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    Why should Indian students avoid Canada for higher studies at the present juncture?

    Generally Indian students go for higher studies in Great Britain and in the USA. But, nowadays increasing number of students from India go to Canada for higher studies. But, very recently, the overall environment of Canada is not very conducive for Indian people including Indian students.

    Canadian Government and some provincial governments of Canada are supporting anti-India activities in the country. Indian students have been subjected to physical violence and verbal abuse. In the month of September 2023, the Ministry of External Afairs, Government of India had to issue advisory to Indians (including aspiring students) to avoid Canada as travel destination.

    But, keeping aside these very recent political developmets, the economic scenario of that country is grim for the students who are planning to stay in Canada after completion of studies. Canada is presently facing inflation at very high level. Many recent reports from that country suggest that students are facing harrowing times while searching for suitable accomodations in present-day Canada. Around thirty students, mostly from India, who joined the Canadore College in North Bay, Ontario, protested outside the campus in the first week of September as they were left without shelter. The college provided Indian students with just two days of accommodation and then left them to fend for themselves.

    Not only that, the job prospects in Canada have become scant due to very high inflationary tendency in that country. Many international students, who had earlier been planning to work in that country, are being forced to return to their respective countries. The Canadian dream for such students has turned sour.

    Under these circumstances, Canada should be avoided for higher studies at the present juncture.

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    Many students from India are there in Canada as of now. Many students used to prefer Canada as they found it cheaper when compared to the USA and the UK. Students were getting jobs there after their studies and settling there. But of late the number of students from other countries in Canada is increasing. Two days back I read an article in The Hindu about this. As per this news,226,450 Indian students arrived in Canada to pursue higher education during the year 2022. Around 8,07,750 international students are there as of now in that country and out of this 551,405 students went there last year. Indians are the highest in this number.
    The employment opportunities are very less there now, some students say. The cities in this country are costly and students are not able to work part-time jobs to earn money because of the present rift, students say.
    I think if the conditions remain the same, many students may not like going to Canada and trying other best destinations for their education.

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    What the author has indicated is really a worrying situation. Education can be earned in a peaceful environment and the present trend is not conducive for studies.
    Inflationary trend might impact the budgetary cost firstly and at the same time, mental peace will be at the lowest level.
    Under the present juncture, they should not move to this country til the normalization follows.

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    India is against any type of terrorism activity across the world. Recently it is observed that Canada is giving shelter to some suspected terrorists who are having anti India terrorist activities. India has taken it very seriously and talked about it to Canada after which the diplomatic relations between the two countries were worsened much.
    In light of these developments the Indian students who are studying in Canada are in a difficult situation because they will not get now good support and job opportunities in that country because of the obvious reasons.
    We have to see what action Canada Govt would be taking about those students who are no way connected with political diplomacy or terrorism. It is obvious that Canada right now is not a good study destination for the Indian students.

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