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    Our Telugu lecturer used to call us 'Interm' 'ediates' when we were in our intermediate

    When we were studying intermediate in a government junior college, we had a very capable and qualified Telugu Lecturer. He was a triple MA holder. He did MA in Telugu, English and Sanskrit. He was thorough in grammar and he used to enjoy his teaching. He was my father's friend.

    Some students used to make fun in the language classes and used to prank the lecturers. The strength of the section was 72. The lecturer was not able to identify the individual who was creating trouble. Sometimes this lecturer used to get emotional and used to shout at all the students. He used to call us 'interm' and 'ediates' dividing Intermediates.

    I was never a part of such a group that was making a prank on the lecturers. Have you any such remembrances? I request the members to narrate if any.
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    There were a few students in my class when I was doing my higher secondary, who were always doing mischief and throwing pranks on others. Teachers also knew them and behaved sternly with them. Some good students were very studious and sincere in the classroom. One such student was Vinod.
    One day the group of mischievous students asked Vinod to go to the mathematics teacher and request for allowing the students to go to play football and not take the class. Vinod being a simple fellow went to the teacher and told the same thing. The teacher smiled and asked Vinod who had told him to do so. Vinod simply told the names of two or three students of that group. Our mathematics teacher was very strict and did not allow any indiscipline. That day when he came to take up the class he asked those troublesome students some questions and when they could not answer he asked them to stand on the bench and throughout the class they stood like that. It was a good lesson for those students.

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