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    Major qualities to be a good human being

    what are the major qualities needed to be a good human being.
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    In today's world while running behind material things like wealth, fame, money etc we all forget our duties towards the society, our fellow humans, towards nature. Though I would still like to achieve all the material things I would like to fulfill my duties towards society, humans, and my country this would make me a good & complete human being.
    Ravi Prakash
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    According to me to be good human being, always consider your positive and negative behavior not others. Always keep in mind good nature of others not bad. Whenever we always consider negative behavior of others, it automatically comes to our own nature. If human being doesn't care about others negative points then he/she would be a best human being for himself/herself.

    Ranvir Chauhan

    Ranvir Chauhan

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    A human being is always good. but it becomes bad by adopting or by contaminating itself by things like Anger, Desire, Jealous etc...,

    Otherwise it is a very good thing in the whole world. Being an intelligent creature in the world, Human Being has not able to evade things like cruelty and brutality.

    One should be very kind to others and should not intend to suppress the other sections of mankind. He should give much more rather than expecting something from others. and moreover perform the assigned duties with dedication and interest. that is the key for becoming a good Human Being.

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    List of Human Qualities:

    One of the most important of all human qualities is sympathy. Right from our school days, we are taught to be sympathetic towards. Sympathy for others would mean sharing one's feeling of sorrow. Being sympathetic towards a person in difficult time would help to lend that emotional support needed in that period. A sympathetic word or a kind act will help a person to build courage, which will go a long way.

    Having empathy for others is a great human quality you can have. Showing empathy towards a person would require you to be open minded and compassionate enough to experience the pain of what somebody else is going through. To instill this quality in you, you would need to let go of your own selfish needs and pay attention to someone else's suffering as if it were your own. This great human quality would help you to establish a deeper connection with people who really need your love and support.

    To love someone is to trust someone. Trust people you love more openly and watch the difference in your life! The more you develop the ability to trust people, the more complete you would feel! Having faith in a person and building up the trust between people would surely give a whole new meaning to one's life. Often in this rat race, we lose our ability to trust people for our own personal fears.

    To be a good human being you would also need to have your sense of morality intact. However, this is yet another quality which is often forgotten in our daily lives. To have the quality of morality would make you capable of distinguishing between what is good and evil. It is about practicing the right ethics in your personal as well as professional life. Having your sense of ethics intact would always make you a more responsible human being.

    Sense of Humility:
    To be humble is a virtue and knowing about this fine human quality and practicing the same in your everyday life would help you to reach a sense of fulfillment. Humility means being humble towards others no matter the proportions of your wealth or your achievements. A humble person is known by the greatness of his/her acts in helping people rather than harping about materialistic achievements in life.

    To forgive someone's mistake would take a lot of courage and open mindedness from your side. Forgiveness towards others for theirs selfish and hurtful acts, which may have disturbed you, is a very fine human quality one can have. To forgive such people would give you complete peace of mind instead of nurturing ill feelings towards that particular person. Besides, if a person would ask for forgiveness, it would always be better to forgive a person to keep you happy from within.

    Above all, compassion towards each other is essentially needed if you wish to be known as a ‘human being'! Compassion for others would only get you more love in return. Love is what would make our life complete and create stronger bonds between family and friends. If you practice having all these qualities in you, chances are, you would always be known as a good human being wherever you go!

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    In everyday life we across different kinds of people, some easy to get along with some repelling.
    If we can stay good inspite of such resistence and difficulties faced from the not so good type of humans or situations, then we are nice and good people.

    Do not try to find out faults by unnecessarily looking at minute details of an individual or situation, have a broader outlook and positive outlook, find the goodness in people/situation. You become what you think, so the more fault finding you become the more negative your character will be.

    Be logical, analytical, realistic. Do not expect to others to feed your ego, or expect too much from others. If a friend forgot to return a smile do not feel very insulted or humilated. Try to figure out the cause, maybe he was in a hurry, maybe he was not feeling well. False ego and sentiments often make us negative.

    Being helpful and giving attitude.Give a heartily smile to the people around you and those under you. Smile at the security standing outside the gate, give a friendly smile to the maid who works for you. Greet your neighbours. This stops us from being snobbish, see the goodness around you, so what if the people who works for you are poor or the old couple living beside you might not be of any use in your daily lfe, respect them equally, this will remove self centredness and selfishness from you. Not necessary that you will only have to keep good relation with your boss or other influential people who can help you, these people are also equally important.

    Be gentle and polite. Do not be rude with others. Very often I have seen people behaving very rudely with the drivers, maids, vegetable sellers etc. they often blame it on their bad mood or simply that these people deserve such behaviour. Stop this, you cannot make others suffer because of your bad mood. If you have a bad mood that's your problem do not let others feel bad unnecesarily because of you, and what makes us say that these poor people are nasty and deserves such behaviour? Have you ever tried to speak softly with them, exchanged a smile? Do not let such useless assumptions pollute your mind.

    Be sympathetic to other people's problem. Some people feel happy to see others in trouble? Do not be so vindictive, do you expect others to do the same when you fall in trouble? See others problem as your own, if you can't be of any help, atleast don't do things which might increase their sadness and make them feel low. Outsmarting everyone around you is not always healthy, be gentle and polite to people, respect everyone around you,listen to them.

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    The few qualities of being agood human being that is a person with good personality.

    A good man is one who is kind and compassionate.
    A good human is honest and hard working.
    A good man will tell you the truth.
    A good man has self control and is respectful when he speaks to any women.
    A good man is willing to be corrected or counseled by you.
    A good man is faithful and reliable, he is able to forgive you when you do wrong.
    A good man is humble, generous and is a peacemaker as well.
    A good man knows how to control his temper and has concerns for others.
    A good man stays confident of himself.
    A good man fears God and is obedient to his word.
    A good man is not a jealous man.
    A good man always has a positive outlook on life...

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    Be soft and humble. Kindness to others, helping attitudes to others and several other qualities will definitely make you say that you are a good human being. Smile, good speach, helping attitude towards others are the major things which everybody looks into a person. So if these qualities are met, then that person is considered as a good human being.

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