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    Why most of the Indians avoid medicines first time?

    In most Indian household, it is very common to stall taking medicine for as long as they can. Specially in case of symptoms of cough and cold, they mostly wait for it to go away by itself in a few days. They don't go for the medication in the beginning. They wait until it gets worse and than only go to the doctor. There are many stand-up comedies, funny memes and jokes about this phenomenon but it is true also. Especially in the case of women, it is a more common practice to use all kinds of home remedies first and wait for the worst, Man still go to the doctors for assistance but the woman in the household keeps stalling. Is there any specific reason for that or is it just the negligence towards one's own health when the person is care giver of the whole family?
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    Very interesting topic has been raised by the author. Whatever the disease it is, the ladies don't go to the doctor immediately but rather wait for sometime to see that it goes itself. They cannot be wrong either. They have even seen positive results in some cases such as stomach ailments, body pain and even cough with a little intake of Ginger piece followed by a lite intake of honey. Gargling with warm water containing some amount of common salt has helped them in their throat problems.
    They are the believer of the old tradition where they have seen how their mothers and grandmothers have behaved in the similar situations. Hence they cannot be classified as one of exceptions. In the similar problems of their kids and husbands, they would resort to the best medications with one of the best doctors. Negligence can be seen in their cases only.
    I would not say that this is applicable in cases of entire lady folks but in terms of percentage, it does constitute a fair representation.

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    It is a good practical topic. Kudos to the author.
    There is a mentality in us not to fear more about the set back immediately on attack.
    If there are elders in the house, the conventional treatment hold good to majority of health problems.
    Also there is a saying, the cold will get cured in seven days automatically and in a week if medicated.
    The main reason the hectic fees charged by the clinical doctors besides medicine cost. Further the cost is alarming in case of hospitals as there are systems of packages.
    To avoid to consult a clinical doctor or hospitals, many of us approaching Pharmacies, even by knowing it is not good to have such practice.
    There should be doctors in all areas charging normal fees so as to keep the patients coming to him/her and further they can become family doctors for them.
    We used to go to one doctor who had clinic nearby our house and we approached him even after he shifted his clinic to some distance from our house. Now he come back to our area and we have no second thought to go to him. He also a very good in diagnosing and recommend hospitals only if very much necessary.
    Besides everything, it is good to have medicinal herbs in our food weekly once. In our house our mother used to prepare a kashayam by grinding ginger, coriander and slight jaggery one week. On the next week dried turkey berry powder made after fried along with pepper or red chilis to mix with plain boiled rice by adding slight salt and ghee or gingly oil.

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    Is it so? Many of the people from my known circles start using some type of treatment as soon as some problem is noticed. All may not go to an allopathic doctor but they may go to an ayurvedic Physician or Homoeopathic Physician and take medicine as suggested by the doctor.
    For issues like headaches or colds, we need not go to the doctor immediately. But for any other ailment, one should see a doctor. In our house, my father is very health conscious and he will see a doctor if any problem is noticed and start using medicine. That habit came to all our brothers and sisters also. We will also see a doctor if any health issue is there. But we use Ayurvedic medicines more based on the situation and the condition of the patient. If we feel the immediate attention of an allopathic doctor is required we will see him at the earliest. It is always better to use home remedies also only after diagnosing the problem. Neglecting health is not good and we should be proactive in this aspect.

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    It is true that many of us wait a few days before we go to a doctor or start taking some OTC medicine. The reason is that as per our tradition and Ayurvedic principles, in many cases our body cures it without any external help and many cases it turns out correct also.
    Some people start taking medicines from the day one fearing that if the ailment exaggerates then it would be a problem to contain it. Both the philosophies have their own pros and cons.
    I have seen some elders taking hot water regularly during sore throat and within 2-3 days it gets cured. I have also tried it and it works. Only thing is that it may not work in all the situations. If sore throat is severe and the person gets fever then one must have to consult the doctor.

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