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    The possible impacts of and solutions to the misuse of technology- Discuss

    Technology is being improved by human beings. We are seeing tremendous improvement in the field of automation. Artificial intelligence is playing a vital role these days. Robots are being used for many activities that were being carried out by human beings. When we hear this we feel very happy. As long as these developments are helping the prosperity of mankind, we need not worry.

    But some too intelligent people are misusing this knowledge and trying to make money in illegal ways. These cyber crimes can't be committed by an uneducated man. Only a person having knowledge about these technologies can do such misdeeds. What is the use of such knowledge when that is being used in illegal ways?

    I fear, in the coming days, such activities may further enhance with these improvements in technology. This is an issue that can have serious implications and need to be discussed. What are the views of other members on this topic?
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    Some qualified people have nexus with the evil and criminal people in this world and they are misusing technology and scientific knowledge. This had happened in the past and not only happening today but is an increasing trend. Cyber crimes are increasing day by day and a large number of people are being taken on a ride by these qualified but wrongdoers.
    This is a matter of great worry that if technology falls into the bad hands then what will happen to human society in the future?
    Today the whole world is affected by miscreants on the internet and other places. On one side secure and safe systems are being incorporated but on the other side, some people are breaking these barriers with their mischievous applications.
    These problems can be tackled only on international levels where all the countries come together and cooperate for making the present technology more robust and secure.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The principle of opposites is present in nature itself. The day is followed by night. In the same way good is followed by evil. Human beings are accustomed to such a scenario. When an invention is made, the side effects also need to be studied, and see that evil evolves into good over a period of time.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    The latest inventions in the IT technology has revolutionised almost every industry and the technology is definitely useful to us many ways to the extent we need to go to site to watch the improvement of production of different industries. We can instruct our subordinates to take timely steps based on the activities being seen through the electronic system.
    Of late, we come across the reports of the miscreants siphoning money from ATM through cloned debit cards and within the fraction of minutes,,they siphon money from the passbook of different account holders. Though they might not have the proficiency of computers but they are aware of the mechanism how they can be benefited with the application of doing mischievous activities.
    The sad part of such misdoings are that not all such mischievous activities are unearthed and the errands are booked for their illegal activities. The sufferers are the innocent account holders loosing huge amounts due to their illegal activities.

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