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    Should critical thinking be one of the important aims of education?

    Critical thinking involves analyzing information and sources without any bias and then forming a logical opinion supported by convincing and conclusive arguments. We all know that there was (and still is?) a belief that the earth is flat. It is because few scholars and scientists thought critically and endeavored to think differently that led to the conclusion that the earth is in fact round.

    One may gather information from different sources, but you must have it in your mind that all such information need not be true/ factual. Thinking differently is not an abnormality but it should be rational and supported by believable concrete facts.

    Critical thinking has different aspects and being unbiased while at the same time not neglecting your views is an important factor. While taking a critical view of any information, you must consider factors like the authenticity of the source, the status and background of the source, whether the arguments put forth by the author is convincing, whether a view is biased or not etc. You must not be critical just because the ideas or views expressed does not match yours. Critical thinking must be an open field and you must be ready to accept the conclusion even if it is against your arguments.

    One need not take the opinion of anyone to be final, irrespective of the position of the source. If you feel that there is a point/ points with which you can't agree, you must refer to other sources and gather as much information on the topic as possible and the analyze the whole thing in total to arrive at a judgement which should, again, be logical.

    Students, I feel, should have a critical mind because it is then only that they would be able to ask questions like how, why, why not etc. If one is to just listen to the lectures and read texts without an analytical mind, you will be just repeating what is being taught to you. When you approach a topic critically, you tend not only to get your doubts cleared but also learn the topic better and get it engraved in your mind.

    What is your opinion?
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    While immersed in studies, the students should apply their critical thinking skills so that they would get the clarity of the subjects. Simply going through the process of critical thinking, we would know how far the information extracted from the sources such as the NET, Magazines or any other media is correct. Sometimes we might come across the different videos providing us inputs but the information might not be accurate enough.
    There is no harm in applying the critical thinking process to know the rationality of such statements. It is all the more necessary if the information is from the different sources other than the text books.

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    Students should concentrate on the subject and critically think so that they can understand the subject and apply the same in situations where it should be applied. Connecting the subject to the practical issues is possible only when a student applies the subject in all applicable areas.
    These days one may get a degree by scoring some marks. But which points come in handy in practical situations will be known only when the student thinks and connects both ends. Critical thinking quality will come to the students when they try to solve puzzles and try to answer questions logically.
    Unless otherwise, we apply our mind and get deeper into the subject by thinking about the logic involved we can't get a clue for addressing the tasks. A student who thinks critically and gets to the basics will have a better chance to flourish.

    always confident

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    Analysing things without bias is a great trait and people who have this can find new ideas or flaws in existing ideas. Accepting everything as it is would be a faulty way of thinking because such attitude will make a person lazy and dull. We must try to gather information as far as possible and consider all options and possibilities pertaining to a topic and then analyse the information in a rational way. Only logical thinking and rational approach can bring authentic solutions.
    Knowledge is power.

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