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    How to remove stage fear of the students?

    Stage fear is a common problem for almost every person. Some persons even do not speak one or two sentences on stage. Their body shakes and their legs vibrate on stage. Schools always try to remove stage fear from students from the beginning. Schools organise assemblies where every student can come on stage and deliver a speech, read a poem or tell a story. In some schools, students can present news at prayer time.

    Dear members, do you also have stage fear? You can share your experience and some ways to remove the stage fear of the students.

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    In my opinion, the best way to remove stage fear from a student is forcing him to talk without giving him in a gathering.
    I had a colleague who never wants to speak at a gathering and he always shies away from the meeting if he knows in advance that he has to talk. So oneday I announced his name to talk in the meeting without telling him in advance and forced him to talk, Initially, he was shaky, but after 4 or 5 minutes, he started talking freely. Another time I did the same and he talked, Then he became a very good speaker,
    If a student is having a stage fear, initially we can ask him to read a book by standing in the class and after some time we can ask him to come near to the teacher and read by looking in a book. If we continue this for some days,
    the student will get accustomed to talking and he will not have any stage fear. For any individual, in the beginning, there will be some trouble but after some practice, we can overcome that stage fear.

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    Parents have to take some initiatives to inspire and motivate their children to perform on stage boldly. It is true that in the first few instances the child might feel shy while standing on the stage. But after a few initial steps the child would get confident and will start performing fearlessly.
    The teachers who are coordinating these activities also have a role to play to encourage and applaud the students to perform better on the stage. Mock rehearsals would also be helpful. Practice is always fruitful in these matters.

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