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    Some illegal educational institutions are operating in our country

    There are strict rules and regulations for running an educational institution in our country. One has to take approval of state government and other statutory bodies for running a school or college. If an educational institute runs without that then government has power to close it as well as fine it.
    In spite of all these rules and regulations in place there are some elements who are running educational institutes without any permission. These are illegal entities and parents should be careful about these institutions and should not admit their children in them.
    Recently, four illegal schools are caught by the Maharashtra Govt in Navi Mumbai area and they were asked to shut down their operations.
    Are you aware about the illegal schools or colleges in our country which are attracting the gullible people and earning money by taking hefty fees from their children? Please share your experiences regarding this.

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    After the jobless situation due to corona effect, many minds got polluted and engaging themselves into the illegal and immoral activities. It is widely occupied in media, electronic, banking etc., and now in educational field also.
    Recently two persons, a lady and man entered into a hotel at Guduvancheri, near Chennai in the disguise of 'sanitary officers'. They went inside the kitchen of the hotel by saying that the Chicken used in their hotel was of poor quality and with infectious nature. The servers and hotel employees of Kitchen got shocked as the hotel is pure vegetarian Hotel. They indicated their arrival to the hotel manager and he called police. Police personnel take them into custody and on investigation it came to light that they are fraudulent persons.
    So, we, the consumers in all respects should be with additional alert while dealing with such things.

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    I think that parents must ensure about the schools or colleges before admitting their children there.
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    This post is definitely valuable considering the greediness of some of the people operating the schools without the approval of the appropriate authorities.
    In fact, now a days, it can be considered a lucrative business of earning money with the connivance of the top government officials.
    The unfortunate part is that such illegal schools are running under the nose of the administrative authorities and hardly they are booked for such offenses. Ultimately the parents and the kids are the looser of being the part of such illegal institutions

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    I think such illegal institutions will not have the recognition of any board or university and the students who are getting qualified from such institutes may not be eligible to apply for the next level of studies or jobs. There are some institutions which are not having any recognition. These institutes make their students apply to universities as private candidates and attend examinations at those universities as private candidates. If they pass, the certificate will be given by the university and the same will be acceptable.
    So when we admit our children to a school or any other college, we should see their recognition status. Do they have affiliation with a board or university? The same is to be checked and then only we should admit our children. There are many unrecognised colleges and universities and their certificates are not valid.

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    Some? There are many! Due diligence is required in anything, whether setting up a business venture or taking admission to an educational institute. Students and parents should not get carried away by some well-known person's name being associated with the institute or a celebrity endorsing it as can be seen in full-page newspaper advertisements. Somebody may even pay a bribe to get a seat for his child. Another person may get carried away by the beautiful campus and think the fees are lower than elsewhere and hence is an ideal place to study.

    Now that information is easily available online, surely all that is required is to check if the institute is approved by the State/Central Govt., as well as by UGC or AICTE or whichever Board or University the institute claims to be affiliated with. It is also the course that one needs to check. Sometimes a college will launch a new course with much fanfare and extoll its career scope. One needs to check if this is a recognized course in the first place. Why wake up later after paying huge fees (these are not even refundable) and regretting it?

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