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    Teaching plan by teachers should be made well in advance

    During my school days, teachers used to make teaching notes and the school inspector used to verify these books during the inspection. Many teachers in those days used to write something in the notebook hurriedly just one or two days before the inspection.

    In my opinion, teaching notes are a very important tool for the teachers. They should write these notes systematically and a plan should also be made about the subject. That will help them to complete the course in time.

    I don't know whether this practice is in force these days or not. A good teacher should give importance to this and should change as the syllabus changes. I like to know the views of other members of ISC.
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    Having well-prepared teaching plans and notes is indeed crucial for effective teaching. It helps teachers stay organized, cover the curriculum, and provide structured lessons for students. While the specific practices may vary, the idea of planning and preparing teaching materials in advance remains valuable in modern education. Adapting to changes in the curriculum is also important to ensure that students receive up-to-date and relevant information. Your perspective aligns with good teaching practices, emphasizing the importance of planning and preparation.

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    It is really a valuable input posted by the author highlighting the well preparedness of the teachers with the references of so many help books of the subject which they are teaching. They must make the efforts to update their knowledge with the latest journals or books so that the students are benefited with such latest updates.
    The role of the teachers is enormous and they should not fail in updating their knowledge. If their pupils pass with high scores in the subject the teachers are teaching with the dedication, the teachers would really be proud.

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    Yesterday I was talking to a teacher in a government school in Hyderabad about this. He also felt that making notes before going to teach is good but government teachers are not able to concentrate on teaching as they are being given more administrative work.
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    Whether they make notes or not, most of the teachers prepare well before giving lecture in a class. A good preparation helps to deliver the lecture in the most effective manner and the students appreciate it. A new teacher have to do a good amount of efforts for preparing a lecture so that it delivers good information and data to the students as well as impresses them.
    Old and experienced teachers generally review their notes or just scan the textbooks before going to deliver a lecture. They do it not to miss any important point in that lecture.
    I remember one of our mathematics professors in our UG program one day after finishing the lecture, asked us whether we found any difference in his way of teaching on that particular day. We could not understand why he asked such a question to us. Later he told us that that day he did not get time and he came to the class without any preparation. He was of course a very experienced teacher and we did not observe any difference in his way of teaching that day.

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    Only teachers with extraordinary knowledge can take the classes without pre preparation. But to the making up themselves to answer the questions by students, teachers can prepare in the previous day for the next day classes.
    My Doctorate uncle, who was a professor, used to prepare in the previous day for taking classes for MSc students on the next day. It is not wrong or insult in them in any way. Moreover when I take classes for Higher Secondary Students, my earlier preparation would helped me well on the next day and in some times it helped me to have new points to tell the students.
    Even today, if I remember the teachings of my school teacher to College HOD, the way of their taking classes are main reason.

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    Having a well-structured teaching plan and notes is crucial for effective teaching. This practice is still relevant today as it helps teachers deliver organized and comprehensive lessons. Planning in advance ensures that the curriculum is covered thoroughly and helps students understand the subject better. While teaching methods may have evolved, the importance of preparation and systematic planning remains unchanged.

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    I am a teacher and have an experience for 27 years of teaching. It is essential for a teacher to make a lesson plan in advance before going to class. We are taught in B.Ed to prepare a lesson plan. So, without a lesson plan, a teacher cannot enter the class. It is the most important tool for teachers.
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