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    Make the summer holidays learning experiences as well

    A holiday to a hill station like Munnar in Kerala, can be a great learning experience for any student. More often than not, the parents take the children to such places and allow them to run around, while they are very busy with their cell phones.

    Such experiences are non value-adding for both students and the parents. Instead, if the parents ask the children to interact with the tourists they meet, just learn about their experiences and so on, and also interact with those in the bottom of the economic pyramid, the children will get to learn so much about life.

    It is stupid to think that a ten year old child cannot understand anything. Wise parents allow the children to learn so much from what they see all around them. This should be encouraged.

    Parents need to take big interest in this regard. Otherwise, the learning may not be much. Cell phones can be seen at night and phone calls can also be made after 9PM.
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    Definitely, tours help students in acquiring knowledge. That is why many schools and colleges arrange industrial tours and other tours. When students go on an industrial tour, one or two teachers accompany them. Students will be asked to interact with the persons working in that industry so that they can get their doubts clarified.
    If children go with their parents, parents should have the patience to answer their questions. Many children ask many questions out of their enthusiasm and we should respond positively with them. Otherwise, they will lose interest. If we allow them to talk to others also they will get much better knowledge.
    These days many parents are putting their children in summer camps during summer holidays and making them learn new skills.

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    Summar holidays are a great time for outing. Children love to go out and explore the world around them. Though such outings are generally for fun and entertainment but if parents do a little effort then they can inculcate learning spree in the children during these outings. There is a lot to learn in our surroundings from the nature, from the landscapes, and from the change in weather. Everything has a science behind it. When we observe things around us from the learning point of view then everything will look logical and made for a purpose. Nature is a big teacher and only thing is we should observe it from that aspect.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I wish to drag the points noted by our earlier ISCn Mr. Mohan. According to him the children should be taken to the relatives' houses during summer vacation so as to make them to keep good relationship with relatives and feel their supportiveness, enjoying the climate and different surroundings .
    This will definitely make the children to get rid of addiction over the mobiles , computers and television.

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    We are observing that in most of the families children feel isolated due to engagement of their parents in some jobs or the other having practically no time to spend with them. After doing their home work assignment, they are engaged with their mobiles for the entertainment. More they are engaged, more they are hooked to it.
    Hence it would not be a bad idea for the parents to chalk out some plans for outings at least in the summer vacation when the kids would have enough time to be utilised for healthy talks/ entertainment. It would be the best way to go for outings in some friend's house where they can enjoy conversations in varied topics and in this process parents, too, can renew their friendship with the parent's of kids. In that way, both children and parents will be greatly benefited.

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