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    We realise the importance of education only when we struggle to settle down

    When we are in our childhood, we never realize the importance of education. When our parents and teachers force us to study, we sometimes reluctantly sit before a book without paying attention to the subject we are studying. We might have even cursed them from within for forcing us to study.

    Only after we are grown up and when we struggle in life to get settled we will realize how important is education in our lives. But by the time we realize this, it may get timed out and we will not have any chance to acquire qualifications. Even if we acquire some qualifications we may not be able to use them to get a better job.

    As parents, we should see that our children understand the importance of education and how it will help them to shape their lives so that they will fare well in their studies. I hope other members will share their opinions on this issue.
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    It is definitely a relevant article fitting at least in the Indian context where the parents are forcing the students to concentrate on their studies. In fact in the initial stages, they are not realising its value at all. What the parents can do under such situations is to take their kids into confidence making them realise how the education can change lives significantly if they pay their due attention to studies. Instead of forcing them, the roles of the parents should be to help the students to understand the hidden benefits in uplifting their careers through the better grasp of the subjects included in their syllabus.
    To motivate the kids with a touch of love would certainly go a long way to change their mind sets to understand the basic concepts of education in our practical lives.

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    The thought and the information given in the post is very true. I remember when we were told to study by our elders we felt that they were very tough on us at that time. It is obvious that at a young age, it is very difficult to understand the importance of education and we are always finding a way to enjoy it, be it through games, TV, novels, going shopping, outings, etc.

    It is after we have completed our studies and looking for better opportunities that we realize that we are lacking in our grades, skills and certification. When we find ourselves in the running race and find a shortfall in us to get the right job/profession due to our education, we are late to get the pace.

    So, it is very important for every parent, elder or teacher to teach/share the importance of education to their children/ward. We need to make them understand in such a way that they feel the need to study on their own and gain knowledge that will help them triumph or succeed in their life.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    I thought this thread had gone unnoticed. But now I have seen two valuable responses. I am happy that these two authors are in agreement with my thoughts. Forcing something on children will never give a positive result. They should be convinced, I feel.
    always confident

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