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    Maintaining a time schedule is needed urgently

    Presently, students at either school or college remain awake till late. It becomes difficult for them to wake up on time the next day to attend to their duties. Usually, they feel sleepy and irritated throughout the day due to incomplete sleep. It has become a regular practice by most of the young students. If the students do not follow proper guidelines, their health, education and temperament will suffer.

    The need of the hour is that the grown-up students must adhere to some rules to maintain their health. Remaining awake due to an emergency is different from watching a movie or playing computer games till late at night adversely affects health, and even academic performance suffers. It's high time to think and work on it sincerely to improve the youths' academic careers and health conditions. How should we make the youths understand?

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    The young generation is passiing through stress due to the involvement of multiple activities. In case, there is a failure in some of activities, it is impacting them heavily due to to the unsuccessful attempts.
    In order to avoid from such a stress, they must follow a routine so that no important assignment escapes undertaken by them.
    Undue stress can disrupt both their mental and physical health.

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    Health of the students is very important for their growth and enabling them to do good in their studies and make a career. To keep the health in a good condition it is essential that students should observe discipline in their lives. It is obvious that parents have also got a big role in this to monitor and guide the children in a proper direction.
    Mobile addiction has become a big hindrance in the lives of students and they are wasting a lot of time in it. Students must understand that time is a very important entity in their lives and the time gone or time wasted cannot be retrieved. So until they understand the importance of time and learn to respect it, they will not be utilise it efficiently and effectively.
    For success in academic life and after it one has to understand the value of time.

    Knowledge is power.

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