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    Jobs section is now open for wider types of Jobs posting

    We are listening to your voice!

    With immediate effect, we allow a wider range of job posts in our Jobs section. SO, feel free to take advantage of the opportunity and participate actively.

    Some guidelines:
  • Always prepare your own description for job posts based on the actual job advertisement. Jobs should NEVER be copied from another third-party site. Members have been found to be copying jobs regularly from or other job posts. This must strictly be avoided with immediate effect or a member might face suspension due to repeated incidents of copying.

  • All the Job postings should have sufficient and necessary contact details. Failure to provide them will make a Job posting eligible for deletion.

  • Job Description must be self-contained to convey the meaning of the Job position. Writing only a few words of inappropriate content will not be allowed.

  • Source of job requirement should be clearly mentioned. If you are referring to a Newspaper job ad, clearly mention the news paper name and date of posting

  • Jobs from original company website may be reposted with your own custom description but provide the source webpage link

  • Minimum 300 words of description must be provided for each job post
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    Again a very good announcement from the Webmaster. I think we will see more contributions in the jobs section also. Slowly we will see again an ISC that is bubbling wth more traffic and more postings.
    always confident

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    Cash credit should also be given, as I can see members who are regularly posting in the jobs section but not benefiting much, even though it is time-consuming. If time is being invested, then cash credit should be provided.

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    Opening the job section for all sorts of jobs is a good decision by ISC and I feel that it would give more opportunities to the members who are interested or are already contributing in job section.
    In one of the guidelines mentioned above in the post it is said that - 'Minimum 3000 words of description must be provided for each job post'. This is not clear as 3000 words is a too much content. Is it some typo error?

    Knowledge is power.

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    I have not tried to contribute in job section so far but with this change I might look for this opportunity. Thanks for making it more broader for content intake.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Thanks for the alert. The typo was corrected.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    We must appreciate the stand taken up by the ISC management with the inclusion of job - postings which had been missing lately. This would provide the readers with more opportunities to look for jobs they are interested. Hope the recent decision will help the platform to attract more traffic.

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    Better if you give cash credits for job posts. Before I used to write job posts regularly, but now job posts are not awarded with cash credit, and points are not counted for revenue share bonuses. Then what is the use of giving points to the posts? I request the webmaster to give cash credits to job posts. So that members will be interested to contribute in this section.

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