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    Education should also reach the remotest corners through Online medium

    It is the basic duty of the Government of India and the concerned State Governments to take the most advanced information technology and the internet facilities to the Hindi heartland and the remote hilly areas.

    Last year, when I had been to Badrinath, I met a very young and ambitious man who lamented that the internet services were totally unreliable. Of course, the provision of fairly good roads, built by the Government of India, was visible everywhere and it was obvious that the tourism industry was flourishing only because of the various projects going on.

    Yet, if the benefits were to reach all, the online medium is seen as a big game changer and it is very essential that there is some mechanism to ensure that quick action takes place. Youth, if properly encouraged, can change the world and we really need to bring in reform that will reach the masses.

    Internet facility is the big game changer. Let us act very fast to ensure that this is done.
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    One thing is sure National Highways are now maintained well. New Highways are coming and connectivity between the places is now far better. Thanks to the concerned for their prompt actions. But state roads are not coming up to that standard. This statement I am making is based on my experience in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Almost all villages are having schools in South India. During my visit to Chardham in 2018, I have seen many villages in the hilly area where there were no minimum facilities also. But now I understand there also roads are improved and facilities are coming up. Now almost all the villages also are having cell towers and many of the population are having mobile phones. So data will be available to all. Internet facilities may also be available in many places and now online education is not a problem if we have a mobile phone with data.
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    Many internet providers are active in urban and city areas only but if they get good business in the remote places then this problem could be solved fully. Slowly the internet reach is increasing in our country and it might take some time but soon we will be having mobile towers in each and every corner of our country. Many companies like Reliance jio or Airtel and others are aggressively vying for new circles in internet business. Internet service providing field is becoming very competitive and service providers are introducing newer and newer schemes to lure the customers in the remote area also. The customer base is increasing in those areas and and that would bring better services there.
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