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    Beware of AI-generated voice cloning scams with phone calls requesting to send money

    The Tamil Nadu State cyber crime police issued an advisory note cautioning the public to be vigilant about AI-generated voice cloning fraudulence through mimicking emotional phone calls as if they are from family members or friends to cheat monetarily. The fraudsters use the AI tool to clone the voice of the person whom they want to imitate. The voice sample can be obtained from the posts/videos on social media or making a wrong call over the phone. After obtaining the sample voice, they mimic the voice of the person (may be a friend or a family member of the targeted victim) with the help of the AI software requesting to transfer money by instant payment methods like UPI as such they are in trouble or an emergency.

    The Cyber police suggested being aware of these voice cloning scams and if people come across such situations they can verify by contacting their family members or friends through encrypted messages or video calls before responding to such calls. In case, they are victimized they may report to the cybercrime toll-free helpline 1930 or may register a complaint at the website (
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    These days we are hearing many happenings where people with the help of digital implements use innocent people as scapegoats and make money. Cybercrimes are increasing day by day and many innocent people are losing their money. People are coming up with innovative ideas to deceive people and make money. So we all should be cautious about these practices and see that we will not get into their trap. AI is becoming a tool in hand for these cyber crime people. They are trying to use technology and deceive people.
    I heard recently about Honey tap incidents also. Some people with the names of females try to deceive youth using videos made of AI. Many stories are coming in newspapers. That way Social Media is causing problems to people. So we should use any device or social media with in limits only. Too much is never advisable.

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    A very good advisory issued by the author. Voice cloning is a method which can be used by the frauds for cheating the people easily because hearing the voice of a friend or relative or family member one gets very much concerned for the welfare of the person or takes seriously the issues told by him.
    Some cases of voice cloning and cheating are reported and cyber crime branches are devising ways to track and catch those frauds.
    Today cyber crimes are increasing because the people behind it are having the knowledge and technology to do it. Many apps and tools are easily available in public domain and one can use them for bad purposes also.
    We have to be careful in these matters and directly or indirectly verify the caller even if the voice is known to us. These callers will immediately disconnect if one starts interrogating them for verification.
    For example if your brother has gone to his office and someone calls you in his voice to bring some cash and jewellery then you can tell him that you just gave some snacks and tea to him in the next room and he is taking that and how come that such a phone call is coming. The fraud person will quickly disconnect.
    We have to be careful and alert and not take these things lightly.

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    Whenever there are technological advancements then it is a great help to the people for getting a lot many tasks much more easily. AI is one such development but unfortunately some cheats are misusing it. AI is a very powerful tool but it can do havocs if goes in bad hands.
    Only thing as suggested is that we have to be very careful and not believe in any fake call or message and should not take it in normal way. The thing is that any communication to us we have to first doubt it and confirm its authenticity and genuineness before responding to it.

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    Nowadays, AI brings revolution in the IT sector. I know a statement by Warren Buffet about AI that AI is more dangerous than the atomic bomb. People trying different ways of using AI for scamming. We need to be aware of such types of fraud and protect our money.

    The people are using AI to generate the voice of our relatives and ask for money. We understand that our relatives really need money and transfer it without confirming. So, it is better to disconnect the call and again call from your number to confirm. Do not trust the voice if you receive a call as it may be AI-generated.

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    Stamp me archaic, but I have no doubt that AI is dangerous. As quoted by Hakimuddin, it is more dangerous than atom bomb. I hope the dangers it can bring in is foreseen and correctional steps be taken at the earliest by international organizations to save the world from another impending disaster. We are going to witness a hallucinating point where we would find it difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction. Let us be aware and keep our fingers crossed.
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    When computers were introduced then people welcomed it and everyone felt that it was a great invention to help us in our work and save a lot of time increasing our productivity manyfold.
    At that time no one thought that one day the advancements in computer technology will bring a situation where instead of being happy with it we would start safeguarding ourselves from its evil usage.
    Yes, I am also having fears of unknown AI future. Those working in AI field might be knowing its dreadful avatar expected in future. Due to business reasons they would not disclose it to the common people.

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