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    Reading habits in children should be inculcated by their parents

    Whether it is a textbook or a novel or a blog on the internet, we will understand the content of the item only when we read it. The more we read the more we are informed. In our learning process reading occupies an important role.

    Reading is a necessity throughout our life. Reading habits should be inculcated in children from an early age. We all know that children learn by observing their parents. That is why we say parents are the first teachers for any kid. Parents should start reading books in the presence of their children. Once they observe their parents reading, they will also start reading. So this is one of the best ways to see that reading habits will be inculcated in our children.

    There may be many other ways to see that children will get habituated to reading. I hope other members will share their views on this.
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    Reading is a great habit. It is also a great hobby. I have seen many people passing their time in reading books and in the process they accumulate a good knowledge.
    Children are to be made attracted to reading from an early age so that they make it a way of life rather than being forced to read. There are many books which are very good for the children and they get engrossed in them. For example books like Gulliver's Travel, Treasure Island, Alice in Wonderland, Panchtantra etc evoke interest in the children and then they start searching other books to read.
    By reading books, children get a lot of knowledge and information about the world around them and their mental age starts increasing in that process.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Reading habits among the kids can be inculcated easily when the parents themselves are following the same habits. The kids will follow the instructions of their parents instantaneously in such cases. Simply asking them to read books for the different natures for acquiring knowledge would not work.
    The parents may advise time to time to go ahead with some story books so that their creative skills would develop. In our childhood days, we have read Panchtantra, Gulliver's travels etc to raise our awareness. Unfortunately, these days we look around many children hooked on mobile phones for their entertainment and with the times, they loose their interest in their normal studies.

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    The author is right. Many children nowadays do not have book reading habit as they are much involved themselves in mobiles and computers besides their subject studying. In spite of this many do not know the libraries and its uses.

    Parents should take them to the nearest libraries and make them to understand that there are many books to read besides their subject. Once they practiced to go to libraries they automatically attracted in book reading.

    In Tamil Nadu Government Schools the school authorities are arranging library cards for their students from the library located nearby.

    I used to take my brother's daughter to libraries and temples frequently. At frequent intervals, I used to take her to the Connemara Public Library and by leaving her in children section, I go to the other sections and when I finished my work I took her back.

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    Nowadays most people do not go deep in any subject or topic. People just stay superficial grazing the top grass. For that a cursory glance of the social media posts or news briefs in online news portals are sufficient. Even scholars going for doctoral courses are also not doing any deep fundamental research by reading the vast literature. So much so that many doctoral theses are now alleged to be copy-paste materials.

    When the teachers who are supposed to motivate and encourage students to read, themselves are not reading much, then how can we expect the present-day students for whom Google is the instant resource for anything, to go for the laborious and time-consuming process of reading and noting or remembering?

    Yesteryears there were not many distractive alternatives to reading. So most prior-generation students and scholars used to be avid readers. Now anything is available online and just at a click. That naturally distracts people away from the strain and labour of reading, digesting and remembering for recall. Now with artificial intelligence gaining ground book reading habits may become almost NIL, as AI programmes and apps like CHAT GPT etc. can search and fetch any available knowledge and data just in a few clicks and moments.

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    When we were in high school, my parents used to make us get up early morning at 4 AM and made us study for 2 hours. For these two hours, we were doing either textbooks or notes given by our teacher. In the night also we were reading for about 2 hours. This habit of reading helped us a lot. I think it is our responsibility as parents to see that their wards will get habituated to reading.
    always confident

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    I am in total agreement with Venkiteswaran sir when he says that people are no longer interested in reading. Those who are passionate about reading have become a small group. Unlike the earlier times, there are so many alternatives available and people prefer shortcuts for entertainment or to pass their time and so they don't really want to spend much time in reading.

    Coming to the point in the thread, I think parents/ teachers should inspire their kids to read. Reading should be developed as a hobby and then gradually developed as a passion. I know people who do not even read the daily newspapers and also persons who would not leave even the papers that have been used as wrappers in something they have brought. So, reading must happen as a natural process because it is only then that you enjoy reading.

    Kids should be given books that would attract and create an interest in them. They should be told stories so that a curiosity is created in their minds. It is quite natural for kids to be influenced by their parents and so the initial interest in reading will surely come by observing them. At first they may just browse through the pages or pictures but once they become inquisitive, they will start reading the letters, then words and sentences.

    At a time when even televisions are becoming a thing in the corner of our rooms, I am really not sure whether reading books or even e books will find their way into the minds of people but once the habit is developed, one would definitely continue to read.

    Dr Rao, reading study materials as part of learning cannot be, I think, classified as part of reading in general. One can be said to be passionate about reading or that he has the habit of reading at least a few pages everyday only if he finds time to read something that is not part of his studies or official duties.

    'Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all'.

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    I agree with you, Saji Ganesh. But that reading for learning made me continue my reading habit even after completing my education. Even today I will spend 2 or 3 hours reading some material. It may be a newspaper or novel or some other book.
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