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    Internal examinations should be quite tough

    Most schools and colleges hold internal examinations that help to shape a student's academic career. I am unaware of all the educational institutions, but to my knowledge, many such institutions keep the internal pass mark higher than the board or university qualifying marks. It is a good practice as it helps the students in many ways. Such as:

    1. Preparation for a higher passing mark helps to get high marks in the final examination due to its lower passing mark. Eventually, it earns a good grade and also better opportunities in the job sector.

    2. It enhances confidence and makes the students tough and confident for the upcoming challenges, which can be even tougher.

    3. Achieving success with maximum effort is always sweeter.

    4. It never gives the feeling of being less qualified, which gives inner satisfaction.

    Thus, the students who work hard at the beginning of their academic career become tougher and remain more focused than their counterparts who have tasted success with minimum effort.

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    I fully agree with the author of the post that internal exams should be having a good level so that students get prepared for the final exams accordingly. If the internal exams are not up to the mark then students will get surprised in the final exams and may not perform adequately.
    I also feel that the frequency of internal exams should be increased so that students will always be on their toes to catch up with the studies.
    In many coaching centres for competitive exams a large number of mock tests for the benefit of students are taken so that they are exposed to a large number of questions and they get the benefit of that practice at the time of the final examination.

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    True. If the internal examinations are tough enough, students will start preparing from the beginning and be more focused. This will help them to face final examinations with confidence and need not spend many sleepless nights. When the internal examinations are easy and if students score high percentage in these examinations, they feel that they are very good at the subject and become complacent and may not farewell in the end examinations. The internal examinations should be conducted very strict to bring out the best from the student.
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    Now a days there is a strong lobby against any form of tests and examinations.
    So how can they agree for tough internal exams? They may agree for 'internal evaluation' or 'internal assessment', which are also exiting in some ways and they are simply granting of marks or credits or grades.
    Recently I read somewhere insisting full marks for internal assessments and increasing the percentage weight for internal assessment in overall deiding pass.

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    In the present situation, qualifying a competitive test is not that much easy if the students don't make enough practices for the tough pattern similar to the questions set in the final test.
    There are many public schools arranging tests in the regular intervals so that they don't lag behind in the final test. With the starting of the first test, each test become tougher with the progression of time so that the students ultimately could crack the final test confidently understanding the test patterns of such an examination.
    The author has put up this posting for the benefits of the students and they should gear up themselves for such mods of the tests.

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