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    CSIR revised the fellowship amounts for Research scholars

    The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) sanctions CSIR Research Fellowships and Associateships to bright young men and women to get trained in methods of research under the expert guidance of faculty members/scientists who are working in University Departments/Institutes of National Importance/National Laboratories and Institutes of CSIR. These fellowships will be awarded to students who wants to conduct research studies in various fields of Science & Technology and Medical Sciences.

    This year the fellowship amounts are revised. As per the revised rates, a junior research fellow will be getting Rs 37000/- per month. The fellowship amount before revision is Rs.31000/-. A senior Fellow will get Rs 42,000/-. The present SRF amount is Rs.35,000/-. Similarly the associateship and PDRF amounts are also revised.

    This revision will help to attract the best talent to research studies.
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    This is a good step taken for the benefit of research students. There are many people from low income group or tight financial conditions and if they get good scholarship amount during their research period then they will be able to concentrate more in their studies and research work.
    As I have observed research scholarships have gone up significantly from their past level and it is a good trend. Today Science and Technology is progressing in a faster pace and many new innovations are taking place. The research scholars, innovators, and people who can think out of the box solutions are contributing in this progress. We have to keep them motivated and encouraged in this direction.
    In this context the CSIR move is a welcome measure.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It would provide to the Research Scholars to a great extent. The fact is that the scholars remain hard pressed due to their belongings from the middle/ low income groups. Maintaining their own expenses become sometimes difficult. Apart from this, the research involves extra expenses and the same is footed by them immediately though the bills are reimbursed at the later stage.
    Sanctioning the upward revision of the scholarship, would prove to be of a great help to them.

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