a solution is arrived at, I think it would be better if a member resists from repeating the answer (even if in different words) if he feels that a similar topic has already been answered to.
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