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    How important is it for a student to be attentive?

    Attention is a cognitive skill that is inherent in every being right from birth. Your level of attention keeps changing as your thoughts and tasks increases with age. And that is where you need to learn how to manage your attention skills. Being attentive is very important, whether you are a student or at work or as a social being. It helps you to focus on the task at hand. When you are paying attention to what you are thinking or doing, you tend to grasp things more intensely and in detail and that in turn will help you to act and react in a better way.

    Since we are basically dealing with academics and students, let me give an example of how being attentive will help a student perform better in his studies. A student who is attentive to lectures in the classroom will be able to comprehend the subject better. The same applies when he is preparing notes or is reading a lesson. When you pay attention to what you are doing, the chances of your getting distracted is very less.

    You may switch your tasks in between but then you must take care to shift your attention too accordingly. If you are reading english and want to do some math, do close your english text and shift your attention to math. If the portion you have read in english lingers in your mind, you will not be able to pay the required attention to math and that would affect your studies adversely.
    So being attentive is very important for a student. Being attentive helps one to engage himself intensely in whatever he is doing. So, be attentive and get rid of being distracted so as to perform better in life.

    What are your views on this concept? Are there any ways by which one can learn or improve his inherent skill of being attentive?
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    What the author is trying to emphasize to the students is that concentration plays a vital role in learning the different subjects faster than any other measures. It is not that they are attending the class session of Physics and at the same time their minds are absorbed in the previous session where the teacher was discussing Faraday's law of Electrolysis related to the subject of Chemistry. Not managing the concentration adequately at the right time would impede the learning process heavily and the process of learning gets delayed.
    The most vital part is that they should pay attention to the class of the existing session with the full concentration so that they would absorb the same at the faster pace. Such a practice is always desirable for the better comprehension of the subjects. Hence being attentive should be their main focus.

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    A teacher was conducting his class. All students were attentive but three of them in the last bench saw some thing in the corner roof. Noticed teacher asked them to stand and asked whether any of his teachings gone into their ears. Then also they replied, 'Sir, every thing gone but tail is remaining'. Heard this everybody in the class room laughed. After controlled them teacher asked them again what was they replied. A boy who sat next to them replied with laugh, 'Sir, the three were watching a rat running on the roof of the class room. When you asked them one replied that the rat has gone out through the hole in the roof and its tail only remaining to go out".

    Similarly if the students are distracted themselves not only in the classrooms, but also when they are studying their lessons, the real effect of their studying went vein.

    Attentive concentration, not only important to a student but to every one. We stress this to a students very much because this will make them to continue in their total life to lead a successful life thereafter.

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    One should be attentive always to the task that is being performed. Otherwise, one will not get the complete benefit of doing the task. When we are driving a vehicle if we are not attentive to driving, the chances of accidents will increase. In the same way, if a student is not attentive when he is reading a book, what he is reading will never get into his mind and will not understand the lesson completely. The same is the case while hearing or writing.
    Many students will not concentrate on what the teacher is saying and they may be chitchatting with another student. If the teacher asks him a question he can't answer the same correctly.
    If the student is attentive while hearing the lecture, he will get the gist of the lesson and if he immediately makes notes on the same, he will never forget the lesson. Our minds, our eyes and our ears should be completely working on understanding the lesson only. Then we will get the maximum benefit.

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    It is always crucial for students to remain attentive. Not only students, but anyone doing a specific task must remain attentive to complete the task successfully. Paying attention is concentrating on something and for that one must have an aim or interest in the task. You are minutely observing something because you wish to know what is happening till the end or you have a goal that you can achieve after the minute observation. I would say concentration is a practice and the more you practise the more you will be able to apply it elsewhere.

    For students, setting an aim is important and they have to be guided properly to pursue their aims. In this age of distraction, it is quite difficult to concentrate on anything specific and if it is not practised since childhood then it will become a habit and it will be quite difficult later on to concentrate on anything. The causes of all the distractions have to be found and they have to be eliminated. Students may not be able to find out the causes of distraction always and for that, parents and teachers must play the ideal role. Controlling our emotions is very important to increase the level of concentration and meditation can always help in such cases.


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    To pay attention or to remain attentive is a very important and crucial part of our lives in any environment. For a student it becomes more important because student is in the learning phase. That is the time when there are teachers to guide the student and books are available for studying but until and unless the student is focused and is having concentrated approach for studies there will not be any learning.
    When I was in my class XI our mathematics teacher first assured in the class that everyone was attentive. During teaching he used to suddenly address a student and ask him a question to check whether the student was attentive or not. All the students were very alert and cautious in the mathematics class and that made them attentive towards the mathematics teacher and what he was teaching. The result was very positive as the number of students who got good marks in mathematics increased.
    So attention is very much required whether the student has it or the teacher forces the students to have it.

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    Being attentive to the classes is definitely an important aspect for the students so that they absorb the lessons delivered by the teachers concerned. However it is a two way process. It might be that the teachers are taking classes with their full preparation of the content but the students are not attentive to the lectures being taught by the teachers.
    Just to access the mood of the pupils, the teachers should ensure the attentiveness of the students by making a query to the topic the teacher was discussing in the classroom. If such an attempt is made by the teachers frequently, attention of the pupils is sure to improve.
    The other method is to introduce a class test fortnightly and the average of such tests needs to be included in the final examination of the said paper.

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    I have noticed this excellent thread and perfect responses right now. I am submitting a few observations from my side.

    (a) It is always said that paying attention to the work at hand always increases efficiency and improves quality. However, during my student days, I used to complete Mathematics practice papers within a given time while listening to cricket commentaries or sonorous music. Only when there was a requirement to understand a difficult concept, I temporarily kept the radio in silent mode. Listening to the radio did not create much problem in that case.

    (b) Although it is said that a student must give full attention in all classes in school/college, I know that it is actually not possible. In a school period of 45 minutes, an average student like me could concentrate a maximum for 15 minutes. Even the most brilliant students can't pay full attention to the entire class. The span of attention also depends on various other factors like the ability of a particular teacher or whether a particular student likes the particular subject, or not. For example, I could give better attention (not full) to the history classes of my favourite teacher but used to fall asleep in the Physics classes of the Physics teachers.

    While discussing attentiveness or attention by students, I think we should also discuss the aforestated aspects.

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    If a student does not pay attention to a topic or subject or what the teacher is teaching then he will not be able to grasp it. Without grasping there is no learning. Generally the students who are not attending will be thinking something else and their mind will be working in some other territory. In common terms that is known as distraction.
    Attention is nothing but it is a type of focus and concentration in absorbing what is being told to us. It is not only important for a student to be attentive but true for any audience or person who is receiving an element of knowledge or information from others for learning it.

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    It is good to note that Partha Sir was completing practice papers while listening to the Radio. Many people say if we hear music while doing something our productivity will increase. But when we are reading to understand the subject music or radio may cause some inconvenience I feel. In certain situations, attention is very important.
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