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    Does having Old age homes are an advantage or disadvantage?

    Dear ISC Members...

    Having old age homes around us is an advantage or disadvantage for old people... I feel Advantage coz, atleast old people can have peace of life at that age if children don't care them ... share your ideas thoughts @ ISC ... lets have a group discussion on this

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    Definitely it's an advantage for somekind of peoples.
    but don't make it as favour for us...

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    Nowadays both husband & wife do job in most of the families.So sometimes it may happen that they get less time to look after old people but it doesn't happen always.Sometimes old people may feel neglected.
    There are advantages & disadvantages of joint as well as nuclear families.In a joint family-one always gets guidance from elderly.They are more experienced.They can take care of grandchildren in a proper way rather than depending on a maid
    There will always be a generation gap & younsters will not always agree with what old people say.So there can be discrepancies sometime.Opinions may vary & this can cause "hot environment " in joint families.
    Advantages of a nuclear family are-
    1)couple gets privacy
    2)only 2 people take decision so the things happen smoothly
    Disadvantages of a nuclear family are
    1)no guidance from seniors
    2)children may get neglected sometimes
    I have seen some old age homes which are well managed & elderly are looked after well.So in some situations,it is justified to keep old people in old age homes & this doesn't always mean 'thrown away parents to old age homes'.Compare this situation - busy couples keep their children in creche for a few hours a day.This doesn't mean that they don't care & love their children.This is just a temporary solution to a proble.
    I also support staying in a joint family with grandparents,children.But staying with uncles,aunt & their children is difficult nowadays

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    There both advantages and disadvantages of having Old age homes. Because if there is no one to take care of old age people then they are having atleast one place or other to live peacefully. But if these homes are increasing then it is an alarming situation. Because only if old age people begins to search for these types of homes, new homes will opened. This happens because young ones are not ready to take care of their parents. If there is only few old age homes taking care of those who really don't have anyone to take care then it is ok.

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    The main advantage is that there is somebody to take care of the old people, and the main disadvantage, is that the people start thinking that it is the duty of the old age homes to take care of the old parents.

    You get same age group and same state of affairs at home, but then they probably didn't teach right direction to their kids so KARMPHAL: which can never be avoided.

    Old age people r like tonnes of knowledge and experience in ur basket but there suggestion not fit for this generation..

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    Joint Family System is disintegrating in our Society nowadays, thereby leaving the senior citizens out of the fold. It is where Joint Family System is disintegrating in our Society nowadays, thereby leaving the senior citizens out of the fold. It is where OLD AGE HOME steps into giving soothe to the senior citizens in their day to day life.OLD AGE HOME steps into giving soothe to the senior citizens in their day to day life.

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    Hi All

    I think topic is getting deviated to some other .. this is not to discuss about joint families or nuclear families .... the topic is to discuss about advanatange/disadvantages of having old age homes ... I hope you understood what I mean ..

    I agree with some responses which says that some people take advantage of old age homes and joins their parents .. but at other end it will be place of meeting same age groups and it will be the place for those who don't have anyone to take care ..


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    Old age homes are an advantage for people who are neglcted by their children.Both husband and wife may be working or not but their attitude towards elderly people should be respectful,caring,and affectionate.Elderly people expect kindness from the younger lot ,they are also very sensitive and if they have any health problems that should be taken care of patiently. will these things be met by their children? In case yes then it is fine otherwise ld age homes are good for at least they can find solace from the company of others who have similar problems.

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    Old age homes which are managed well are good thing for elderly who don't have anybody at home to take care.Some old age homes have a qualified doctor & good nurse to look after
    Good old age homes are required considering today's life style

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    Having old age homes is no doubt very good.When old people are neglected by their own family members,they have no one to go to,they can look towards the old age homes.At an age,when they need care and support,they are left alone by their own children.At such phases of life,they can go to old age homes and find people who have similar family responses.This way,they can make friends there and at least forget their sorrow for some time.
    Old age homes can be made a happier place for the aged by letting the people from outside interact with the old people and make them happy in their own ways.

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