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    How to bring interest in a child towards studies?

    All children are not the same. Every child is unique. Some children will have an interest in studies. Some will not have. But education is very important for people to earn. So parents want their children to study well. The parents of such children who are not showing interest in studies are very much worried. How to bring interest in such children?

    The parents should not put very high pressure on their children to study always. Parents should not try to impose their interests on their children. At the same time, some parents always compare their children with other children and try to differentiate. Such activities bring down the morale of child and they lose interest further in their studies.

    The first and foremost point is not to have high expectations and accept reality. Be positive and be satisfied with the performance of your child and never discourage him. Keenly observe the child and understand in what subjects or skills the child is showing interest and encourage the child in that line. That will improve the interest of the child and will perform well. I Like to request other members to add their thoughts on this issue.

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    This is a very important and common question asked by the parents today. It is true that there are some students who do not have inclination and interest towards their studies and perform very poorly in their examinations.
    Experts believe that such students can be asked to do some activities which are indirectly link to studies so that after doing those activities they feel interested to learn more and more about the things and then finally can be motivated to concentrate in their studies.
    Some of these ideas are practical applications of academic knowledge like model making or devising interesting fun experiments based on the academic knowledge. Once the child gets his interest in such constructive activities he would like to engage more in them and then one can try to teach them the science behind those joyful experiments.
    So, there are some techniques like that which can create interest in the children for studies. It is not an easy task and parents, teachers, and others have to guide and help the children in such endeavours which finally inculcate interest in them for studies.

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    Generally a child imitates. He/She imitates parents most. If the child watches parents studying regularly, reading newspapers and engaged in other education-related activities, the child will automatically develop reading and writing habit.
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    The author depicts the happenings of every family contains studying children, very clearly. The most important in his words like 'pressure on studying always', 'having high expectations'. In some houses the children are having some expectations by seeing outside world but in such cases the parents, I have seen, dejecting them when they slug in some situations. A Child studying tenth standard used to have an expectation to become a doctor. Whenever this girl slug on some situations due to illness etc., he, the father, used to tell her, " Is it the way you become a doctor? Waste!" By hearing this her face got shrink. I feared that it affect her motive soon badly.

    So, it is necessary to show:
    a) polite encouragement and consolation will help a child to bring interest towards studies
    b) tracking their studies by talking with them friendly
    c) Aiding them with food or note books or stationeries then and their as it motivate them further

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    One more thing that I want to add in this discussion is that there are some children who do not have interest towards studies but they have a very good mind towards crafts and creative hobbies and exhibit outstanding skills in that. So though they do not have interest for formal studies but their creative work sometimes brings a big surprise on the faces of the audiences. Some children are extraordinarily briallent in the sense that they perform in some fields exceptionally well and mesmerize their audiences.
    It is obvious that parents should not force such students for formal studies and instead try to push them only for some basic education and after that let them devote to the creative activity for which they have a great passion.
    If you go through the history then we will find that there are so many people who did not have formal education but they invented great things in Science and some of them were great scholars in the letter part of the life just by self study and their creative mind set.

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    That is true. Parents should watch their children carefully and keenly observe them. That will give a chance to the parents to know the interests of the child and parents should encourage the child to proceed in the line of their interest so that they may become experts in that line.
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