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    Discuss the results of the 2024 Lok Sabha election and its overall impact

    The wait is finally coming to an end. The 2024 Lok Sabha election results are almost declared. Let us discuss the impact of the results so far.

    What do you think are the reasons that led to the decrease in the number of seats for the NDA? Is it that 'magic' and 'guarantees' did not work out as expected? Is it a failure of the policies of the Center? What factors could have worked in favor of the INDIA Alliance which was ridiculed during the campaign? I am not initiating a political discussion and am not calling for political or religious explanations.

    Just a few questions- Why did the NDA lag behind and what made the INDIA alliance to pose a surprising challenge to the present regime? Are the results an indication to remind all (ALL) that 'WE, the People' are still the decision makers? And finally, what will be the impact of the results on government policies and Indian economy?

    There is no restriction on coming up with your free and fair views, but I request all to please adhere to the forum posting guidelines and be apolitical and logical in your interpretations and opinion.
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    This is a very relevant topic to discuss now.

    As of now things are just preliminary and based on prima facie information. Hence immediately now, the views can be a bit shallow. But in about a couple of days we may get more data encompassing various perspectives. Hence the discussion can become more meaningful and with more inputs and analysis in the coming hours and days.

    My preliminary views on the election outcome relating to NDA is as follows:
    1. The NDA top leadership would have got wind or some guess of things to come. I base this on the unusual way of speeches and interviews given by the Prime Minister Shri Modi. Unless there was a compelling reason he would not have gone with some loose and controversial speeches which we all know.
    2. If the above point 1 is not correct, then I will attribute it to failure of field intelligence, by intelligence gathering agencies of govt.
    3. The other reasons may be the utter lack of groundwork projecting NDA's performance and benefits to common people and lack of dedicated hard work to ensure maximum voting by NDA voters and neutral voters.
    4. Then, the most impacting factor I guess, is the influence of the concerted propaganda instilling and reinforcing a fear psychosis among Muslim voters by their leaders.
    5.Direct or indirect influence by foreign and vested interests to create instability in the country by using the 'tool kits' method through some main media and social media.

    In the case of INDIA Alliance, I can just say that it is still not a Congress victory or strength, but only because of the scoring of local parties and leaders and the blatant openmouthed declarations of freebies and promises of some other controversial vote bank incentives.

    But ultimately I feel happy that this is yet again a proof of the real functional efficiency of Indian democracy and the Indian voter had given drubbing to myopic sighted foreign and Indian doomsayers.

    The lesson BJP has to learn is that there is no sure formula for winning elections and it needs hard work, performance and care to make people understand the performance and also remove any insecure feeling in people. One cannot be overconfident also.

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    During the last ten years BJP and its allies (NDA) did many developmental works and India could reach the fifth position in the economic map of the world. There was all praise for our good work and international agencies took a note of that.
    As a consequence everyone thought that BJP will sweep in the 2024 elections but that did not happen.
    The lesson learnt from this result is that we should not underestimate the opposition. We must remember that they were in power earlier and they also know very well as how to woo the gullible voters.
    The followers of BJP mocked the Pad-yatra by Rahul Gandhi but we do not know as how many people living in the remote areas were impressed by that. The promise made by these opposition parties might not come true when they come in power but it has succeeded in getting them the vote of the people who prima facie believed in it.
    Politics is not so simple that you do good work and people would elect you. There are others who may not do outstanding work for the society or country but know as how to keep the different communities happy. So, if they get more votes, I am not surprised.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    This issue can be answered in many ways. In my first response, I will summarise the outcome of the Lok Sabha election in a nutshell:
    (a) BJP continues to be the single-largest party;
    (b) Congress is the distant second;
    (c) Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to be the most popular leader;
    (d) Rahul Gandhi again failed (but we must admit that this time he came a little bit closer to getting a passing mark);
    (c) Despite the above, the opposition has started demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister.

    Finally, I am trying to upload a map of India indicating which party won in which area.

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    (a) Those who have forgotten Noakhali, how can they protest Sandeshkhali?
    (b) Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it. ---------- Salvador Dali

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    Members have given some good points about this election and its outcome. I want to add that there was a hype in the minds of people that BJP and its allies will get more than 400 seats. I do not know what was the rationale behind that. In my opinion it was only to motivate the party workers and nothing more than that.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The 2024 Lok Sabha election results have sparked discussions about various factors influencing the outcomes. While avoiding political or religious angles, it's interesting to consider potential reasons for the decrease in NDA seats and the surprising challenge posed by the INDIA Alliance. The results serve as a reminder of the electorate's power in shaping government decisions and may impact future policies and the Indian economy. Let's engage in meaningful, apolitical discussions adhering to forum guidelines.

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    Though many of us were influenced by the style of working of our ex - prime minister Narendra Modi, we noticed his series of speeches targeting some communities labelled as unreliable. Moreover, he could not convince the youths regarding his efforts for employment - a generation apart from the escalation of price - rise of consumable items.
    Price - the rise of the essential consumable items was the main factors of dissatisfaction of the common people apart from the shortage of employment opportunities.
    No suitable explanation was available for such an issue.
    He has taken enough care in the renovation of religious places including Varanasi & Ayodhya. However, he failed to satisfy the demands of the people of a suitable job in the different sectors with a suitable follow-up.

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    Sheo Shankar Jha- in your response #779848 you have referred to Modiji as the "ex-Prime Minister". He is still our honourable PM, surely? Has a new Govt. been formed with a new PM?
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    Oliver Max, you have summarised it but let me elaborate it further.
    India is a big country having different religions, communities, languages, and various states in different geographical terrains.
    In many places there are some local political parties which have a deep influence on the local people. These political parties have major say within the state and are not much active outside. So the national level parties find it difficult to penetrate the barrier of these parties and win seats there. It is not only one such state but many in our country.
    These regional parties are important because with whichever national level party they affiliate that only would be able to form Govt.
    So the impact of the present results would be on all those Govt forming processes that arise in such complex situation.
    BJP and its allies are in majority and will form the Govt. Opposition seems stronger this time and it would soon reflect in the parliamentary activities. If opposition strongly opposes a motion, the ruling party at times may have difficulties in passing the resolutions.
    Let us wait and watch the coming political developments.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Generally, once the results of an election are declared one party will be happy for its victory and the other party will be thinking about the reasons for their defeat. But the 2024 elections are unique in that way. On one side NDA is happy that it can manage the magic figure to get into power. On the other hand INDI alliance is happy because they got seats more than they expected even though they have no majority to form the government.
    BJP is the single largest part got triple figure seats with 240 seats and is the next largest single party in Congress with 99 seats. BJP got less than last time and Congress got more than last time. Modi will be becoming the PM for the third time. Some of the reasons for not getting the full majority are
    1. Some of the speeches given by NDA members were interpreted differently by the opposition and they took them into the public. BJP cadre failed to counter those even though top people refuted them.
    2. Many parties came together in the INDI alliance to avoid the splitting of anti-government votes.
    3. The domination of regional political parties. 240 to BJP and 99 to Congress. The remaining almost 200 seats were won by the regional parties only.

    always confident

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    In any democracy, people are very important and their verdict decides who rule the state and who rule the country. If the people are happy with the ruling party they may be brought to power again by the voters. If they are not happy they may vote against it. This time this decrease of seats to NDA is not because of a liking towards another party I feel. The votes are against because of the anti-incumbency factor. When the same party is getting elected for the third time there may be chances decrease in the seats, It is not the first time we have seen this. When Congress got elected for the third time also under the leadership of Nehru there was a decrease in the number of seats Congress got.
    This anti-incumbency factor did miracles in AP state elections this time. A party which got 151 seats in 2019 got only 11 seats this time. The party which got only 21 seats in 2019 got 135 seats this time. The alliance of TDP, BJP and Janasena secured 164 seats out of 175. Here also the opposition parties tried to avoid a split in votes against the ruling party.

    always confident

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    Vandana Madam,
    I am sorry for such a mistake. He is still in his office working as Prime Minister.

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    The man was running the marathon. Many of us were praying for his victory.

    However, by some quirk of fate, the man will have to walk with crutches, at least for some time.

    Now the important question is: Can he complete the marathon?

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    If we think, analyze and discuss leaving the initial hazy vision, we can say that no miracle happened.

    Many people in media and social media exclaim as if BJP/NDA has lost all their seats and I N D I Alliance has scored two third majority. The ground reality is something different.
    The dissatisfaction about NDA/BJP is just how a smart hardworking meritorious student falls short of his centum or 99 but scores 85%. overall. This because he scored centum or ninety nine in all subjects except one or two where he scored 80%.

    In the case of BJP/NDA they have got all seats in a few states, just one or two less in many states, increased seats in a few states, gained new territories in a couple of places. So overall it is increasing support and growth for BJP/NDA in reality.

    Another interesting thing is the feeling that ruling party becomes a coalition for the first time. We have umpteen cases when the Congress led coalitions were ruling this country. There was even a minority government a one time.

    The present climate of a show and propaganda that Modi or BJP has lost is just a deceptive thinking which is the result of the 'over-hype' by BJP followers and social media of the '400 paar" and explaining to everyone why it is needed and what will be the resultant actions. This gave overconfidence and over expectations in the middle class who actually take holiday on voting day. This gave the anti-Modi side the right opportunity to exploit the same and instill a dark fear psychosis in Muslims and the SC/ST voters who then flocked en-masse to the Samajwadi Party or the available parties in I N D I alliance in their constituency.

    It is the myopic, selfish interest of retaining and /or increasing the already enjoyed facilities and freebies and to extract more that they voted for the party which promised more and more freebies even they be hypothetical and non-feasible.

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    NDA Govt did many good things during the last decade but there were some basic things which could not be addressed fully or partly. These were the problems of unemployment and job creation. This is a known fact that if a large number of young people are not constructively engaged then any political party which is not in power can lure them a dream future where they will get everything if they voted for that particular party or its alliances.
    After winning, that party might forget about those voters or do something for showing that they wanted to do but could not because of so many reasons.
    Opposition will search opportunity in every place where the ruling party could not do much. It is also a fact that general public can always be made aware about the shortcomings of any ruling party and during that time no one sees as how many good things the ruling party had done and a wave of anti-establishment is sparked up. This has happened in Indian politics in past many times and is not a new thing.
    People can interpret the poll results in any way but the simple fact is that even the so called united opposition front (INDIA) has not got enough numbers to claim to form a Govt and BJP led NDA alliance is going to form a Govt for the third time and take control soon.

    Knowledge is power.

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    With the 2024 Lok Sabha Election results revealing the BJP-led NDA with 295 seats and the INDI Alliance with 235 seats, it is crystal clear that the coalition government is inevitable for the next term of five years (hopefully). Despite BJP, the leading party with 241 MPs, regional parties in various states gaining significant vote share, the Congress coming up with a resurgence, and the NOTA emerged formidably with almost 63, 47, 509 votes in the 2024 LS Polls showing disinterest of the public towards the parties and the leaders, the hung parliament is a poll outcome scenario. Yet, it is not new in Indian Politics. The coalition government with regional parties of the states would impact the pace of making the economic/social/foreign policies into legislatures.

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    During this election, I gave special attention to Delhi (my Karmabhoomi), West Bengal (my Janmabhoomi) and two southern states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

    In Delhi, despite the fact that AAP and Congress had a pre-poll coalition, BJP has made a perfect 7 out of 7. In my constituency, the young and educated lady, daughter of Late Sushma Swaraj, Bansoori Swaraj has won. The AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal created one after another controversy and played a stellar role in the spectacular defeat of the coalition.

    In West Bengal, my Janmabhoomi, the election result has again disheartened me. The lady has again managed to get 29 seats out of 42. She has managed to keep her 30% vote-bank of 'that particular community' intact. The left parties and Congress have only divided Hindu vote-bank. BJP has won 12 seats and Congress, only 1. The left has again failed to open account in the state. The only ray of hope in West Bengal is the victory of former Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay from Tamluk as a BJP candidate.

    (............To be continued)

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    (Continued from #779877)

    Now let us go to the southern states. BJP has done spectacularly in Odisha (an eastern state), Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, but I have been giving special attention to Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

    In Tamil Nadu, BJP state leader Annamalai initiated a silent revolution against the anti-Hindu, head-to-toe corrupt DMK, which is in power. Annamalai traveled all over the state. Prime Minister Modi also spent a lot of time in Tamil Nadu and initiated a novel concept of integration, i.e. Tamil Sangamam in different North Indian states (before the initiation of the election process). Thanks to all these, BJP has considerably increased its vote share but has not been able to win any seat in the Lok Sabha from Tamil Nadu. But political observers are sure that this increased vote share of BJP will definitely influence the outcome of the next Assembly election in the state.

    Now let us go to Kerala. Kerala has 20 Lok Sabha constituencies. Before the election, the observers were hoping that the BJP might win two seats (Thrissur and Thiruvananthapuram). Some gave BJP an outside chance at Pathanamthitta also. As we all know, Suresh Gopi has become the first BJP Lok Sabha MP from Kerala winning from Thrissur. But Rajiv Chandrasekhar gave a ding-dong fight to Sashi Tharoor in Thiruvananthapuram. Somehow, Sashi Tharoor has managed to scrape through. Out of the total 20 seats in Kerala, Congress won 14 seats, BJP won 01, CPI(M), Muslim League 02 and other parties won 02.

    In Kerala, Wayanad preferred Rahul Gandhi over Annie Raja although Rahul himself was not at all confident. Muslim League's influence on voters at the northern part of the state is alarming, to put it mildly. Observers are sure that in future, lotus will bloom more prominently in this beautiful state. This time, BJP has managed to get more than 16% vote share in the state.

    Finally, if my time and mood permit, I will write my assessment about the election results in other states.

    Now, let us wait for the oath-taking of Narendra Modi on 8th June.

    (Thanks to all readers, who managed to read my two-cent.)

    (a) Those who have forgotten Noakhali, how can they protest Sandeshkhali?
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    Just like previous shining India campaign, "abki baar 400 paar" became a fuski bomb. BJP underestimated the opposition and now they have to take help of regional parties to fulfill their political mileage. People have voted for a strong opposition in parliament after seeing the working style of the current regime. I hope PM Modi learns from his mistakes doesn't commit it again in future because India needs a good leader like him for this country to grow. They have lost in Ayodhya just because they gave tickets to unknown candidates. They have commited huge blunders in UP by giving tickets to unknown faces which lead to less than 300 seats.
    Thanks and regards.

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    I refer to my previous response (#779880). I must clarify that CPI(M) has managed to get only 01 seat in Kerala. Most probably, an Editor has edited my comment. I further state that CPI(M) has got only 01 seat and RSP (another left party) got 01. It is a different party, but is included in the LDF.

    Secondly, I wrote: "Observers are sure that in future, lotus will bloom more prominently in this once beautiful state." The Editor has deleted the word 'once', but has not mentioned that my response has been edited.

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    The current regime won't be able to dictate their terms to the country like previous regimes because there is a strong opposition in the parliament now. It definitely sounds good for the democratic structure of this country. We need a strong opposition in this country just because absolute power can corrupt anyone. We don't want to become a country like North Korea or Pakistan where common citizen are just puppets in the hand of their rulers.
    Thanks and regards.

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    NDA has got the majority seats. When we fix targets high and if we are not able to reach them we may feel that we have lost. But when we take our benchmark low, we can exceed easily and we can feel happy.
    Once Congress was the only party getting the majority. But now the same party is not able to get the seats required for forming a government even after combining with many small and regional parties. But the BJP got more than double the seats than Congress and reached the required majority with two or three major partners in the alliance. So I feel Congress has to do a lot of work to get into power in the Centre. Let them start working from now towards that goal.
    As mentioned by others in Telangana BJP improved its performance and won 8 MP seats. But Congress also improved from the last MP elections and won 8 seats. The main loser is BRS (formerly TRS headed by KCR) and this party could not win even a single seat.
    This time BJP concentrated more on new areas and thought that they would get a majority in UP. But there they lost heavily.

    always confident

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    Strong opposition is necessary for a vibrant democracy. But opposition should not oppose for opposition sake. There should be a logical point in opposing some proposal. There are many things that are to be understood before opposing. I remember in parliament there was opposition to GST bill but today GST collection has become a big revenue earner for the Govt.
    Some opposition people are simply telling that they want to remove Modi. What does that mean? Is not it a foolish and unwise statement. If they want to remove Modi then they should serve the people and win and make their Govt and their PM. Telling such things shows their immaturity and jealousy.
    A good opposition can help in progress of the country in all spheres while a bad opposition can not only retard the nation's progress but also ruin the economy.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    In India the election winning is based on the "first past the post' voting system and results. There is not a "half point majority" threshold necessity in deciding a winner.
    When it comes to the Parliament or legislatures, there is a need to have more than the half point seats-either as a single political entity or a coalition by a pre declared alliance or a post poll alliance coalition . In the present concluded Lok Sabha elections the pre-declared alliance NDA has secured seats more than the half point mark. Hence they have the mandate to rule for he next 5 years.
    I do not understand what more is needed? Even if we take it based on the single political party basis, BJP is the largest single party. They are very near to the half point mark.

    Congress has not secured the majority surpassing half point (271) either by itself or with its pre-declared alliance partners. So it does not have the mandate from the people.
    Whatever way we look at it, Congress has not got anything high to celebrate. When BJP and Congress were face to face Congress fared very badly. The contribution by its alliance partners was the main core . But for NDA BJP score is much much more than the combined score of its alliance partners.

    It is a fact that BJP/NDA has got hit in UP and Rajasthan which was not expected by the general public. But there and in many other places the win/loss was determined by the demographic changes and shifts. This may be bitter, but it has to be admitted at least now.
    The case of Adhir Ranjan Choudhary, a veteran politician and parliamentarian and Parliamentary leader of Congress is a clear testimony for that. That is also the basis of Congress/ its alliance win in most other places. But here one thing has to be admitted that (even to the long detriment of national interests) the clever election engineering tricks by I N D I Alliance with the copious help from many external and internal vested interest had really worked well to their favour.
    The post result scenes of Muslim women crowding in front of Congress office in UP, exhibiting the 'Congress Guarantee Card' of One Lakh rupees is a tell tale reminder and proof for this myopic strategy. It is Karnataka strategy reworked with reinforcement.

    So the scenario in the country now is of just hype and verbose. It is like the case of a studious boy who was expecting 99 % score got just 85% - himself and his well wishers feeling sad ; and on the other side a boy who was scoring below 10 now scoring 20 where as the pass mark is 50 celebrating loudly, making an appearance for the onlookers that at last he passed. It is as simple as that now.

    Let us se the impact of this election in the coming posts.

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    Partha, RSP in Kerala is a part of the UDF and not the LDF. So, it is just one seat for the LDF and one for NDA.

    Venkiteswaran sir, please check whether your mention about 'Congress guarantee card' and women (particularly Muslims) flocking before the Karnataka GPO to open accounts is based on facts. If reports are to be believed, the women gathered based on a rumour that was spread on WhatsApp stating that Rs 8500/- would be deposited monthly to all woman account holders in post offices after the 4th of June.

    I think many points have come up about the various factors that (may) have been reflected in the election results. Now keeping the new government in mind as also the opposition, can we switch over and discuss the impact the new formations would create in different fronts?

    'Knowledge is knowing a Tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.' -Miles Kington

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    Very interesting points are pouring in this discussion. BJP did their poll preparations nicely but the opposition parties also done their homework very precisely. That is the reason that the number of votes got by many competitors are well comparable.
    In politics, wooing the voter is the biggest job and the candidate who is successful in that would get more votes. There are many poor and downtrodden voters who ask a peculiar question that the country is progressing and everything is ok but what they are getting? They feel that their situation is not improving. These are the voters who can always go against the ruling regime.
    There was no anti-establishment wave in this election but some opposition parties did their canvassing well and got good seats by their efforts and not due to anti-establishment wave.
    Whatever it is, BJP having the support of other parties and moving ahead as NDA was able to get a majority and now going to make Govt. Ultimately what matters is number of seats got by a party and its alliance.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Some members are confusing strong opposition with the coalition Government (mili-juli sarkar). Present-day BJP top bosses are not very comfortable with the concept of mili-juli sarkar. Because BJP has well-defined agenda points like bringing UCC, bringing CRA-NRC, population control, development on fast track, railway technical upgradation (track and signalling), infrastructure development at fifth gear, etc. which may not be possible with short-sighted, self-seeking regional parties.
    So, many prefer absolute majority for BJP. Now, BJP will have to depend on unreliable crutches like Naidu and Nitish. That's precisely the issue.

    Saji Ganesh Sir, I didn't know that RSP is with Congress in Kerala and not with CPI(M). It is astonishing for me. Thanks for this information.

    (Personal opinion)

    (a) Those who have forgotten Noakhali, how can they protest Sandeshkhali?
    (b) Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it. ---------- Salvador Dali

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    Saji Ganesh @ #779898,

    I am referring to a videoclip which has become widely forwarded in WhatsApp and also quoted by some other social media channels about Muslim women crowding in front of Congress office in Lucknow. It has also come in YouTube channel of WION also.
    I give below the URL for the news report of Business Today : (india/story/muslim-women-at-up-congress-headquarters-in-lucknow-for-guarantee-card-432246-2024-06-05.)
    Also reported in Deccan Chronicle ,India Today etc.
    You can search by typing Congress guarantee card Lucknow and see the various results.

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    Just an hour ago I talked to one of my relative in Gujarat. He is an young man in his thirties . He told me that the election results are not at all surprising to them, as they were expecting the same. In fact he said that it had come better than their guess. The reason he attributed was the ground level functioning was not there as effective as earlier, because of some alienation of RSS cadres. So there was no hard work to bring voters to the booth and ensure their votes.
    This goes well with my preliminary inference given in point No.3 in my post #779834.

    There seemed an underlying dissatisfaction among cadres in not giving tickets to many who had RSS base and close to RSS leadership and cadres. Similar reason in UP also. In UP there was a concerted effort to tarnish and defeat Yogi by internal interests and other parties, and anti-India interests, as Yogi was rumored to take over from Modi in due course. We should see this with Kejriwal's frequent clamoring that Modi will betray Yogi. So there was a consolidation at many places to stop Yogi growing with more power. Yogi is seen to be more firm, strong and stringent than Modi in taking ground level actions against corrupt people, Goonda-Mafia gangs and anti national elements.

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    There is no doubt that BJP is plagued by internal politics and Gujarat lobby is not going to allow any other person take over the reign of BJP in future. Yogi ji is a strong contender but he doesn't belong to Gujarat lobby plus he is an upright person who takes decision based on the situation. He is the future but I think BJP is afraid of his style of work. PM Modi is not going to lead them for eternity and there should be an option, or BJP will be finished once PM Modi steps down. They need to nurture mass leaders like Yogi ji or they will face the consequences in future.
    Thanks and regards.

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    I agree with the views of Babu. Yogiji is a strong contender for the post of PM in the coming times. Who is there in the BJP after Modi? For this question the answer is Yogi. He is a very strong and decisive leader who works straightforwardly. BJP should start training such leaders so that they can be there in line to fill the gap after Modi. People should think of the whole nation. Not just one state. Now south also contributed significant numbers to the NDA. Today in the MP meeting in New Delhi both Naidu and Nitish gave their unconditional support to the leadership of Modi. Hope we will have good governance in the coming 5 years.
    always confident

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    The topic of this thread is not who will succeed Modiji! Stick to the main topic, please, that is mentioned in the second and third paragraphs of the main text at the top.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Now, what will be the impact of this election outcome?
    (A) Negative impacts
    Internal impacts:
    1. The pace of developmental activities started already will be slowed down.
    2. New developmental activities will be delayed.
    3. BJP/NDA also may think in lines of freebies. (This I feel is not good for the nation )
    4. The systemic actions taken against corrupt politicians and bureaucrats and public servants will be slowed down. Some cases will be compromised under pressure from major alliance partners.(This will discourage and disappoint the honest people especially the youth of the country)
    5. The pace of financial reforms will be slowed down by applying brakes.
    6 For passing even routine essential bills, For passing any bill or making any decision the NDA government may have to struggle and Parliament may see more and more disruptions. For anything and everything there will be objections in Parliament.
    7. Anti-Modi media and Anti-India media will have a feasting time with negative publicities and negative propaganda against the country.
    8. Political paties will be convinced that development or governance or international image of the country or even national secuity are not vote catching factors, but freebies ae.Hence election after elction thre will be demand and supply more and more of freebies.
    External impacts ;
    1, Modi will not get the same strength to bargain matters for India's favour as before.
    2. Foreign governments will give more importance to Opposition parties and regional parties and influence them to get parliamentary decisions in those countries interests and to defeat any decisions or bills which may not be beneficial to those countries.
    3. China and Pakistan will get more opportunities and excuses to meddle with Indian policies and security matters.
    4. Multinational business houses and Monopolists will have more ease in getting their hand in Indian policies and will see 'Make in India' project is defeated.
    5. There will be further concentrated foreign sponsored attacks on Adani, Ambani, Ramdev and other Indian business groups.
    6. China, US, UK, some European countries and even UK will be happy that India's fast pace of growth will be curtailed and India will not outgrow them at least for some time.
    (B) Positive Impacts:
    1.BJP, especially Modi learn that a collective leadership and decision will be better for him, the party and the country.
    2. The country will have a strong opposition. It will be good for the opposition as well as for the country if they do not resort to cheap politics to destabilize the government, but act as a creative, productive ,progressive opposition correcting he government if it goes wrong way.
    3. It is a booster for the Indian Democracy about which many ant-India interests were floating rumours and even the I .N .D. I. Alliance also fell for the trap and used it as an anticipatory bail. Now those who spread malice about Indian election system stand tarnished themselves. India wins as the best functional democracy.

  • #779939
    Venkiteswaran has very meticulously brought out the impact of the results of this election in our country. The opposition now appears stronger and will not allow the Govt to do the things as per its agenda. So, if the people of this country believe that the present NDA Govt has done some good work and is planning to do more good in the coming 5 years then that would be slowed down. This is a point that citizens of this country will have to ponder. I am not for praise for any party but if country's progress is hampered then it would be a serious matter.
    If any opposition behaves cheaply in the parliament then it is not a sign of strong and vibrant democracy. In my opinion it is a shameful state of affairs and mockery of system.

    Knowledge is power.

  • #779942
    In my previous discussion posts above in this GD, I had dealt with the possible reasons for the outcome in relation to both sidesmajor alliances, the impact the current outccome may have on the governance and external and internal expectations and realities. Now I would tell my view on what will be the course of events in future because of the current way of results.
    Possible outcome in due course
    Once the Modi 3.0 edition of government comes and stabilizes, they will get more MPs supporting them just as iron pieces are attracted by magnet. If the Congress indulges in negative tactics, then their own alliance will be split and broken. If the Modi 30 team comes with a people friendly budget and programme they can reverse the present loss and gain in the bye elections and State Assembly elections, thus making themselves even stronger.
    The people who voted for I.N.D.I. Alliances believing their tall promises and freebies will stand betrayed and will change mind and vote for BJP alliance in coming electing and bye elections.
    It all depends how the NDA learns from the present results and amend to be better. At the same time they should not throw their hands out and follow wrong policies, but continue with actions and programme making country strong and also taking inclusive beneficial decisions favouring all sections of people including the silent middle class.

  • #779944
    Once again, the verdict by the Indian electoral public in the LS 2024 polls reiterates unreliability towards the political parties and leaders not giving a majority to any party forcing them back to form a coalition government with the support of the regional parties after a decade. As Abraham Lincoln said, "We the people are the rightful masters of both the Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution," proving "We, the people are still the rightful masters."

    The potential implication of the fragile coalition government is its instability affecting the nation's domestic policies and foreign relations thus pulling down its global outreach. In the past, we had a few noteworthy reforms brought by the A.B. Vajpayee-led NDA coalition Govt. framing FRBM fiscal legislatures and focusing on the agricultural sector to boost rural infrastructure by the PSU through the PM Gram Sadak Yojana. Similarly, the Manmohan Singh-led UPA government brought in robust reforms based on the previous PM, Vajpayee's Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan initiating RTE. RTI, RTF (Right to Food) Acts, and the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act employing the rural poor. Though it would be a coalition and if the approach of the party leaders is rights/reforms-based but not personal/individual-based, they can implement policies benefitting the people.

    As far as foreign policies are concerned, they would certainly have implications on the relationship with the neighbouring countries and the other global giants.

  • #779946
    Post poll, many skeletons are coming out of political cupboards. It is now well evident that Congress/I.N.D.I.Alliance got votes en bloc from the Muslim community by driving in fear and insecurity in their minds, magnifying the intentionally orchestrated malicious propaganda of imagined Constitution Amendment against them. Added to this was the now-emerging evidences of One Lakh rupees free credit promise to every woman in each family(targeted clearly to Muslim women) with a pre-prepared '"guarantee card". So many video clips are now emerging pointing to this allegation. This may turn to be a boomerang on Congress and its allies and even become a social issue in general.

  • #779947
    I feel it is time to conclude my discussion in this GD topic with adding some more view points.

    What are the takeaways for common people especially the middle class?

    1. Never have the attitude 'what can I do one man'. But be active participants in country's governance by ensuring your name in voters list and ensure you vote in the early hours of voting itself. If you do not vote then you lose your rights to criticise outcome.
    2. Keep nation's security, stability and sovereignty your first interest always and vote and elect only those who stand for these, and whom you believe, will safeguard these.
    3. Never gulp all that is churned out in social media and even in main media, but apply your mind and arrive at what is real fact and truth. Get inputs from various sources, not solely depending on any one favorite source.Then keep your future vision about yourself and your country. Always keep in mind that all that glitters is not gold-even in international and internal politics.
    4. If you can write or speak well, then do spread awareness about the ultimate detrimental effects of freebies for individuals, society,and nation on the whole.
    5. Never encourage people to despise and talk ill of industrialists and businessmen targeting them without any concrete reason and evidence. It is they who provide the nation and every family with employment and income.

    6. Be a responsible citizen and believe that 'Rights flow out of duties well performed". If you believe freebies are your rights, then to keep your pleasure the nation may have to beg later.Don't allow it. Support more production and service to increase nation's GDP and automatically you will get more benefits in due course. That will ensure your next generation's wealth and income.


    The outcome of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 is an overall win-win situation for all political parties , election commission and law enforcing agencies and the electoral functionality of this large nation. It also exposed the fallacy and vulnerability of the media and the psephologists. The only section who got defeated are the doomsayers and anti Indian interests who were trying to create disturbances and then wanted to fish in troubled waters. At least for some time they have to stay licking their wounds.
    A warning to the educated middle class voters who did not vote. The naïve, illiterate, innocent villagers are far far better than you as at least they voted favouring some political side win or lose. But you remained inactive and damaged not only country's status but even your own, and have become vote-illiterate, undeserving parasites on the nation's democratic governance.

    Indian democracy is still the best participative representative, democracy in the world. We are to continue as model examples to the world, by becoming more participative, removing any deficiencies and making vote percentage near centum. Let us keep trust on ourselves.
    Jai Bharat.

    With the above I conclude my GD discussion expressing my thanks to the Lead Editor and all participants.

  • #779948
    When a person crosses all limits of democratic functioning and starts comparing himself to some supernatural power, directly or indirectly, and starts using his power to make any number of trips to just flag off a new Vande Bharat train and so on, he is bound to become very unpopular with some sections of the youth who are very angry about their social realities.

    Right from 2014, the middle class has been left hue and dry. Very high rates of GST had crippled the back of the common man. There was a top ten percent of upper middle class Indians and the rich class, who were having a whale of a time, when all routes to some regular employment were drying up, even in the Armed Forces, where a rather horrible contract scheme called Agniveer had been introduced, with disastrous social results. More so, in States like Punjab, where the number of Army recruits has been always high. Ditto for the Hindi heartland.

    Mr. Modi never ever respected his own ministers and all decisions were taken by the Prime Minister's office. The Home Minister did not add glory; his controversial record of toppling elected Governments made the word "washing machine" very popular. Even in Tamil Nadu, where the BJP is a virtual non-entity, its local chief only made merry for himself through massive corruption and by making some atrocious statements against the press and many opposition leaders.

    The BJP has to seriously introspect itself on all its excesses. People cannot be fooled for a very long time. They are always bothered about survival and worry about the future, much more than the top ten percent. Yes, the Vande Bharat trains will remain full, but we also need 400 unreserved trains throughout the year, to enable the poor Hindi-speaking migrants, who have settled in most of South India, parts of Delhi and in Mumbai as well. Unless one cares for the poor, nothing is going to happen. The Congress is here to stay. At least now, the Prime Minister should stop his dictatorial approach to Governance and respect the mandate of the people. Otherwise, the fate of Ms. Smiti Irani will happen to literally everyone in his party.

    Arrogance never pays; being down to earth does.

  • #779949
    A B Sivakumar has critically explained the reasons of BJP/NDA not getting as many seats as was envisaged by them and was also announced publicly using the phrase - Abki baar chaar sau paar.
    In my opinion if we see only the negative points of a leader then we can explain all the results however adverse they are. Mr Modi had done many things which has given a direction for progress and prosperity but he cannot make India a utopian state because of the obvious reasons and opposition forces present in the country as well as outside.
    We must see these things in comparison and not with a biased mind.
    We should compare the progress made from 1947 to 2014 with that of 2014 onwards. That would decide who had worked well. If the result of that comparison says that Mr Modi did not function well then people of the country will not vote for him.
    The problem is that people expect too much from a person who has potential to deliver and when due to the circumstances the leader does not succeed in it then people start condemning him and that is where the danger of anti establishment wave arises in the elections in any system wiping out the old Govt.
    Yes, there are problems of poverty, unemployment, and other concerns but there is no magic band to solve all these problems especially when a large number of people in a country do not co-operate in that endeavour.

    Knowledge is power.

  • #779958
    I thank Venkiteswaran for bringing out all the negative impacts and positive impacts of the verdict given by the nation in the 2024 elections.
    I feel the stability of the government is very important for any democratic nation like India to have good development. In the earlier two elections, the nation strongly supported BJP/NDA so the government was able to make some bold decisions. However, the sustainability of the government is in the hands of small regional parties. Whether it is BJP or Congress without a sufficient majority ruling positively is very difficult.
    There will be a slowdown in the development of the country and all parties will concentrate on attracting voters by offering them subsidies. etc. Anyhow, I hope the new government will continue its activities which will allow the country to progress well.
    However, I congratulate Congress for getting the 100th seat as one other party MP joined Congress which was announced by the Congress President yesterday.

    always confident

  • #779959
    The opposition has, no doubt, become stronger, but what about the possible change in the attitude and functioning of the NDA government in which BJP has no majority of its own and the way the government policies and decisions will be influenced by the NDA allies? With Nitish Kumar and Chandrababu Naidu becoming part of the Government and the other allies too expecting a change in their status and role than earlier, the BJP team led by Modi will no longer be able to take any decision without taking them into confidence and that means an inevitable change in the style of functioning of the to-be-sworn in government. I think this an important point that should become part of this discussion.
    'Knowledge is knowing a Tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.' -Miles Kington

  • #779963
    When a party rules the country in association with a few parties making an alliance then the scenario is different than when it singly runs the show. There will be pressures and constraints from the alliance partners and that would affect the working of the government.
    During the last 10 years there were many bold decisions taken. Mafias and underworld groups were treated strictly. The terrorists who were operating in the country were dealt aggressively. Even the terrorists and anti national elements operating from outside the country were taught lessons in foreign lands.
    But today the alliance will not be in a position to go ahead so strongly. We had seen in past before the BJP ruling that many times alliance government failed miserably and was dissolved and new government came into power or elections were held again.
    Many people are having apprehension whether the present alliance will be able to survive the coming 5 years and if not then what would happen to the growth path of the country which was so splendidly going up during last decade. Let us see how the coming events unfold in this respect.

    Knowledge is power.

  • #779964
    As I have already mentioned in my last response (#779902), this coalition government will slow down the reforms initiated by the NDA Government since 2014. Bringing UCC, population bill, CAA-NRC, development of infrastructure and railway will be considerably slowed down or stopped.
    I am disheartened, to put it mildly.

    (a) Those who have forgotten Noakhali, how can they protest Sandeshkhali?
    (b) Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it. ---------- Salvador Dali

  • #779966
    Now Modi has to think about the support from Nitish and Naidu etc. Before going for any reform or new direction, he may have to consult the friendly parties and see that they are not unhappy if not happy. Already INDI Alliance is offering a PM post to Nitish. These types of activities will hurt the performance of the government. We all remember Vajpayee resigned as just one member short of the majority. Numbers play an important role. When the top people start thinking about the stability of their government they may not be able to concentrate on the Nation's priorities. But both Nitish and Naidu are mature politicians, they may not play cheap tricks like some other immature politicians. So I am confident that this government will complete its full term without any disturbances. The opposition should also play a constructive role. Otherwise, we may have to face disturbances from neighbouring countries like China and Pakistan. Not only the ruling party but also all other parties should work keeping Nation first as their motto.
    always confident

  • #779969
    Many people today in our country are hoping many reforms and developmental work from Mr Modi and his team. These expectations are based on the performance by them during the last decade.
    Opposition parties have done their part well and have forced the BJP to go for coalition.
    In politics means of winning seats can vary but what matters is number of seats acquired. Means are soon forgotten by the common people.
    The problems expected in coming times could be of law and order as well as hampering in introducing developmental bills in the parliament.
    The mafia groups, goons, and other evil people who might had helped some of the winners in opposition camp might take advantage of the situation by getting free hand and start amassing wealth same way as they were operating 10 years back. How the new government is going to create a disciplined administration is a thing that many of us would be watching in the coming days.

    Knowledge is power.

  • #779971
    Umesh has come out with a pertinent point. Another important point and a plus point for the ruling party is in the INDI Alliance many small parties have very minimum contribution for numbers. If such people change their loyalties we will see a different atmosphere. I heard that 10 independents gave their support to NDA making its tally 303. As the number increases the importance for Nitish and Naidu may come down and BJP may have a free hand.
    On Republic TV there was a debate in which they hinted about foreign aid to the opposition parties to destabilise the government and weaken the nation. Such things are very disturbing and no party should encourage such things. They should keep the priorities of the nation as their first option and then think about the party. Otherwise, the good work done by the previous government during the last decade may go to waste and we may see a different India.

    always confident

  • #779979
    With reference to the responses by Umesh and Dr Rao above, I would like to say that the ground of fallacies and fantasies about help from mafia, goons etc. and especially foreign aid has eroded after the results and even if we expect such instances, I don't think connecting them only to the opposition winners would be acceptable. As I said in the thread, let us be fair and logical in our assumptions and averments because we are not expressing our opinion in a social media but on an educational platform.

    The impact of the recent political developments on the attitude and governance on the ruling front is already visible, if one has observed the developments without any bias.

    'Knowledge is knowing a Tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.' -Miles Kington

  • #780014
    Now the election process of the great Indian Democracy has been completed and the new Government has assumed charge with a big size Cabinet at the centre. The state Governments of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh are going to be formed in a couple of days.

    These election results are definitely a lesson to everyone and every leader belonging to various political parties should learn a lesson that people won't spare anyone when the height of arrogance and over-confidence of their leadership reaches the peak. That's what exactly happened in Andhra Pradesh. Development and pro-poor incentives should go concurrently and one should not depend on the 'freebies' though they are definitely reaching the needy through Direct bank Transfer and initiating welfare measures. In Orissa too, the clean image of the veteran leader could not save the party as the ground level things were different and people wanted a change. Even the ruling party at the centre which was expected to get more than 300 seats on its own because of its performance during the last 10 years gets 243 seats and has to depend on its NDA partners like TDP and JDU. As of now things are Okay and hope the partners would continue to support without putting any hinderances for right decisions.


  • #780043
    Saji, I get your point that we cannot indicate connection between the underworld and a particular party because in politics no one can claim that one is only honest and others are evil.
    The only worry is that there are many agitations and protests in our country which are sometimes backed by the evil forces or misled people and any party which is supporting that is not doing a correct thing especially when we talk in reference to national honour, national security, and integrity. It is a matter of investigation by NIA or any such neutral agency which can find more about that before punishing the culprits, if any.
    I reiterate that we should not blame a particular party just because we have affiliation with some other one. Analysis made by an unbiased and open mind would always be better and lead to better conclusions.
    Appreciate your critical observations for moderating these sensitive but important discussions.

    Knowledge is power.

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