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    CBSE and ICSE

    Which board,CBSE and ICSE,is actually judging the application talent of the students during examinations?
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    This cannot be rightly judged. The only reason behind it is the students ho studied in CBSE will go for it and those who studied will go for ICSE. The left one's who studied neither will not opt for any one. But, in my point of view I will go for ICSE.

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    actually the the talent of student is judge by the prepration of exame and self hard work of student.When we see the history many scientis or great people is not product of cbse or ICSE.They achieve the things on the base of their hard work.

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    Hi friends,

    ICSE is judging the students talent. ICSE students are given more work when compared to other boards especially they are given more project works on subjects and students will really get more knowledge. Their talent will be tested even in project works.

    Subba Raju, MV
    Member, ISC

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    As many members amongst us deal with the current education system and can prove to be beneficial to it.
    My objective to compare the boards is just to have a critical analysis of both the boards so that good points of one can be suggested to the other and poor elements can be removed sch that we can have a perect evaluation sstem. Those who are neither from CBSE nor ICSE but some other can also give suggestions and interact according to their knowledge.

    Good luck to all.

    Good Luck and take care

    Seema Grover

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    I am going to give board exam from CBSE board, how can one see the difference between these two boards and how to judge which one is better.

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    As a teacher I can say that we can see the syllabus and compare the question papers of the boards and comment on the same.

    As you are going to appear in March 2009 boards , Best of luck for your exam and work hard to acheive you goals.

    Good Luck and take care

    Seema Grover

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    Both CBSE and ICSE are well reputed. Studying in ICSE requires a lot of labour and their teaching pattern is quite orthodox. CBSE teaching approach is rather student - friendly and is aimed at all the students including the relatively weaker ones. In the long run, ICSE students get to learn much more than their CBSE counterparts and know much more. CBSE learning is quite easier on the other hand.

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    Hi Subbu raju,can you tell me which websites will give more information about ICSE & CBSE schools?

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