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    English/Hindi in BTech

    Does english/hindi change in btech so that meaning of words are opposite of what they mean in 10th/12th class english/hindi. Due to bad health I missed my initial 15 days of btech and this concern is troubling me. Please help me with a genuine answer.
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    As far as I know, there will not be any special Hindi or English for B Tech. Language is the same for all. But there are some technical words will be there which are probably new to some students.
    If we do our 12th class in a different medium and join the English medium B Tech course, many students feel a little difficulty initially in coping with the language. But slowly in a month or two, they will get accustomed. I suggest you read the standard English medium books of the subjects you are studying in your UG. That will help you in improving your language skills and you can easily follow the lessons.
    There is no chance of getting the meaning changed for the word from 12th class to B Tech. All students who are changing their medium will have such discomfort. Till we settle well we have to take care of our language and we have to work to improve our reading, speaking and writing skills.

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    Thanks for reply. So as I understand from your reply english/hindi words have the same meaning as words have meaning in 10th and 12th class english/hindi. The meaning of words do not change in btech

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    The medium of teaching sometimes creates difficulty for some students and your concern is well understood. However, the meaning of the words used will remain the same between HSC and UG. The only thing is that you have to understand the meaning in the context it is said. Some teachers use English words more while others are comfortable with more Hindi words.

    What I would suggest is you note down some of the words that are new to you or difficult as per your perception and make a glossary type so that you can view them periodically and they would remain intact with their meaning in your mind.

    There are some words that appear similar but have different meanings and you have to take care of that. You can also revise the missing lessons through self-study so that you do not have any problems in class when lecturers refer to them in some context.

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    Thanks for your reply. One think I did not understand from your reply was 'you have to understand the meaning in the context it is said.'. Can you please give an example.

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    Sometimes teachers use a word by habit and it might not be understood by the student correctly then such a situation arises.
    For example teacher may say - 'the design of the valve and its seat is such that it allows air only in one direction'.
    In the above example he used the word 'design' to emphasize the details.
    The teacher could also say the same thing as - 'the purpose of the valve is to allow air only in one direction and not allowing it in the opposite direction'.
    Here teacher mentioned the word 'purpose' which has a different meaning than that of 'design' but we have to understand that the main thing is allowing air in one direction - a function of the machine about which topic is being delivered.

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    Thanks for clarification. So in your example what can be said as the context. Is it 'air flowing in once direction'? And the change in word meaning is between design and purpose. Is my understanding correct. I would appreciate if you could clarify with another example. Thanks in advance.

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    The context is 'working of the valve and its very purpose'. The teacher will use different words to explain it in different ways.
    In any language something can be told in various ways using different words. At the same time one particular word might also have multiple meanings but the student will understand the meaning that matches with the context.
    That is why I suggested you to note down such words along with the context so that at the time of revision of your notes you do not find any difficulty.
    One more thing I want to tell is that more you revise your topics, more clear this would be in coming times.
    I would now suggest to close this discussion here itself as thread is becoming too lengthy but you can contact me through the message facility or even at my email and I can further help you in the matter. I am extending free guidance and help to many students through email or other mediums which I would tell you when you cantact me for such or any other help.

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    Actually I am not able to contact you through message. The site is saying that I need to reach certain level before I can contact you. If you don't mind can you please share your email ID or please let me know how to contact you by any other means.

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    If you tell me your email then I would contact you and may be I will be able to help you in sailing smoothly through your academic ambitions.
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    My email ID is

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    Ok, noted and I would contact you to help you in your academic pursuit.
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