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    Is old age a curse or a blessing?

    We have been hearing some people saying that old age is a curse, but some people say it is a blessing for them. I have interacted with many old people who crossed their eighties and pulled on.
    Some old people appear as if they are suffering a lot from their health problems and poverty. Some people appear as if they are happy without any problems and leading a peaceful life. But when we closely follow them, we will not find much difference in their health condition or living style. Only the difference is their attitude. People who are happy in their old age are satisfied people with whatever they have and live in the present. People who are not happy are unsatisfied people with whatever they have and always think they are the only people suffering.

    I would like to know the views of other members.
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    Old age is a consequential thing in our lives and everyone gets old one day and there is no escaping from it. Whether one lines it or not it is there. There is no option to not choose it.
    In my view old age is a time to celebrate the achievements in one's life and enjoy the old memories and have fun with one's old friends and colleagues.
    Old age is having some health challenges and one has to be careful on that and take the necessary precautions. So that is all and old age is a bliss.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It depends on the family and your financial status. People with good bank balance usually have a happy time even in their old age while those who are poor experience adversity. If you have a big family and there are many people to look after elderly people, then there shouldn't be any problem. In case of nuclear families where everyone is busy with no time for elderly, old age becomes a drag with sorrowful experiences.

    Everyone needs someone to talk, especially during old age when there isn't any work to do and body isn't fit enough to carry daily chores. Personally, I feel old age shouldn't come to anybody because most people even your family members don't know how it feels when your body is not responding at all. They ignore old age people thinking everything is fine with them. Not everyone has the patience these days to look after elderly people because everyone is so busy these days.

    Humble yourself or life will do it for you!

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    Old age is not a curse but surely it is a challenge to pass old age happily and contentedly. As Ajay Gupta has aptly put it, during old age one should have good health, adequate financial condition, and company.
    Being old is a natural process and everyone has to become old one day. So we have no choice in this regard. The question is how to pass the old age happily. So, old people have to find company for them and in fact in each area there are so many seniors living and they can form a sort of group meeting daily or once a week in the nearby park or some community hall, chit-chat and may be have all this over a cup of tea.
    Young people are going away from the family in search of jobs and old people are left behind. They have to form community groups to help each other. That is the only way to enjoy this last phase of their lives.
    There is nothing to feel bad about the old age. We can pass it in the best possible manner.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Old age might be a boon period for the senior people if they think everything has gone as per planning and the ultimate results are not as bad as per their planning though not impressive. Suppose a senior citizen has two sons and one daughter blessed with prestigious qualifications such as the eldest son being a CA in a multinational company, the second son being a reputed surgeon in England and the youngest daughter has recently joined in the IAS cadre.
    His perception is the entire achievement has been possible due to his encouragement and appropriate utilisation of resources.
    The daughter has a matching partner working as a DC induction in the IAS cadre.
    Though he has enough resons to be happy but sometimes he feels that their siblings don't have the time to share their feelings with him. His wife is now no more with him. He feels sad very often due to absence of her wife.
    Hence old age can be a blessing phase if positivity is there in tems of thought. Complacent is the only solution.

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    Becoming old is a natural sequential process every human being has to undergo in normal life. It is one of the stages of growing and decaying as for every higher living thing.
    In Indian philosophy (and as per Vaaghbhata in Ayurveda) there are four stages in our full life. They are Baalyam, Kaumaaram, Yauvanam and Vaardhakya. They correspond to 1)Childhood, (2)Adolescence,(3)Youth and (4)old age.
    Old age is roughly from age of 50 years to till life end.

    Thus old age is inevitable for a person of normal longevity. What can be achieved is advancing and delaying of ageing or minimizing the negative effects of ageing if we manage our health and life well with a disciplined and regulated life style as prescribed by the Ayurveda and even by the modern medical science.

    Old age is considered by many people as a curse. This is because of the attendant difficulties and ill health during those years. It also has reason of dependence on others due to financial and physical difficulties. We have the story of Yayati and Puru in Mahabharat. The King Yayati who wanted to continue to enjoy life exchanged his old age with his son Puru.

    However in the modern era of health and wealth conscious people who follow a healthy life regime and follow a disciplined and planned financial practices, with all other conveniences of modern life, old age need not be taken as a curse, but can be enjoyed well.

    It all depends on one's attitude and self cultivation of confidence also.
    In the present conditions, it is in the old age that people actually start living for themselves. It is a stage when the elders are free of their responsibilities of bringing up children, educating them and many other domestic responsibilities. After retirement they have enough time and for many people sufficient money obtained as retirement benefits etc. The lucky ones will also have strong support from their earning children.

    For those who do not have much retirement benefits also, there are many schemes from government and other sources for taking care of the elders' needs.

    Hence I suggest tthat old age need not be (and should not be) looked upon as a curse, but to be taken as a second life, with all lessons learned from life till now. Old age is the real time people can live for themselves.

    Let us believe and be convinced ( and not just use for our speeches and writings) that " Old is Gold" and Gold is appreciating in value every day.
    Old people are not Seniors but Senior teenagers or " Seenagers".

    Even otherwise let us take old age as simply growing and becoming more experienced and expertise. After all, even Yayati gave back the youth of his son and got back his own old age on realizing his ignorance of life and knowing the temporality of body and permanence of Aatma.

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    One of my observations about this issue is that generally the persons who work themselves and do not depend much on the servants have a better life during the old age. The reason is that they are habitual of working and slowly and steadily they can do a lot of tasks during the day. For such people passing time is not a problem. They have many constructive hobbies and if their health is in good shape they are the best examples of a happy old age life.
    I have seen some aged persons living in remote villages doing everything themselves and having a sound sleep in the night and getting up fresh everyday to attend the daily chores.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It depends on your situation. In old age, people are not able to work, and hence their earnings reduce or become nil. If a person has money in his bank account, then his life becomes partially happy because it depends on how his relations with his family members are because, at old age, you don't only require money; you also need the moral support of others.

    For people who don't have money and don't have someone who can take care of them,  life is a curse. Only money is not the determining factor for the elderly to live a happy life.

    I have seen my father, who used to be sad when retired from his job. It took about a year to cope, but then he made his daily routine in such a way that he would not get bored. 

    It depends on the situation if the life is a curse or a boon for them.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Aging is a natural phenomenon and we always express getting older as "I am 5 years old, 15 years old, 50 years old" etc. Why don't we say "I am 15 years young or 50 years young"? We are scared of aging, in other words, afraid of nearing the end of our lives. I would never say, "I am so and so old", but to say, "I am 50 years/55 years young always" since my attitude is like that. This is the attitude we need to instill into our minds accepting the aging process leading our lives more contenful. If it is a curse or blessing it all depends on one's attitude. Even financially, not sound but physically/mentally abled senior citizens may lead a graceful life by engaging in various activities. A housemaid who is in her mid 70s in my neighborhood still leads a life by working as a maid in the nearby flat though she has her age-related issues. One of my cousins who is now 86 years of age is actively doing her daily routine to some extent possible. She never feels disgraced by her age and I am more inspired by her attitude. Age is just a number. If you feel young life would be a blessing, otherwise it would be a curse irrespective of other criteria such as finance, health, lifestyle, etc.

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    Many of us think that money will bring us happiness even in oldage. But that is not true. Many people come around and pretend to care for that person and expect some favour from that old person. This will be true mainly with old people who are not having children.
    I have seen a wealthy man and an employer who employed around 100 employees. He used to donate a lot of money and was very courteous to people. His wife was also like that. They had a son and daughter-in-law. All of them were staying together. But both suffered a lot during their old age. Their son or daughter-in-law never took care of them. Many people used to go to him to help him but their son never allowed anybody. For 2 years both of them suffered and then died. Their money or good deeds never came in handy for them and helped them.
    Children who are courteous to their parents are very important for taking care of them during their old age.

    always confident

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