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    Healthy competition in education is always preferred

    Competition helps students to work hard and concentrate more on learning. Competition makes students study more and more so that their knowledge base in the subject will increase. As they study more their grip on the subject will increase and that brings in confidence in the students.

    The percentages obtained by different students will bring in competition among the students. In addition to that competition can be brought in by conducting competitions like quiz programmes and games. These competitions will help the students to showcase their capabilities. If group competitions are conducted students will understand the importance of the necessity of mutual cooperation and that will help them to work in a team. Individual competitions will sharpen the soft skills of the individual.

    On the whole, competition in education is always preferred as long as it remains healthy.

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    Unfortunately most of the guardians generally cannot draw the distinguishing line between healthy competition and cut-throat rivalry. Healthy competition almost always turns to cut-throat rivalry and such rivalry harms the students in various ways. It increases the pressure on students. The rivalry makes education a matter of ego and prestige, not an instrument of acquiring knowledge.

    Instead of competition/rivalry, the guardians must teach their children to get inspired from fellow students, seniors and also from cousins and nurture their inherent abilities and strong areas.

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    Competition is everywhere and schools and colleges are no exception. Competition is necessary for progress and development. If competition is not there people will not strive for better.
    At the same time competition should not be stressful for the participants. If it is so then the very purpose of the competition is lost.
    I fully agree that competition should be healthy and should inculcate ideas of progress and prosperity in the minds of the participants rather than creating stress and enmity.

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    I like the word, 'healthy' from the author. As I read in one newspaper recently that a mother of child in Karaikkal near Nagapattinam of Tamilnadu, called and gave cooldrink by mixing some illicit medicine to another child, classmate of her daughter who scored more marks than her daughter. (ref:
    Competition should be there in education but not to this extent.

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