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    Making an exam objective at graduation level isn't it a bad thing?

    In universities, changes are being made based on the NEP, and one such change that came to my notice is making an exam objective at the undergraduate level and that too for a subject like history. I find it kind of a bad idea because I think it is absolutely necessary for a student of humanities to be able to write subjective exams too in a better manner especially when in comes to the end of the course. It can be made a mixture of objective and subjective exams but completely removing subjective exams - is it a good idea? What is your take on it?
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    Making an exam objective at the graduation level, especially for a subject like history in humanities, may raise concerns. While changes are being made in universities based on the NEP (National Education Policy), completely removing subjective exams could have drawbacks. Writing subjective exams allows students to demonstrate critical thinking, analytical skills, and a deeper understanding of the subject matter. A better approach could be to create a mixture of objective and subjective exams to assess students comprehensively. Striking a balance between the two formats would be more beneficial for evaluating students' knowledge and abilities effectively.

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    To a certain level, objective questions may be introduced to judge how far the candidates have the grip of the full subject chapter by chapter and a test of this type would prove to be the litmus test to determine the awareness of the aspirants. However, it does not mean the entire set of questions is selected in a similar fashion. This mode should be restricted to the level best 30% and the rest questions should be based upon subjective portions of answers.

    I think most of the papers like History, Literature, and other language papers should reflect the ability of candidates to demonstrate the potential of their analytical and thinking skills apart from deeper knowledge of the subject.

    Hence a blend of both types of questions should be introduced for the overall assessment of the examinees. This would be the practical approach to this issue.

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    True. I think a hybrid type of examination is better. 50% of the marks can be allocated for objective type and the remaining 50% can be subjective type. Not only in humanities but also in other subjects we require some subjective type questions. Even objective-type questions can be different types. Giving a paragraph and asking the students to answer the questions given in one or two sentences, fill in the blanks and multiple choice questions can be given in objective type questions.
    Objective-type answers will be useful to understand the overall knowledge of the student in a particular subject but subjective-type answers will be useful to understand the in-depth knowledge of a student on a particular portion of a subject. Subjective-type answers will be useful to see how good the student is at presenting the subject with his writing skills.

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