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    March 2024 Cash Payment Announcement

    We have announced the March 2024 Cash Payments for Editors and Members.

    To view the Cash Payment details, visit our Cash Credits page.

    Please follow the instructions to receive the payment, if your name has been announced for a payment in the cash credits section.
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    A big thanks to Timmy sir for the announcement and congratulations to all whose names feature on the list. Feeling joyous to find my name on the list at the beginning of the new financial year with lots of hope and my best wishes to those who fell short of reaching the threshold. There is nothing to worry about. Just keep adding value to ISC in various sections and do it regularly. I am sure you will get it the very next time.

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    Hearty congratulations to all those members who have got cash payment for the month of March 2024.

    After a gap of 2 years I again started contributing in this site from December 2023 but my dashboard is not showing the correct cash credits. From the contribution table I found that my accumulated cash credits are about Rs 1200 so far but my name is not reflecting in the list of members receiving it for the month of March 2024. I request the concerned editor to look into the issue. Thanks.

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    I am thankful to Timmy Sir for the prompt announcement of the cash payments of the members entitled to receive the same. I feel joyous to see my name on this list.
    I congratulate other members also who have received the cash- payments for March 24.

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    Thank you Timmy Sir. Congratulations to the nine members who, in addition to me, are eligible to receive the payment for their contributions. Well done! It is good to see a few more members than the usual five or six in total who have been getting the monthly payment. Hope more members get added to the list in the coming months.

    Neeru- Although this thread is about payments, your response will be lost in the many congratulatory responses. It is always best to raise a separate thread about it. I did check out the current balance at your profile account page, and it shows as Rs. 662. You are stating that it is incorrect as per the 'Contributions' Tab, that is, as per the scoreboard. I did not, though, understand this aspect. Which date to which date exactly did you select on the scoreboard to arrive at the accumulated cash credits of Rs. 1200? The last invoice generated was on 1st July 2021. What was the amount shown as the current balance after that invoice was generated and you submitted it for payment? I suggest that you raise a separate thread and give a link to this thread with a reference to my response to answer the queries I raised. Then, if indeed there is some discrepancy, we can forward the thread to the Webmasters for clarification.

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    As usual, the Webmaster has announced the Cash payments for March 2024. My sincere thanks to him for the same. I thank ISC for the cash payment awarded to me. I congratulate all other members and editors who earned cash payments for the same month. I hope all these members will continue their good work and continue to earn cash payments in the coming months. I expect all other members to try and contribute more so that their names also will be seen in the list of cash payment receivers.
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    Congratulations to all those who have received the cash payment for the month of March '24! Well done.
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    I am glad to see my name on the payment list for March month and to receive the payment for my contributions. I am thankful to the ISC team and Timmy Sir and my congratulations to other members who are to receive the same.

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