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    NIRF is introducing a new category 'innovation' for rankings

    Govt of India, in 2015, had set up NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework) to promote competitive excellence among the educational institutes. These rankings are given under various categories.
    Now NIRF has introduced a new category as 'innovation'. NIRF is advising all the institutions who want to get their institutions judged on this can include it in their categories and register it in NIRF website.
    These registrations will open from 20th September 2023 and the eligible institutions can register this category against their institution in NIRF site.
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    NIRF is valuable in the sense that it represents the overall quality of education that an institution is maintaining. The numbers would denote its NIRF ranking and and the lesser the number is, it is better. Even the students prior to taking admission they would observe the recognition of the institution in terms of AICTE, competence of the faculty members, its proximity to their residence and above all the ranking of the institute in terms of NIRF. Though in the past, there was not that much craze for such an index, but recently it has gained popularity among the student community since it would reflect the overall performance of the said institute.

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    NIRF ranking is useful for the students and their parents to understand the college standard. If we go to the website and if we open their NIRF page all the data submitted by the institute will be available there. If we study that information we will understand how the institute is performing in various parameters that are being asked by the ranking agency and that will give us an overall Idea us about the institute.
    NIRF releases a ranking list every year for various academic institutions based on the factual information submitted by the college. NIRF was established in September 2015. This is under the Ministry of Education (MoE) ( erstwhile MHRD). Among the various parameters that are being studied by NIRF, I feel TLR ( Teaching, learning and Resources) are very important for a student.
    It is good to note that Innovation is also included as a new category in this ranking. I think many institutions will opt for this also and register themselves.

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    NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework) is introducing a new 'innovation' category for educational institute rankings. Institutions can register for this category starting from September 20, 2023, on the NIRF website. This addition aims to recognize and promote innovation within educational institutions.

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