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    The importance of peer learning

    Peer learning is a method of teaching in which students of the same level are divided into groups and they have to complete some project and assignment together. They share their knowledge with each other and learn from each other. By using peer learning they develop many skills like social collaboration, thinking, problem solving, communication skills etc. A teacher can get better outcomes by using peer learning in his class. Even a teacher can assign a small task by grouping the students.

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    Peer learning is a valuable teaching method where students of similar levels collaborate in groups to complete projects and assignments. Through this, they share knowledge and acquire essential skills like social collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication. Teachers can achieve better outcomes by incorporating peer learning in their classes, assigning tasks in groups to enhance the learning experience.

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    Peer learning is a process, in which students learn from each other. This will happen by group studies also. A group of students studying together will help in exchanging their views with each other. This process will be useful to understand the subject well as the out can be sorted out by discussing in the group.
    When a project is taken up by a student he/ she may not be able to handle all the aspects of the project. Instead of doing it alone, if a group of students start doing the same project, there will be quick progress and the best possible outcome will come.
    During the process of peer learning, I understand, a teacher will be supervising their activities and try to bring them back onto the path if they are going out of the path. A good analysis and review will take place when a group is involved rather than doing it alone. I have seen in a school in Hyderabad where workshops are being conducted by a group of students under the direction of a teacher. I think this is also a part of peer learning.

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    Peer learning is useful for everyone including the students. It is a method of learning which creates competition and comparisons which are essential for self assessment and learning the subject correctly and clearly.
    In earlier times there was a concept of group study where two to three students used to sit together and study. That was a type of collaboration where they learn from each other. But as it was only one group there was no competition or comparison in that mode. That is where peer group mechanism plays a better role and inculcates competitive spirit in the students.
    In peer group model it is essential that there should be one moderator or coordinator who can align all the groups towards the common objective of learning and competing with each other.
    In a classroom a teacher does that job.

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    Peer learning is a dynamic and effective approach to education that fosters a supportive and interactive learning environment. This educational method encourages students to learn from one another, collaborate on projects, and engage in active discussions. By harnessing the collective knowledge and diverse perspectives of peers, a peer learning environment offers countless benefits that contribute to students' academic success and personal development.

    At the heart of peer learning is the belief that students can learn not only from their teachers but also from each other. It is an approach that goes beyond passive listening and rote memorization. Instead, students are encouraged to actively participate in their learning journey, taking on the roles of both learners and educators.

    Peer learning helps in increasing awarenss, enhancing understanding of the subject, boost confidence and improve retention and communication skills.

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