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    Why most of the students do not give any importance to History?

    Marcus Cicero once said: "We study history not to be clever in another time, but to be wise always". Lord Acton said: "History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul." According to Stephen Fry: "The biggest challenge facing the great teachers and communicators of history is not to teach history itself, nor even the lessons of history, but why history matters". G.K. Chesterton opined: "The disadvantage of men not knowing the past is that they do not know the present". William Faulkner stated: "The past is never dead; it's not even past".

    Likewise, many other top-level thinkers of the world time and again stressed on the importance of studying history. In spite of this, very unfortunately, Indian parents and students don't give any importance to studying history. The students somehow manage to rote and pass the X-th Board history paper and bid goodbye to history. They don't bother to know the extremely rich heritage, culture and history of this great country.

    Indian guardians and students must understand the importance of history education and students should be encouraged to read, research and analyse history in the right perspective.

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    History is an important subject. Knowing past history is a necessity. If we go through history we will understand how our elders lived, and what values they maintained in their life and we will also compare our way of living with their way of living. This analysis will help us see that we will always be on the right path.
    But the history available in the books should be written correctly and not be distorted. Otherwise, we will be getting the wrong information about the past.
    These days students go for courses with more chances for a great career. Job chances are better for other subjects than History. Up to the 10th class, all students will be taught History also as a part of the curriculum but after the 10th class, it will become an optional subject and many people may not go for that subject.
    The role of the teacher is very important in creating interest in History subjects to the students.

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    History is an important subject providing us details of the culture and their ways of living. It will certainly fascinate most of us. We can compare ourselves with the people of old days by going through this subject. We must encourage our kids to keep a track on the past events by deeply going through this text.
    However much caution is needed while writing history books, the old events or happenings should not be distorted including the latest features which might not have happened in the past. The teachers should take proactive steps to inculcate interest among the kids for this subject.

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    The author is very right in his observations. Many students consider History as a descriptive subject and it does not interest them. Another thing is that students choose those subjects which help in scoring in the school and college and as well as in competitive exams. Economics and Political Science are chosen by many as it also helps in General Knowledge paper significantly.
    Being a science student I also did not think of studying History till completion of my education but later I found that it was a vast subject and there was too much to learn about the past of humans and their ways of living. Many things happening around us today can be well understood by the people who have read the world history in details. After reading a bit of history I agree with the saying - History repeats itself.

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    I am really grateful that three members of this site have read this heavily edited Forum post of mine. They have very correctly stressed the need of reading correct history. Unfortunately, our students read incorrect, half-truths in the name of history during the British period. Very very unfortunately, the same tradition has been continuing even after independence. Some so-called 'historians of eminence' intentionally teach wrong, half-truths, incorrect facts in the name of history highlighting only our defeats. Such intentional wrong teaching of history and blackening out of our glorious past cause a sense of self-pity in our mind. Such so-called historians also give various justifications of terrible torture, hatred, pillaging, destruction of our heritage by the attackers from outside the border. Some of the justifications are simply incredulous. I can quote hundreds of examples of twisting facts and terrible justification coupled with deletion of glorious chapters of Indian history. These are going on for 76 years since our independence,

    This has become possible only because Indian guardians as well as students don't give importance on history and aren't conscious about these sort of nefarious activities. They equate education and history education with opportunity to earn money, which is a totally incorrect approach.

    First thing first. We must make serious endeavour to write history books in lower classes from proper perspective. We must throw away the present history books full of untruths and lies in the dustbin of history.

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    It is a good posting. Normally it has seen that the students are having some sort of aversion in studying History. It is because of the people who are diverting the students as what they are going to attain by studying the past history of a nation. It is good to study the subject of History during school and college period as we cannot read or study afterwards in spite of huge effort. More over, the volume is so much high as World History, History of India before Muslim Rulings, History of India during Muslim Rulings, History of India before Independence, History of India after independence and History of India present.

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    The problem with students not being interested in history is they often assume it is just about dates and nothing else, and parents think it is not a good career option, so the motivation on both ends is missing. Whereas in reality, history never loses its significance and is a football for the political games, where everyone tries to define history as per their own ideologies it is up to the man who has read to get the correct interpretation. The most important role of a teacher is to make a student interested and engaged in the subject through the art of narration. If students are told history as the story in the initial classes with bits of dates and as an introduction to every subject because there is no subject that doesn't have its own history, they will be more interested.

    As a research scholar of history, I feel it is the method in which history is told that a student becomes interested in it. If read with interest it is a subject which can give perspective about almost every subject there is to know or at least the basic general knowledge. It is this importance of history that no matter what History remains relevant in textbooks, competitive exams, and even in politics. In all the debates everyone in some or the other manner finds their main thread in history.

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    Despite the valuable insights and wisdom emphasized by renowned figures like Cicero, Acton, Fry, Chesterton, and Faulkner regarding the significance of studying history, many students and parents in India tend to overlook its importance. Students often focus on memorizing historical facts for exams without delving into the rich heritage and culture that history offers. Encouraging students to comprehend, analyze, and appreciate history's lessons could lead to a deeper understanding of their country's past and its impact on the present and future.

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