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    Interference by parents in the school disciplinary and teaching process

    We sometimes read reports of a parent complaining about the treatment of a student by a teacher. The complaint is justified if harsh punishment is meted out, including a physical beating. However, if the teacher merely scolds a student, let's say for talking in class when the teacher is conducting a lesson, is it necessary for a parent to create a huge ruckus about it? Then there are parents who try to impose their own critical views of the manner in which a subject is taught. We especially saw this during the online sessions conducted by teachers during the pandemic, with parents even openly mocking their children's teachers.

    Do you feel that nowadays there is excessive interference by parents in their child's education at school vis-a-vis the discipline and teachers?

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    I remember that in earlier times teachers used to punish the students if they did indiscipline or created nuisance in the school. It was very common in those times. Parents also did not mind that and in fact appreciated the concerned of the the teacher for the students. They knew that the teacher was doing it for a good future of the students.
    Today the situation is totally changed and there have been a paradigm shift in the way teachers handle their student. Today there is no question of beating or physically punishing the student because not only the parents but the school administration would be against this.
    The situation is changed so much that some parents become aggressive if they hear that the teacher had shouted on their children.

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    Rather interference by parents in school disciplinary activities they should freely talk to their children students. That itself mend the minds of the children to keep themselves with morality and thereby the disciplinary proceedings by schools or outsiders will automatically come down or even got vanished. The main problem in children as students are negligence from the parents. Somehow or other parents do this negligence over their children, they do not speak with them friendly and treat them as servants, ask them to do the domestic works with command instead of friendly approach. Such activities made the students from house side, to sit aloof with mobiles or computers otherwise they start roaming with friends.
    We have read in stories that there are some miscreants make use of the students and persons of such mentality to their hand puppets.
    In those days if any elders came to the house advise their children the parents and house persons console them that they are telling for their betterment only. But nowadays even normally parents are not allowing their children to come before the visitors or in some places they themselves are keeping themselves inside the house or else gone out of the house when they come.
    If a friendly situation prevails in the house the students never become part and parcel for any disciplinary action or proceedings in the school/college.

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    Parents should have a good rapport with the teachers of their children. They should have a communication between them. That will help them to understand well about their children well and can help their children study well.
    Talking badly about the teachers in the presence of their students, finding fault with the teachers when they tried to correct their children when they committed some mistakes are not correct.
    During my school days, we never used to tell our parents about the punishments given by our teachers. If at all we say also our parents used to say that no teacher would punish the student unnecessarily. If any parent finds that a teacher is punishing the child unnecessarily, he should meet separately with the teacher and advise him and this should not be told to the child. Otherwise, teachers may not take interest in taking corrective actions to see that children study well.

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