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    A to Z - selecting a name keeping in mind the child's placement at school!

    I recall a few years ago having a discussion about the first letter in a name that parents consider when naming their baby. We were amused to hear that one parent said it is best not to use a letter that is later in the list of alphabets, that is, after, say, M or N. She said she would prefer to have a name starting with one of the first five alphabets so that her child did not get 'pushed' to the back when there were selections for activities or seating arrangements based on the alphabetical order of the students' names!

    I doubt that earlier generations of parents thought about this aspect. They would perhaps consult somebody elderly, maybe even an astrologer to select a name, but would surely not be even remotely thinking of the upcoming formal education at school. Have you come across such an unusual selection of a name just so that the child is not sort of 'left out' of selections for things at school?

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    I never heard of this concept. There is a practice in many places, the name of one of the grandfathers will become the name of the child. My name is my grandfather's name. ( My father's father's name). My brother's name is the name of my mother's father. Some people ask their astrologers to name their children based on the birth star. This custom is still in practice in our native place even today. But the thinking process of the people is changing and new concepts are being evolved. Modern parents can't see their children anywhere last on the list. All want their children to be the first in the class, in the school, in the entrance test and everywhere and anywhere. This system of naming their children with names starting with one of the 5 alphabets is also a similar issue I feel. But if all start naming their children with the same alphabet, the second alphabet will start playing an important role in deciding their place in the list.
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    This is an interesting observation by the author. Having the name from the initial alphabets will obviously help in getting the name on the top pages of the list. But in our society people generally name their children based on many religious or personal choice factors and I don't think if anyone is so particular for getting the name quickly on the top pages.
    Personally speaking, I felt this difficulty of finding my name (starting with 'U') in the last pages in many places but I have never thought that if my name had been different it would had been better. Interestingly, in some places I found it on the top pages because there it was sorted by surname (my starting with 'B').
    Another thing is that if everyone goes for that precaution then also many names will go down because of second letter or third letter in the respective names.

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    After coming to Delhi, I noticed this peculiar aspect. In my wife's school, I have noticed that more than 50% of the students' name starts with A. The second-most important alphabet in Delhi is S.
    But in Kolkata, such trend is absent. There, people are totally impartial to any alphabet in general.
    This is nothing but a ridiculous superstition. There is no need to try to find any reason behind such peculiar trend.

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