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    Emerging Personality of ISC award to Pradip Ranjan Sinha

    As announced recently the new cash credit award Emerging personality of ISC, I am glad to announce the first award and it goes to Pradip Ranjan Sinha. Pradip Ranjan Sinha joined ISC on 2nd Feb 09 and within one month he flooded ISC with some good self written resources and some catchy topics at forum. Till date he have earned about Rs 830 from Cool Post Hot Prize.
    As an Emerging Personality of ISC he gets an award of Rs 250.

    Note : The amount 250 Rs is not fixed for Emerging Personality of ISC award it may be more or less depending upon the contribution both in quality and quantity.
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    Well I made my announcement but forgot to congratulate him for this award. I congratulate Pradip for this award and wish that he should continue with his writing skill and earn more and more here.

    I would also like to see some more names to be announced so I am making an appeal to all members to explore his writing skill and contribute here with some self written quality resources.

    Congratulations Pradip, keep it up.

    Dr. Sanjeev

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    Congratulations to Pradip Ranjan Sinha!!

    You are the role model for IndiaStudyChannel's every member to show how we can post self written posts.

    Best luck for your future postings.

    Best wisher,
    - Mahesh

    - Mahesh

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    Congratulations on this great achievement. We are looking forward to see a lot more from you.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Hi Pradip,

    Congrtulations for the award ! You did a great job in this short span of time !

    Keep it up


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    Great Pradip !!!

    Congratulations to you.

    You are doing a great work with a short time. Your resources inspired the other members. We are looking in future a couple of geed resources from you in India Study Channel.

    You are showing the other members how to write the self written resources and how to catch award.

    Wishing you a successful time in future. Keep it up.

    Thanking you


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    Respected Dr, Sanjeev & All the members of ISC,

    Thank you so much for making me the personality of ISC - for the month. I am privileged and delighted. I still feel it's a start and there is a long way to go. Nevertheless, it’s a great motivating booster for me and will try my best to keep the momentum.

    I would like to thank Dr Sanjeev and Dr Sparsh for guiding me at important junctions last month. It would have not been possible without their guidance and support.
    I would also like to extend my thanks to Anita, the one who brought me into India Study Channel.

    Thank you very much to all for the support and congratulatory words. I would need the support of all in the near future to be an active member of ISC.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Hello Pradip,

    My hearty congratulations to you.
    Its a great achievement and you are honoured.

    Wish you all the best.

    Best Regards,

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    Hi Pradip,

    Congratulations for receiving cash credit award Emerging Personality.

    I appreciate that you get this prize within a month after joining.

    And I will Wish you all the best to receive more prizes from ISC

    K. Srinivasa Rao
    Community Owner - C Language Learners

    K. Srinivasa Rao
    ISC Member

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    Dear Pradip Ranjan Sinha.

    Congratulations on wining the award 'Emerging personality of ISC'. A good award has been conferred on a deserving person like you.

    I have gone through some of your creative works and found them excellent original pieces for online reading.

    It is quite apparent from the contents and the volume of your texts that you have done hard work that is found rarely nowadays.

    Nevertheless, there are not very many readers now a days, who have time and patience for reading so very big writings. Hence, it would be better if the writings are concise, precise and compact… and definitely with your existing original expertise in language, vocabulary and style.

    Keep writing, take care, and keep up the ‘quality and quantity’ of your postings…

    Harish Jharia
    1 March 2009


    Harish Jharia

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    Hearty congrats for your hard work. Really ISC respects the hard work, stuff and pays at every stage.

    Members , now got idea how to earn and gain from ISC. Really it is a good feature indeed, Sandy.


    India News

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    Hi Pradip,

    Congratulations. I congratulate you for winning this award and also for getting the recognition for the hard work done by you. I wish that you should continue with the same spirit and get many more awards in future too.

    Subba Raju, MV
    Editor, ISC

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    Hi good keep it up!. i would like to hear more of your achievements in future.its really amazing that you are a role model to others in this site.good luck.

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