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    School or College attending only not amounts to education

    Attending classes in schools and colleges regularly and passing the examinations etc., are not only sufficient to have a full education.
    Kribananda Variar, a Tamil Scholar used to reiterate this in all of his discourses and speeches. He stress this through a story. A wealthy business man made his son to study as he pleased and the son also got many degrees and hold himself a highly educated in their family. The business man made marriage to his son also with another wealthy family girl. This son though studied well he does not have any world knowledge. One day the business man and his wife went out station by leaving the educated son and his wife in the house. Next day morning the wife asked her husband to get some vegetables from market. The man went by nodding head and brought whole cart of vegetables as he did not knew which vegetable they used to cook and how much to bought etc.,

    Similarly present children do not aware present outside world as they mostly spend their time in mobiles, computer and studies.
    Parents should take them to the zoos, libraries and temples etc., to know about the outside world beyond their studies or computer or mobile.
    If parents do not have time to take them out they should allow other family members to take them out even from childhood age.
    Many of our children do not know
    * how to use libraries; what facilities available in libraries
    * what is the importance of the temple located in their area or city
    * What is famous for their city
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    A very interesting and thought provoking post by the author. Practical knowledge is definitely required in addition to the academic qualifications a student acquires.
    It is true that a students learns academic learnings in the school or college but at the same time he or she learns a lot of things from the society around and people with whom one communicates and keeps company.
    Parents should keep all these aspects in their minds and accordingly expose the children to the outside world and should not force them only to study and not taking part or associate with other things.
    When they are exposed to other activities then only their minds sharpen and they become in a sense all rounder.
    In our Indian scriptures there are many stories which highlight this fact and by reading them we can understand these things in a better manner.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Just acquiring academic qualifications alone is not sufficient to have a better life on this earth. Some general knowledge and common sense are also required.
    A guru asked his students to get a needle from a shop. That guru is having nine students. All nine went and purchased a needle. It is very small in size. They thought how all the nine can carry that. So they cut the trunk of a tree and inserted the needle into the trunk and all nine started carrying the trunk. On the way somewhere the needle has fell down. None of them noticed the same and came back and started searching for the needle. Guru laughed at the students for their foolish behavior.
    Teachers and parents should see that these children will get exposed to this world and learn the way of living in this world. Simply making them to sit in the house and asking them to study may not make them perfect citizens. They should learn how to live and how to manage issues in this world.

    always confident

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    Attending the schools would not be enough to make the students educated. Of course, they would be undergoing many lessons in the different subjects and during this process, they can be benefited with the theoretical knowledge. However, the very common question is how far they apply their common sense to get the work done according to their needs.
    This can be only achievable through the process of application of the common sense.
    In this context, the author has raised a very valid point that sight seeing and familiarisation with the other features also needed to be successful in the practical lives.

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