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    Share your experience with our Knowledge Centre

    It has been exactly four months since the launch of our Knowledge Centre. Thanks to our members, it is now packed with very informative content on institutes, courses, careers, admission processes, and whatnot related to the academic niche.

    How has been your experience with the Knowledge Centre? Those of you who were contributing to the Ask Expert section may have made a smooth transition, even though in that section there was a wide variety of topics. Do you find the new section equally exciting to contribute to? What about someone looking for information? Did you search for some details in this section and discovered it to be useful?

    Do share your experience. Suggestions are also welcome.
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    I was contributing to the Ask Expert section. But there is a lot of difference from that to Knowledge Centre. Here all the topics are related to the education field only. Details about various institutes across the course are available here and that will be very useful to the students.

    I have searched this section to get clear about some of the doubts I have and I felt that the information is very useful. Some of the topics are very interesting and make us think before making an answer for the topic. Some answers are very elaborate and give full information about the topic.

    But one point I want to make is articles that are being written on the same topics are getting higher CC and Points even though the answer given here is having all that information. That will make the authors think about submitting an article more rewarding than answering in this section. This is just a point that came to my mind. It is not a complaint, please.

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    So far my experience with KC is quite positive and I feel that it would bring more traffic to this site in the coming times.
    We were earlier contributing in Ask Experts Section but there we used to make very short and crisp answers and obviously, efforts were comparatively lesser than that of what we are contributing now in KC.
    Some members might be now experiencing handling of monotonous educational content as compared to the Ask Experts environment but that is now the requirement of ISC for becoming a niche educational site so we have to live with that.
    One thing that I would request all the participating members is that please populate as many topics as you can so that all the members get some choice out of that and do not sit idle waiting for topics.
    The strength of KC in coming times would be the volume of information in it and more the comments against a single topic more attractive it would become.

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    I am not a regular contributor in the Knowledge Centre Section. I posted some questions in this Section, some of which have been deleted (God knows why). On an experimental basis, I tried to answer two or three queries, for which I have been given some cash (which I will not encash).

    However, my first comment as an occasional visitor to this section is as follows: The management/editors must increase the word-limit or character-limit of questions. Some questions have become completely meaningless due to very less word-limit. As for example, one of my questions is "Career opportunities in India for female students with Ph.D. degrees". But, I could not ask the actual question due to word-limit issue. So, I would request the management to increase the word-limit/character-limit of the questions to get more meaningful questions.

    I will try to mention some other issues which have come to my notice, in my next responses (if time permits).

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    If the answers are regularly reviewed, the members may show more interest in posting answers for fresh questions. When there are answers waiting for review, the authors may stop posting answers for new topics. So to motivate the authors, reviews should be carried out regularly. This is a suggestion again but not a complaint, please.
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    Partha- Your query is appearing exactly as it was posted: Career opportunities in India for female students with Ph.D. degrees

    Dr. Rao- I understand your point. A quick review of answers will motivate members more. I will put forward your suggestion to give better cash credits.

    Umesh- What you said is correct. The more content on a page, the better.

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    Vandana Madam: "Partha- Your query is appearing exactly as it was posted:" ----------You are correct. But, I myself cut down the question to keep it within the limit. Actually, the question which I intended to ask was: "What are the career opportunities in India for female students with Ph.D. in Extension & Communication"?
    (a) Those who have forgotten Noakhali, how can they protest Sandeshkhali?
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    Our experience apart, we would also like to know from ISC side about the increase and improvement in visits and revenue after KC was introduced in this pattern.

    Personally I felt the restriction or limitation on changing from general to specific category content. But as it is policy change and prerogative of the web owners and managers, it has to be followed and complied, and hence it is being followed and complied to the best possible extent.

    As members, it will be our eagerness to know whether the paradigm change of the content focus has resulted in any improvement and to what extent(without disclosing exact figures). That will help to encourage or motivate the contributors.

    Due to the specificity of category and topics, I think there may not be much first hand experience answers, but most answers will be pooled and rearranged contents taken from other sources. Of course, that can serve the purpose. It may need more membership or contributors to make the KC content more unique and more useful. Only the insiders of this site can have the real know on the matter.

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