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    Expected outcomes of implementation of new NEP in respect of school education

    The National Education Policy of 2020 has envisaged many path-breaking, novel measures for students in colleges/universities and also for school-going children.

    So far as school-going children are concerned, some of the reforms suggested by the new policy are:-

    1. Universalization of Early Childhood Care Education (ECCE)
    2. National Mission on Foundational Literacy and Numeracy
    3. 5+3+3+4 curricular and pedagogical structure
    4. Curriculum to integrate 21st century skills, mathematical thinking and scientific temper
    5. No rigid separation between arts & sciences, between curricular and extra-curricular activities, between vocational and academic streams
    6. Education of gifted children
    7. Provision for gender inclusion fund
    8. Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas upto Class XII
    9. Reduction in curriculum to core concepts
    10. Vocational integration from Class VI onwards

    There are some more path-breaking reforms suggested in respect of school-going students in the new policy, which I am not mentioning.

    But more important is to understand the expect outcomes, if all or most of the reform measures are implemented for Indian school-children.

    The expected outcomes of successful implementation of the new education policy for the school-going children are:

    (a) Universalization from Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) to Secondary Education by 2030;
    (b) Attaining foundational learning and numeracy skills through National Mission by 2025;
    (c) 100% GER in pre-school to secondary level by 2030;
    (d) To bring back two crores out-of-school children;
    (e) Teachers to be prepared for assessment reforms by 2023;
    (f) Inclusive and equitable education system by 2030;
    (g) Board examinations to test core concepts and application of knowledge;
    (h) Every Child is expected to come out of school adept in at least one skill; and,
    (i) common standards of learning in public and private schools.

    There is provision of continuous monitoring and course-correction in the NEP-2020.

    Let us all hope that effective implementation of this revolutionary education policy will help Indian students to reach different paths of glory for themselves, the society and the motherland.

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    Really NEP 2020 is a positive step in improving the quality of education in the country. Unfortunately, some states are not giving importance to implementing this and the centre can't force the same on all the states.
    The best part of this NEP is skill development. Now the industry in India wants people will some skills but not academicians. In NEP all these requirements of an industry are included and industry professionals are also becoming a part of academic institutions. If these two work together we will see tremendous development and we will see many students with the required skills ready to take up jobs.
    Another aspect is the freedom for students to select their optional which is much much-needed point for students. If NEP gets implemented properly, we see a real change in the education system, in India.

    always confident

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    NEP is an ambitious program for bringing an overall improvement in the educational system in our country. On one side it is trying to make the education a convenient option for the student and on the other hand it is trying to bring in new ideas and initiatives for a meaningful education.
    Whenever an ambitious scheme is launched in any area including the education, some hiccups at implementation level are encountered. That is natural because there are some people everywhere who have a tendency to oppose change of any type. It is a basic human nature as people do not want to come out of their comfort zones. So there would be some delays and time overruns during the implementation phase.
    The coordination between states and central Govt is also a matter to affect the things to some extent.
    The good thing is that NEP is quite flexible, smooth, and liberal in its avatar and it is hoped that it will bring a paradigm shift in the educational arena in our country.

    Knowledge is power.

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