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    A request to all our members

    It has been noticed that some of our members are relying on sources like AI etc for creating contents, wholly or partially. It may be an easy way out but do take note and keep in mind that you are destroying your creative skill by doing so. AI generated contents may create an impression but what about your satisfaction as an author? We feel that one should submit contents in his/ her own words and style. Please note that this is a general observation and may be taken care of by all our esteemed members. Refer to this thread for our position regarding copied contents.
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    Using AI generated content and publishing it elsewhere is as bad as plagiarism. A creative writer should avoid it. If one resorts to it then it is simply a copy and paste mechanism which will not be acceptable by any reputed website.
    In the beginning there was a craze for AI generated content but now it is fading because one can catch the AI generated content easily and then the contributor will be debarred from posting in the site.
    It is advisable to be careful and alert in this matter.

    Knowledge is power.

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    What has been requested by the lead editor is exactly correct. While doing so, neither the author nor the ISC platform would be benefited. The content generated by the author can be detected easily with a little effort and the final result would be counter productive.
    Hence the rules and regulations of the channel should be adhered to.

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    Thank you, Saji, for your alert and advice. I will tell you that I will not depend on any AI-generated information. However, I refer to various articles that are available on the internet to get some insights about the subject. Then I will write on my own whatever I understand or know about the subject. I hope this is the method many other members also follow on this site. Anyhow we will follow the instructions given in the linked thread in your message. It should be noted that all the members should know that copying content is not allowed on this site and it has been informed by the top bosses always.
    Copying and pasting some information from other sites or taking the help of AI or similar tools will not help the individual in improving his/ her language skills. So any individual who wants to improve his skills should practice writing on his own and can take the help of Grammarly to correct mistakes and that will be a good learning for the individual.

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    We must understand that AI is a tool and is not our replacement. It can give us a concise information on a topic and makes our job of sorting Google results or any other search engine results easier.
    Presenting AI content as written by oneself is simply killing the writer or author inside oneself.
    Any website or organisation or entity asking us to write a write up on a topic can get it directly from an AI tool then the question arises why they ask us to do that. The answer is very simple that they want to have a human touch in the write up and when the answers come from so many different writers it makes a collage of concrete information which even an AI took might miss at times.

    Knowledge is power.

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