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    Special award for consistently contributing at ISC

    Dear friends

    There are members who contribute consistently in ISC, even though they have already received many of the existing awards. ISC cannot ignore these members and now ISC is introducing another award called Special award for consistently contributing at ISC

    The amount of the award will be 500 Rs. There will be not fixed time for announcement. This award will be announced as and when required.

    The first winner of the award is Mahesh

    Join me to congratulate him for this special award and at the same time I appeal to all members to be consistent at this site to get their name for this award.
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    Congratulations Mahesh for bagging this award. And also for bagging it once it have been announced.

    Keep going and give more valuable posts to ISC.

    Lead Editor


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    Hi Mahesh,
    Congratulations for the award. Great job. Being the first winner of an award just introduced is a special moment and I hope that even you will fell it now. I have had a lot of faith in you and I knew that these awards are merely a small indication to what you have done for ISC since the time you became a member. You a great friend, a great member and a great person to be awarded. Congratulations and may you keep winning more and more awards bro.

    Ankush Das

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    Congratulations Mahesh. You have added another award into your bag. You are really one of the foremost contributors and really deserve this award.



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    This is also very good implementations in ISC. Nice to hear this consistently contributing special award. Really ISC making their members very interesting.

    The first award goes to Mahesh. My hearty congratulations Mr. Mahesh. Keep on rocking. Your the first one to start this special award. And your the only example to each and every member in ISC. Really rocking Mahesh. Keep it up. All the best.


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    Congratulation Mahesh ji!You deserve it!!

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    My heartiest congrats and best wishes Mahesh for yet another award. Great to know,too, about the announcement of this award.

    Forum Editor

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Hi Mahesh
    Congratulations for the award.

    Sobha Wilson
    Lighted to Lighten

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    Hi Mahesh,

    Congratulations for this award. You are well deserve for this. I know you joined ISC after me and reached to Platinum level and also getting enough reward from Google Adsense. This shows your active and quality contribution towards ISC.

    Keept it up Mahesh.

    Nilesh Panchal
    College Editor of IndiaStudyChannel
    Your children will become what you are; So be what you want them to be.

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    Hi Mahesh,

    Congratulations to you for the award. You are making a record in ISC that you get the prize. Hope you will continue your journey in the future, Wishing you a best carrer in India Study Channel.

    @ Tony Sir, Thanks a lot to you for opening this award in ISC.

    Thanking you
    With Regards


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    Hello Dr. Sanjeev, Rajmi Arun, Ankush Das, Paagol, Vijay, Vellamji, Nilesh, Prasanta, Sobha Wilson, Vandana,

    Thank very very much for your greets & well wishes & the new track to support members (like me:0 ) who are being since long time & I am glad for this award, which I received at its annoucement.

    Well, the tour of my ISC career since start to till date was superb with all kind of experiences & events with new things. My ISC starting wasnt good till few months, but wiht proper guidelines from senior members & editors, specially Anksuh, Dr. Sanjeev, webmaster Jose Mathew, Ramkumar who guided me perfect.

    After completion of Diamond level, I has been involved into editorial panel under Ankush team. Then I stop posting for few days. but by seeing performance of new members (Dinesh(Zoro), D ShamaSundar, Raghupathi who brought flood of post, articles at ISC, which encouraged myself to work & post more..) & hence I capabled to glab this stage with continuity.
    Even, honestly telling I did some Spam type work at my opening due to improper information or guidelines which always needy for each & every opener(just like a cricketers..)

    I worked with my full efforts & with my strength & its being my passion / hobby. By helping new members, realising very very fresh with peace of mind which doesnt get from other work.

    Really, I have no words to express myself & how I am feeling now after rewardness of this award. Thank you very very much to support me by new way with new award.

    Lets move ahead to cross new milestones!!

    - Mahesh

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    Hi Mahesh,

    Congratulations for this great award!


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    Congratulations and celebrations....

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    Hi Mahesh,

    Congrates on achieving Special award for consistently contributing at ISC. I think you have started earning in ISC by being awarded in ISC by participating in various other programmes of ISC. I wish you all the best for your more and more success in ISC.

    Best wishes,

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    Sorry for being late to respond. I was very busy for last 2 months.
    First of all Congratulations Mahesh. You really deserve this.

    Another congratulation to Sandy. He is churning his brain almost continuously and consistently and announcing prizes which are unique and uplifts the ISC long way.

    This prize was absolutely necessary to keep up the morale of the consistent members.

    Dr. Sparsha

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    IndiaReviewChannel waiting for your effort. Will you do that?
    Best Wishes & Regards,
    Anindya (Andy)

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    Hello Mahesh

    Congratulation for this award.

    With regards

    Pooja Gupta

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