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    What will you do ,if you are selected as prime minister ?

    What will you do ,if you are selected as prime minister? How you will handle the current situation of india? What would you like to do something special for india and indian's ?

    Since we(youngsters ) can change the india. So ,let us put our thoughts about this topic. Might be you will get chance in Future then how will you face this ?
    Please Give your Thoughts below.

    Thank You.
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    What will you do ,if you are selected as prime minister?

    -I will first make jobs available to youths.
    -Will make compulsory to use indian material in anything.
    -Will increase export.
    -Will make healthy relationship with other developed countries.
    -Certainly start SSN in india.

    How you will handle the current situation of india? What would you like to do something special for india and indian's ?

    -Will help indian economy to become stable.
    -Make more strict rules to have government jobs.
    -Will help IT sector as it is only sector gives bulk jobs.

    Life is beautiful.

    Life Is Beautiful

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    If I am chosen as the Prime Minister, I would drastically improve the Infrastructure of the country. No more queues any where. More buses and trains. Better citizen service through e-governance,better health and sanitation. Housing,food, and employment for all.

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    I am Sorry to say but the the response we got till now only say we will so this we will do that but how ,where are the sources,what would be the strategy,funds,time,management,manpower,infrastructure etc.

    Well if i will become PM

    First I will examine why we could not become a developed country till date, why we are still under developing countries.

    answers could be
    - corruption

    - low work efficiency in most of the govt sectors (9-5 job reah at 10 come by 4.00)in between 2 hrs of break)

    - low productivity (one file to get clearance takes 10 to 15 days in small cases)

    - high consumption (work worth 5000 costs 50,000)

    - demand is more supply is less employment,infrastructure,production,etc)

    - population

    - lack of unity, i.e secularism (not in cricket & on borders)

    - unequal distribution of liquidity(some are wearing shoes worth one lac.other don't have anything to eat)

    - lack of vision

    - last but no the least leadership

    above are some of the points which I tried to explore

    to lower down corruption the present measure are not strong enough, to make it more,strong law such as immediate termination,if under trial no salary until case resolved. imprisonment ,property auction,and heavy penalty, more over if work efficiency increases,it can lower down the corruption. there should be a governing body under president which cannot be biased under any pressure and should be jointly head by respective experts of the field & government officer eq. if you want to check corruption in public welfare department let it head by the CEO of no 1 company in infrastructure sector and a IAS having civil engineering background
    and feedback of public should be taken on daily basis from each should be segregated topic wise and should be resolved on time

    -- low efficiency of worker in govt sector - to fight with it let us install bio readers in all the govt offices ,where in if a person is present he should acknowledge his presence by getting his finger print approval on the machine,while coming and going so that no faulty attendance can be generated ,everyday log report should be made where in what work a person has done during his duty timings should be checked by the quality check department or HR .provide incentive for on time completion and efficient work.strong actions such as immediate termination ,transfers or demotions from work how it is in private sectors.for appraisals i will hire private agencies so that accurate information can be attained and accordingly promotions and increments can be given.

    -- to increase the productivity let each department generate their balance sheet & P&L statement on monthly basis and accordingly let then decide to take their salaries and other benefits,for revenue generating departments and for welfare departments such as public infrastructure ,let them show cost cutting figures and productivity scale for their salaries and benefits if not salaries can be reduced or partial deduction should be done.

    -- to meet the demand and supply ratio i will start a compaign where in who so ever want a job let them join a community and do the work what ever is given as per their expertise eq . if a BSE physics graduate is there want work let him join a cashier position an a railway tea stall or anything but he should not go home in the evening without doing any work , no body should sleep without contributing some work in a day from each family other wise it should be treated as a outlaw to the country.and slowly when the production increases let us find good jobs for them. but if he sleeps today without work he cannot do anything in his life.secondly encouraging corporates to invest their money in the country to generate funds and employment for the country ,small industries,in house works ,agricultural works etc

    high consumption (work worth 5000 costs 50,000)

    I will get all the quotations handled at a center point let it be for
    one small hand pump to big airport projects.and that will be changes and then without prior intimation so that no chains can be made eq if in UP there is a contract for road development let this quote be passed by karnataka that it can be nicely scrutinized and passed how student CBSE exams happens the board is in Delhi but students notes will go to random places for valuation and they don't know where their answers copy has gone for valuation they only get their marks sheet at the end ,if they want they can again give it for revaluation or scrutiny

    - population-- to handle this i will first give awards to those who are limiting their family with two ,if not i will show disadvantage for more than two such as

    if two
    - free education til a level
    - free medical till some amount
    - easy educational loans
    - discount in transportation (train,bus,flight,etc)
    - discount in ration
    - discount in housing scemes
    - reservation in govt jobs
    - low income tax

    if not all above alters other than that
    - no reservation if SC ST or OBC
    - no govt loans (small scale industrial loans PMRY etc )
    - higher taxes on business ,income,excise etc

    more over along with all this i will start one education plan so that every body can understand the importance of low population

    lack of unity0-- we are a country of so many religions ,languages,culture and traditions to unite all is a tough but possible job.

    lets make a community where in all the people come and sit together
    like a church remove your surnames (sound sarcastic)and add bharti

    eq my name is unni krishnan bhari,my name is sardar vikram bharti,I am imam hindustani
    so that all the people feel they are Indian and then they can believe what ever they want. also to start programs of cultural sharing where in a community from Punjabi should go and stay in kerala with & vice verse

    --unequal distribution of money

    let every body first come a normal level let me the government acquire everything ie, tata birla,relinace bollywood etc their fund and profit also let them work them under govt as an employee for some time and their work how they were doing but their find management should be governed by government so that money can be utilized by others similarly shahrukh khan ,amir ,akshy, ( Ia m not against this but you are forced to look into) they wear shoe worth one lac as shown on of the leading entertainment channel regularly. cant we use that money in development for some period till we are not japan or France or Rome..... japan after hiroshima nagashaki was totally drawn but now world third largest economy why?????????/ because they belived in themselves and they tried for it. so I will ask everybody to give their money to the government and government will them back with interest after we become a developed country which will take hardly 5 yrs from now 100% cause we would be able to produce so much

    what is lacking in us feild,water,manpower,place,equipments no only vision everyday in the morning we think about our evening plans or problems o body think what i have contributed today for the country.apart from their daily work..

    political scenario

    I have heard people saying, we don't have good leaders, indian politics have become dirty etc etc. where these politicians have come from , who has chosen them, how many of us say i will make my carrier in politics ,I think not even one , how many will go for voting at the time of elections, as per stat only 60 percent of average voting is there in India in that 60 percent literates are 40 percent, That means in 80 cr (considering above 18 above) 48 cr go for voting in that 19.2 cr are literate in that also 15 cr are lower middle class people so where are we?only 4.2 cr including {royal class,rich.upper middle,middle class)isn't a shame. I being the PM will make it mandatory to have voting certificate from all above 18 let it be a begger or son of big industrialist or celebrity,if not no goverment facilities will be provided without it

    - for passport application you need to submit voting certificate from election commission
    - for property purchase or sale you require voting certificate
    - for censor board movie passing you require voting certificate (exception for foreign directors etc)
    - for any import you require voting certificate
    - for monthly bus pass voting certificate
    - for gas connection or new LPG cylinder
    - for bank account
    etc etc ....

    I feel the measures what i have give will definitely have impact in our economy. though many points sound strange and sarcastic but today we require a leader who is little bit sarcastic


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