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    Sachin tendulkarvs sir don bradman

    What did you think about the differences between Sachin Tendulkar and Sir Don Bradman.
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    Both are genius batsman of their time. There is nothing to compare or differentiate, as both played in different conditions.
    With Best Wishes
    Rajagopal T.D

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    Sorry Mr.Amit Kumar Srivastava, I wouldn't accept your thought about Sachin Vs Bradman. I have very much upset on your opinion. Ofcourse it's on your opinion. I can agree that Bradman is a very good batsman in the world on his day's of time. He performed very well on that time. Let I pointed out some of the points which are all for your attention : -

    1.Umpire Decision
    Bradman Day's - Lack of Third Umpire
    Sachin Day's - Availablity of Third Umpire
    Attn : 99% of Umpire Decision is good.

    2.Ball Delivery Speed:
    Bradman Day's - Moderate
    Sachin Day's - Very Fast
    Attn : Very difficult to Bat on it.

    3.Rules and Regulations:
    Bradman Day's - Less
    Sachin Day's - More
    Attn : Very difficult to bowl (eg:-Free hit)

    Here just i have noted some of the critical points. See we can't compare with Bradman's day cricket and Sachin day's cricket. I do not know bradman batting style and his abilities what he posses. Ofcourse you are also do not know about him. But I know sachin 100%. Do not forget every Indian his 20 years batting carrer. We will never see any player like Sachin Tendulkar in future. No one can break his unbeatable records. Kindly I request you that do not compare sachin with bradman. Because playing conditions are entirely different. Both are legendary players. Bradman was a reall hero in his day's. Sachin Tendulkar is a reall hero in his day's. We can not compare them. Every indian should be very proud of him. Sachin really a Little Master Blaster. Don't forget sachin got praises from Don Bradman. Every one will get answer about Sachin Tendulkar by Time. Don't mistake me. I really thanks for providing me an wounder opportunity to share my thoughts regarding Littelt Master Sachin Tendulkar.

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    Mr Solairajan
    If u r really upset with my opinion then what can i do???
    i can understand your imotion..actually in INDIA it can happen that person can compare players with god and if u want to see bradman cricket's video u can purchase it and see....and regarding your points...

    1.Umpire decision...
    how u can say that Bradman did'nt get any false decision ??

    2.Ball Delivery Speed...
    U should know that in Bradman's time so many fast bowlers was there..and Bradman played without helmet.

    3.Rules and Regulations...
    No doubt rules are more this time but it is tough only for bowlers not for batsman...Sachin and Bradman both are batsman.
    free hit is totally related to bowlers because he can take wicket only as Run Out.

    And if u really want to check sachin's cricket then check record of..

    Sachin Againest Austrailya (When Mcgrath was in team)
    Sachin Againest Austrailya (When Mcgrath was not in the team)
    i think u will know the answer..

    And u know Bradman did'nt play at the time of Two World's war also otherwise this topic never comes...

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    This comparison between the little master and the legend was not that much questionable because every one knows that it is the Little master who takes up the throne way ahead of others. During the olden days people did not have enough practice and the competition was less that it is easy to hit so much runs. But as the time goes, competition became tougher and tougher and it was very difficult for anyone to survive in their particular field in which they consider that they are the experts. But Sachin proved himself that he cannot be defeated on any grounds at any time. That makes him the ultimate Cricketer in the History of world class Cricket.

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    Mr Solairajan
    i never said sachin is a bad player but when u compare Sachin with Bradman i will say always
    Bradman is the best.

    how many match saving innings he played in this 20 years u know very well....

    try to see the cricket not indians cricket. Actually people like u only say whatever heard
    not see.
    u r asking that why did u taken this points "Wearing helmet".
    u should know it is the major many times u saw to sachin is playing without helmet
    againest spinners.and i already told u, u can see the record of Sachin againest best bowlers
    of this time.
    what did Sachin for his countary ????
    he can open a restorent for earning the money but he could not open a school for poor peoples
    in his state and everyone knows how much he is earning.
    and in last do'nt try to tell me about cricket and Players....
    i know very well these things...

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    i nitin thakor

    no there are so many things diffrence.

    sachin is yet playing
    sachin is good of cricket
    sachin has baby face
    sachin has world most records of bating
    sachin has spirit
    sahcin has world best power of circket

    nowaday hi is a god of cricket....N

    Nitin Thakor

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    As for as I am concerned, Both of them are best. You can not compare both Sachin and Broadman. They are genius.

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    Sachin tendulkar is master blaster of todays cricket. Sir bradman was master blaster of past days. Both are heros in cricket world in there own era. So that they are great in there own place.
    In cricket world every body has to go through badpatch. I think sachin goes largely through his badpatch as compare to sir bradman. But always sachin comes back through his bad patch and shows his scenario of good batting. So that both the greater are great in their own place.

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    Both of them are geniuses in their own right and it would be hard to compare the two.Bradman played in the pre-modern era where helmets were unavailable to the batsmen,whereas Tendulkar the modern-day great had this option available to him.However,it would have been intersting to see how Bradman would have featured in the ODI format of 50 overs.Also,Bradman featured in the Invincibles team whereas he had ample support from other great players.Before 2000,Sachin had to carry the Indian team mostly on his own and had he got a team of great players to support him right since his debut,his career average might have featured in the 70s just a notch below that of Sir Don Bradman whose career average ended at 99.96

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    Don Bradman was slightly a greater player since he had to play in the pre-modern era without helmets whereas Sachin had this option available to him.
    However,it would have been interesting to see how Sir Don would have featured in the 50-over ODI format.

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