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    Does ISC really pay money ?

    There are several new members who are suspicious about the revenue generating opportunities in ISC. For the benefit of new members, I request existing members to post their experience with ISC. Post a response below only if you have earned anything from ISC so far.

    1. Mention how long you have been working in ISC, how much time you spend per day etc.

    2. Mention how much you earned as cash credits, how much real cash you received so far, how did you receive etc.

    3. Mention how much you earned through AdSense revenue sharing program.

    4. Mention whether you trust ISC or not

    5. Mention any other special comment you like to add about ISC

    6. Feel free to include your bad experience from ISC as well

    Post your testimonials as a response below. Do not exceed more than 4~6 sentences.

    If your testimonial is well written, you may get cash credits for that response too !
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    Yes! Definitely! I earn not just from Google Adsense. I am also earning cash credits which translates to authentic payment if I am eligible for payment at the end of the month.

    In fact, let me tell you of my personal experience regarding my very first payment: Timmy John,ISC Webmaster giving out the payments, personally called me up early morning to confirm my Bank details when I requested to know if some information I gave was incomplete and hence the short delay in the payment. Now tell me which other site can you name that considers their members' contributions so important & the payment equally important?

    So I am personally endorsing this site as an authentic earning avenue. In fact, for the same reason I have posted blogs in rediff & at my own personal blog about this site.

    Note that I am not posting this merely because I am an Editor. I have had past experience of doing online work with delayed payments. This is the ONLY site that gives payment when it is due AND on time.

    ISC member since Oct.2008

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    This is a very well questioned ask that ISC pay or not. Till now i have earned Rs.617 which i know that after earning required threshold i will surely get a cheque from ISC. I have 101% trust on ISC and its TEAM.
    I am also earning very well from Google Adsense whose story i am going to post soon with picture of my Google cheque.I just want to say that please have trust on ISC because one day will come when ISC will give its member its Shares and more over you don't have anything to loose ,you will only gain in ISC like Knowledge and Money.

    Thanks & Regards
    Pawan Bahuguna
    Proud ISC Diamond Member

    Pawan Bahuguna

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    Dear All,

    I would like to tell you that ISC is the best site which pay for your hard work.

    I joined in the site in September'2008, till now i have also get two payments from ISC (Respectively Rs.500/- & 750/-).I have no PC myself, but when i got free time then i contribute something to it but not regularly, so, i would like to tell you that my trust on ISC is 110% not 100%.

    Till now i didn't earn from Adsence because my account is not approved by google till now, but i am sure that after get the account i will be able to get more revenue from adsence through ISC.

    So, there is nothing to worry about, please come and join in ISC, post here and learn and earn equally.

    Wishing you all a very bright future in ISC
    Happy posting.

    Thanking you
    With Regards


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    Hello Sandy,

    I have been an ISC member for the last six plus months. I use to spend a lot of time on ISC; yet most of the time I keep reading various posts on the site rather than posting my contents. On that account I am not satisfied with my own efforts. I should rather post more contents and contribute for the site that is ISC.

    I earned @ Rs 750.00 per month continuously for the last 4 months. This amount I got every month out of my postings for resources, ask experts, English and for editing job.

    I have recently switched over to ‘reviews' and I have found that by writing reviews, on one hand we earn name, points and cash credits and at the same time we learn a lot; because without studying the organization you cannot write a review.

    I have not got any amount from AdSense as my account has not yet been approved by Google. On completion of my six months I have applied for review.

    I have full faith in ISC and I hope that I will continue to be a member for my lifetime.

    I had some complaints sometimes that I posted on the discussion forum and all of them were resolved amicably. Eventually I am a cheerful member of ISC today.

    The only thing that I am not able to like is “the outright deletions of contents that I write by spending time in typing, editing and composing". Nevertheless, I don't feel offended for that because I know that sometimes we think that we have written something great whereas that content fails to click the mind of the person who edits it.

    I wish all the very best to IndiaStudyChannel and its members.


    Harish Jharia

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    Hello Senior Members.

    1. I have registered on 15 june 2009 and I spend around 3-4 hrs per day on ISC, mainly learning and helping others.

    2. Well the Editors are helpful specially Dr.Sandy, Vandana, Mahesh, Tony and Jose. I have earned Rs 860.00 till now and got a payment of Rs. 750 .oo (not yet received but I have trust in ISC).

    3. Well Adsense earnings was mentioned for Gold members only but I got my Google adsense account associated with ISC account when i registered on ISC, the senior members even asked me how I did but I really don't know how I didn't get any error or warning from ISC. Anyways I am now a Gold member and soon touch the Diamond member level.
    From Google adsense I earned 30$ till now luckily with some CPM ads(got paid without clicks).

    4. I totally trust ISC and there is nothing bad impression to go the other way.

    5. ISC is really helpful to me as I learn many new things everyday. I give aptitude test and get the other concepts clear.

    6.Well I got couple of warnings
    - for posting jobs from unofficial websites,
    -for putting my referral link to other competitor website in my forum footer and on my profile page.( I did this by following the footsteps of senior members)
    -Also was locked for answering in expert section for copying answers from different source.

    But I know ISC well from my mistakes and also feel that I can be more better by correcting my mistakes.

    -I see many resources and answers in expert section copied from other websites. I do make a list of these and have forwarded few of them to Dr. Sandy .

    Well I get really motivated when i see my name in the Member of the Week list but also feel that i must work more harder to get in the other awards list.

    Please senior members give me some feedback on my work on ISC( this will motivate me).

    Er. Atul Barapatre.

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    Well, I am unable to speak more about IndiaStudyChannel (website?) (This is not a website for me, this is my family fortune where I am interacting with my friends!) & I have not much more word to say THANKS!

    • My Joining to ISC
      I joined to ISC on 13th Aug 2008. It was just my general search in Google about money making programs & COntest. I used to play Online Based Contest & won several Gifts & Prizes. I had been a member of, which offers Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Program for their Game publishers. A point had came in my mind to search Adsense sharing website & got IndiaStudyChannel link at 5th position.

    • In very first month I become a Gold member by inviting my friends & collegious. And hence I had been rewarded Referral Competition Winner of August 08 month. Last of Aug, I wasnt continue with ISC as well and I was a Spam member in the few sections. This was becouse of unproper informations & no any idea what to do. Then I contacted with Jose Mathew (ISC Webmaster) who helped me at first time. Due to family problem I was totally disturbed in January 2009. But I concentrate on ISC & learnt a lot things to post, contacted with Senior members. Ankush Das, an excellent guy & Senior editor of ISC helped me a lot. To say, I am at good position becouse of Ankush's good guidence & informations. (Else I wasnot be a good Diamond member!). Actually, it was a bad incident against me, that Ankush notified. I was a Forum Spammer (due to no more/proper information) & Ankush helped me to do good work.

    • These are the two parts of my ISC career & third one is running now!

      Yes, the third one is I has been selected ISC Editor in February month & still continue!.
    • Now, it was my turn to catch high levels & good earning!!
      I had been much disappointed with Google Adsense account, as I lost my 10+ Adsense account due to misuse. But ISC given me Active Adsense for my profile & its still active (with good speed!)
    • Followinng are the Award Prizes which I won in last one year.

      Please read my old threads which shows, how my Adsense income steadily increased!
      1] First 50 $.
      2] First 100$ in just 84 days.
      3] Second Century in Just 44 days.
      4] Third Century in just 29 days.

      Then my fourth/fifth/sixth/seventh century obtained in less than 25 days.

    I am spending 4-5 hrs daily in ISC & had spent almost 8 hrs too in my off + bad time.

    i.e. I has been earned total 750$ + Rs 6511.00(Total more than 42500 INR!) only from ISC work. Now I am a Platinum Member of ISC.

    Till date, I got cash of Rs. 6300/- in hand. To say, I am a salaried employee of IndiaStudyChannel, who earning almost Rs. 8000/- PM! :)

    What else??? please read on..

    I got a lot of things through ISC. A special thoughts & way with good inforations & learning as much.

    Well, money, cash, awards & gifts are one side & other side is my friends who met me through ISC. Here's list of my good friends >> Ankush Das, Dr. Sanjeev, Dr. Sparsha, Nilesh Panchal, Dinesh(Zoro), Raghupathi, Ramkumar, Nemish, Harish Jharia Sir, Rajmi Arun, D Shamasundar & many more who supported/supporting me as well!

    Good support from Tony, Jose who doing wonderful + beautiful job for ISC members.

    Now, I cant live without ISC work & hence I will keep continue my work in future!

    Thank you ISC... Thanks Timmy for this awesome idea from your creativity!!

    - Mahesh

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    Howdy to all the members and non-members alike,
    Phew! Nice beginning there. Well, seriously speaking, I myself don't know how to describe my own original experience. Dr. Sanjeev has strictly said that responses should be 4-6 sentences but Dr. Sanjeev alias Sandy, I think I will be forced to break that rule for my love for ISC. So here I go proceeding to answer all the question chronologically.

    Q. Mention how long you have been working in ISC, how much time you spend per day etc.
    A. I have been working for ISC now for over a year and 2 months. I joined ISC in June last year but then, for a month, I didn't come to ISC because I thought that this site is just like any other promising you money but gives you nothing. The next month, I was proved wrong. Not by the members or admins, but by the site. I realised it's beauty. I realised that by helping the members, I can do a very nice job and also post a few resources while doing that. I spend variable time in ISC basically due to my variable study schedule but I couldn't ever live without ISC for even a single day.

    Q. Mention how much you earned as cash credits, how much real cash you received so far, how did you receive etc.
    A. Till now, I have earned Rs. 16067 and received Rs. 16000 in total and believe me, that is in no way, a small amount. It is more like Rs. 1 crore for me. The fact that I earned it by working hard just makes it even better. Plus, I received all the money through EFT or online transfer just by filling up a simple Invoice. I received it within 2-3 days of sending the invoice. Fast service!

    Q. Mention how much you earned through AdSense revenue sharing program.
    A. Till now, I have earned $490 from Google AdSense revenue sharing and received two cheques worth Rs. 14400 and Rs. 5800. And all the revenue is from ISC and no other site. So if you are smart and good with SEO, you can make big bucks with ISC as many have done already in ISC.

    Q. Mention whether you trust ISC or not.
    A. Frankly speaking, this question isn't for any member of ISC, cause you know what, all the members can blindly trust ISC and it's team. If it's help whether in ISC or your life you need, we will be there guiding you the right path. ISC is all about 200% trust and nothing else.

    Q. Mention any other special comment you like to add about ISC.
    A. Seriously, I am running out of comments here guys. I have heaped so much praise for ISC and it's constituents (i.e. members and admins) that I have completely run out of words. Still I would like to mention it in short, ISC ROCKS!

    And Finally, phew!
    Q. Feel free to include your bad experience from ISC as well.
    A. Duh! What do I say people???? Don't have any at all. Whatever has been is good and smooth sailing for me. Just nothing to stop me. Just some members have faced problems but then, what does the editorial team exist for? To clear all doubts and help our members, becoming the gems of our site and be with it in the long run.

    WOW! That was something. ISC has already proved it is genuine and I hope that mine and other members' and editors' comments have just reinforced it even more. Great going ISC!

    P.S.:- This message is to all who are having second thoughts about ISC-
    Just don't have 'em. Stop thinking. Join us right now to have a great, fantastic and life changing experience. It has changed mine, are you ready?

    Ankush Das

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    Almost all the points said above set fine for me. I joined in July 2008 and for almost 9 months I have been contributing very less. I wont say, I did not trust ISC, but I was made the webmaster of IRC (India Review Channel), the sister website of ISC. I am still the webmaster of that site.

    Coming to my experiences here, I started contributing quite actively only when the My India feature was introduced. I became the editor of that section along with two others. Then came the other sections like Business, Classifieds, Reviews etc. I have made the lead editor for these three and from then on, my journey started quite rapidly. I have been posting in almost all these sections. Initially my adsense revenue from ISC was not much, but once my contribution started, it too started increasing in a good pace.

    After I became the editor and lead editor, and after my contributions in various sections started, I started getting paid, and my payment every month equalled almost to Rs. 1000. I have recieved my payment into my bank account all these times.

    So there is no second thought of whether I trust ISC or not. Not just in ISC, but also in IRC, I have been paid for my efforts.

    Posting contents according to the rules and regulations will definitely earn points and cash credits from ISC, is what I would like to say all those who are having second thoughts of joining ISC.


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    Can I also write here?

    This post drew my attention because of two reasons.
    1. It was a sticky post in the top of the forum Lists
    2. This thread is a staunch answers to those who are only for critisism.

    First of all my sincere apologies to Dr. Sanjeev Sir as I will not be able to stop myself from writing in brief when I am writing about my ISC.

    This is like a twenty marks question for me and I am going to write voraciously, you will have to give me full marks to my answer.

    First of all I raise out a open challenge to all those poor hearted and the skeptics. Come forward one and all WHO has the dare to say in front of all stalwarts of ISC that this is a spoof show?

    You have existed only to criticize and CANNOT do any constructive work as you know only destruction.

    My Joining:
    Me, my computer and my Internet connection, are the best friends since last 12 years.

    With a desire to utilize my best friends to monetise I had started my blogs and had applied for Adsense well before joining ISC and after a few attempts, my Adsense had got approved. I was quite regular on my blog(s) with some irregularity in between because of my Medical Education, exams, hospital, practise etc. etc etc...

    In a bid to find some other sources when I can get my adsense clicking, I was Googling to what I can find with a FEAR in my Mind that NO, the internet is not a safe place to put hands on...

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

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    Sanjeev Sir, I am Sorry.I am unable to right about these points in 4-6 lines even one page will be less for this. But I am writing as less as possible.

    1. Mention how long you have been working in ISC, how much time you spend per day etc. ?

    It was 1st November,2008. I have got this website reference from other website while searching something may be I think it was a
    blog.I am a 281 Days old member in this Website. Regarding the time spend per day in ISC,it varies from 7-9 hours.Frankly speaking, other than sleeping,college timings, I always be online in ISC.In Holidays, the total time spend by me in ISC usually crosses 10+ Hours.

    2. Mention how much you earned as cash credits, how much real cash you received so far, how did you receive etc.?

    Till now, I have earned Rs.2899 from IndiaStudyChannel.Com ,and total of Rs .2500 i have got from ISC via Online Banking within 2 days in my bank Account.

    3. Mention how much you earned through AdSense revenue sharing program.?

    This is most amazing part of IndiaStudyChannel.Com i.e. Adsense Revenue Sharing Program. I have got my First 100$ in my Google Adsense account only from ISC.Before that I have lost my 5-6 accounts near to $80 each and a loss of $400 in 2 years. I thought that i will not get adsense revenue from this account also and it will also be blocked in the Future but till now,I am wrong with my
    thinking.I have got $100 in my account for the first time and waiting for the first cheque in this month.

    4. Mention whether you trust ISC or not?

    If a website is giving so much importance to you in front of more than 1 lakh members,then you have to trust on the website. This is the only website i have found in my 3+ years of experience in internet.The top contributors,Owners,Team Members are always ready to help new members and they always give more importance to new members. You will not find Such dedication of Top members towards the new member. I am 99% sure.

    5. Mention any other special comment you like to add about ISC?

    ISC is the only website that I am using right now. Its like my own website. I can miss my Foods but not ISC. After coming from my college,first I see the forum section ,if any new member is asking any doubt or problem.I love to answer and help the new members.

    6. Feel free to include your bad experience from ISC as well?

    The only biggest bad experience is that I was a Spammer in the beginning. But because of One person,My Status Changed from a Spammer to a Diamond member and will become Platinum Member before completing my first Year in ISC & that person's name I have told many time if you remember, Mr. Ankush Das. All Credit Goes to Ankush Sir for changing a spammer to a Diamond member.

    Give others a reason to Smile. :)

  • #98722

    Introduction :-

    After searching for genuine online earning websites for a year or more and still not able to earn a penny from any of them,I decided to quit looking for online earning websites.After few days,I came to know about ISC along with many online earning websites like Mylot and many Bux websites.


    I joined ISC and initially participated in Forum and gradually began to browse each and every section of ISC.Unfortunately after a week's contribution,I was unable to make any money.So disappointed with nil cash rewards in my name.It was in January this year.Then I stopped contributing in ISC.

    Rebirth in ISC :-

    I can't forget the day when I started to recontribute in ISC and I was rewarded in the very first day itself by "Best Forum Supporter Of The Day" award on 14th of May this year.With this my interest began to restore in ISC and then onwards I never look back till now.

    So What I Got From ISC ?

    Initially I wanted to work in ISC only for money. But as I got an award on 14th May,then onwards I decided to contribute in ISC not only for money but also for the alluring awards from ISC.I have succeeded in getting 4 awards from ISC.
    I am awarded two "Best Forum Supporter" awards,one "Member of Week",and one for my participation in "Group Discussion".
    And many of my articles got good points and cash rewards also.Then on my cash credits never slowed down.I have actively participated in ISC for two months which fetched me a whooping 3500 rupees got credited in my ICICI Bank account.

    And what else I got From ISC ?

    You might be thinking that what else a person can get other than cash rewards and awards.Actually while participating in ISC,I have improved my knowledge tremendously and I have reduced wastage of my time as I spend in ISC whenever I got leisure.And last but not least,I have met many nice persons in ISC and I really appreciate the Webmaster Jose,Site Coordinator Dr.Sandy,Lead Editors Ankush Das,Nitin,and Editor Mahesh for guiding and helping me without a slight trace of irritation for my silliest doubts.So I am very thankful to ISC for helping me meet these precious guides/friends.

    My Comments on ISC :-

    Well,ISC is a genuine website which gives cash for your quality contribution in ISC.
    It also enhances your knowledge on many things.
    Above all,it gives you a special status for your quality contribution.

    My Suggestion For All :-

    My suggestion is try to post good articles in ISC which are self-written and are actually helpful for all members.
    In the meanwhile,keep yourself updated by the latest money earning programs to earn more.
    Don't stick to one section and try to contribute in every section.
    Last but not least,for doing the above things,don't ever try to spam or copy-cat work.
    Click Here To See My Profile

    With regards,
    Ashis Dubey
    Editor - Forums & Resources

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    Well dear friends,

    *There 's a lot that I have learnt from/through ISC and we 'd learn even more and more.

    *As sister Apurva said, we are able to reach the people who don't even know each other and share the information/knowledge.
    *...Okay, After reading all the above responses, I have a confidence that ISC 'll pay the money.

    *Before joining the ISC, I have tried many websites (online jobs, get paid for clicking, surveys, etc).

    All turned out to be spam/fake sites. I don't want to mention those sites. And I think most of you people had also tried and came across such fake sites.

    *I have come across such a good site(ISC) the first time.
    *ISC impressed me a lot. I get the solution and clarify my doubts within no time.
    Example : I just post a question or what ever the doubt I have. And I 'll get the answer at least within half an hour.

    --Shivanand S K

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    Every where there is scam, see even inflation figures coming out is something which no one can believe so it is natural that a member joining to this site will be suspicious about the revenue generating opportunities that ISC provides. But it was very rightly said by Dr. Apurva that there are some people who have habit of blaming and just blame others without giving their own inputs. Mind well Never Ask anything without giving something. It's a universal rule that GIVE & TAKE

    My dear New Members, just like you I was also looking for a site that earns me some extra money what is called as “Part Time Earning" and by Gods Grace I got a link on Google Search about the IndiaStudyChannel and I visited the ISC site first time in October 10 2008 afternoon. I was quite satisfied with the site as the information that I was looking was to my satisfaction. I decided to join this site and finally on October 11 2008 at 8:29:54 AM sharp I joined the site.

    Now it is almost 10 Months completed since I joined ISC. To write about ISC in a small or brief is very difficult. I was so excited after joining ISC that I bought a brand new Dell Inspiron Laptop 1525 on October 31 2008 to work for ISC. I am proud to say that by this time when I am writing this message here I have almost recovered my cost of buying this laptop. During initial days of joining being a newbie I was surfing through each and every section in ISC to get an idea of what is that section is all about. Then I started my contributions in Resources section. Initially I found that my resources are getting deleted or not given a cash credits so I used forum section to post my complaints and queries and our senior editors and webmasters have given me a very clear and concise answers to all my queries and I came to know that whatever I was posting was a duplicate contents from some other sites or a mail trail message so getting deleted. Then I started writing articles on niche topics and current affairs topics and my revenue starts flowing in.

    ISC is very strict in copy right cases so if a new members thinks that ISC is not paying any revenue than that will be surely a copy case mamla. I then actively participated in sections Forum, Resources, Colleges, Schools, Training Centers, Polls, On line Test Questions, University Exam Question Papers, Jobs, Links, Bookmarks etc. you can check my profile here Nilesh Panchal Profile. I started my journey as Bronze member and then I passed the milestones of Gold and now I am a Diamond Member. I was offered an editorial role by one of our senior editor Nitin Bajaj who explained me all the steps that editors have to keep in mind while editing in ISC. I was offered College and Schools Sections for editing and since January 2009 I am working as an Editor in ISC. I have earned revenue from ISC in following Sections

    Writing Interview Experience
    Best Forum Supporter Award
    Links Submission
    Question Paper Submission
    Referral Programs
    Ask Expert Answers
    Resources Articles
    Business Posts
    Reward as Editors Job

    I have also linked my Google Ad sense account with ISC and till now I have earned nearly about $600. ISC pays money via Cheque or Online Bank Transfer to your account. While Google pays via Cheque as per Google Terms and Conditions. Now after so much of happening there is no question coming to my mind about the TRUST. I always think positive and hence work always in positive direction and getting TRUST automatically.

    So to conclude, I just say that give your best to ISC you will not only learn but also earn from this site that is for sure. Only thing is that this is not a money making site and you should not think that you will become crorepati. Only those people survive here who value money and value for even Rs.1.00 (One Rupee). After all Internet is a big Ocean its upto you where and when to dive there are lot sources available without limit so jump into this ISC Ocean and discover your own identity.

    Finally I thank to Tony, Jose, Timmy for developing such a wonderfull site and Dr. Sanjeev, Dr. Sparsha, Nitin Bajaj and Ramkumar for providing me guidance and support to reach to this level in ISC and earn from ISC.

    Nilesh Panchal
    College Editor of IndiaStudyChannel
    Your children will become what you are; So be what you want them to be.

  • #98829
    this is only site which pays lot of money to its members.You just need to trust it and keep going on.

  • #98919
    I joined ISC from from some community. their was one link earn money in india. I just joined it without thinking. and my adsense got apporved once again. because i lost my previous password for adsense.
    After two weeks of hard work i earned $0.02 from forums. Then one day i started posting schools and in evening i got $0.24. I was so shocked

    After i regularly post in ISC. Spend a lot of time in learning things. about online stuffs. Slowly i understand that how can we make more money from adsense.

    Now i make small money from adsense.It is really small but i know i will make nice part time automated income within few months. I have more then 75$ in my adsense right now.

    Earn money online

  • #99046
    Hi to all active members,

    Hi first of all i will say about myself, I am Vijay prasanna, I completed my BE. While studying i have registered through my friend.

    I have registered in ISC at november 2008 but in Adsense i am working from 2007. Both ISC and Adsense are genuine. But before 5 months only i started working with ISC. Daily i have spended 8 hours in ISC and learned many things in ISC.

    I have earned Rs.1200 in ISC and in Adsense i earned $130 last month july. I have received Rs.1000 in ISC by using EFT. Really very proud to be an Member in ISC. Adsense bugs will be received in september first week after a long process.

    Don't afraid to work with ISC. Its 200% genuine site. I love to work with ISC better to say more than about this. ISC is one of my part of the family. I can't live without it. Work with ISC and get a cash credits.

    For this you want to set three things on your mind. First of all you want to show your Hardwork. Next you should be patient. And then you will receive cash credits to have a fun. So trust ISC. You can reach your level in 30 days if you work consistently. And one important to say you is there are many editors, coordinator and webmaster to help you.

    You should work hard. Don't copy from other website. Our editors will easily identify that and you will decreased your level in ISC by doing like these irregular activities. So work hard and earn more points and lots of cash credits. All the best.


  • #99072

    I Joined ISC in May. (Don't remember how I came to know about ISC - Thanks to the source!). It was my holidays time and I used to spend most of my time on ISC. Actually during my first days I got trust on ISC when I spoke to Tony who replied for my queries in Yahoo. Which site webmaster would give such responses for you? I was so impressed at him. Then got some of my resources rejected (Many reasons.) Later I came to know all about ISC and started posting my own articles in Resources and Responses in Forums.

    I got Best Forum Supporter Award for 4 times (Check my profile). It encouraged me so much to be active in Forums. And I became an Editor in less than 30 days (Not everyone becomes an Editor. India's One of the Top 100 visiting websites has only 32 Active and Efficient Editors).

    My college reopened and I used to spend 4-5 hrs in the evenings to work for ISC and got good amount.

    I was so much surprised for my very first payment. I got the payment the next day I sent the invoice to Timmy. Even google takes more than 1 and half month to send a cheque to you. I was so impressed at their payment system.

    Earlier I used to have very less earnings from Adsense with my website. But when I started posting in ISC I got almost 30$ per month. Rs. 50 per day is not a bad pocket money.

    Few times I felt too much disheartened when some of my articles were rejected etc.

    I got very good friends like Rajmi Mam, Dinesh etc..

    If any one has still doubts on payments, you can call me through my mobile number in my profile.

    Thanks to ISC.

    Best Regards,

  • #99100
    ISC is really paying money.
    I got near about 6000.00 RS from ISC and 25000.00 Rs from adsense revenue sharing program in ISC.


    Girish Patil

  • #99113
    I joined ISC on 10th August 2008, havent completed even one year yet, I was introduced here by one of net friend Sidharth. Now a days I spend almost 7 to 8 hours, sometimes even more, when I am not in my night shift duty as I use to sleep late night.

    Till date I have earned almost 49730 Rs out of which I have already recieved 49000 Rs through core banking system. Through adsense I have already recieved 24000 Rs and already 130$ balance in my out of which I will get a cheque of 108$ in first week of September. Now a days I use to get cheque from google every month.

    For me not trusting ISC means not trusting on myself, as now I am the site coordinator and it was only due to my trust to ISC and ISC,s trust on me.

    Initially when I joined many of my articles were approved by giving just 1 or 2 points in spite of being self written, but now things have changed.

    Lastly I would like to add that if you are a genuine contributor, you will be recognised soon here and then you can be one of the front runner in the list of highest earner list which comes on the home page of ISC.

    Dr. Sanjeev

  • #99156
    1. Mention how long you have been working in ISC, how much time you spend per day etc.

    Ans to your first question, one of my friend is working with the site for the past 8 months and she has received 2 payments as cash credits and is yet to reach the google adsense level of payout. She is enjoying her stay here and have motivated me too to join here and so I am here.

    2. Mention how much you earned as cash credits, how much real cash you received so far, how did you receive etc.

    She has earned around 2500/- as cash credit for the quality posts she has given to the site. Its really encouraging for the sincere writers.

    3. Mention how much you earned through AdSense revenue sharing program.

    She has earned around 25 dollars so far and is hopeful of getting the payment from google adsense as her account is duly approved by google and ISC both. She is getting an increase in her google adsense account everyday, which is highly encouraging to work for the site.

    4. Mention whether you trust ISC or not

    Yes, I trust the site because it has given good results to my friend. she has been duly paid for the amount of time she has spent on the site and for the quality posts she has given from time to time.

    5. Mention any other special comment you like to add about ISC

    ISC is very apt in saying so ITS LEARN AND EARN ..we all are earning and learning a lot from the site. It has got all the educational fields where we can refer to, specially helpful to the aspiring students. If so we have anybody at home we can make him available with the ready inforamtion about colleges, schools, questionpapers of cbse, icse and other university papers for their references without going to the market to look for the same.

  • #99309
    Hello, myself D Shamasundar, I am member of this famous educational website. Below i adhere my testimonials of this site.

    1. Mention how long you have been working in ISC, how much time you spend per day etc.

    Ans: Actually I stumbled upon this site while searching for some question papers, for preparing for my exam. I was perplexed to see that this site had so many question papers and no other sites that i searched had so much volume of question paper. So I decided to sign up after seeing 1000 Rs. note next to the title. Also because I already had an adsense account. At first due to my exams I contributed only half an hour a day, till April first week until my exams were over. But during the first week of April everything changed because I received Member of the Week award for good contributions. Then I started contributing regularly. Currently I have become a platinum member(highest level in ISC).

    2. Mention how much you earned as cash credits, how much real cash you received so far, how did you receive etc.

    Ans: After becoming a member I started to post a lot of self written resources and approximately I got 10 Rs. per each resource. Because all were helpful and quality resources. I also contributed in question papers, ask experts etc. and got some cash credit. But these were negligible as compared to resource section. I have till now earned Rs. 4558 as cash credit in ISC and got paid Rs. 2750 in my hand.(I have to receive 1250 RS. this month's payment.) So I say that ISC is completely reliable site to gain knowledge as well as earn money. I have also made some significant amount of money in Adsense, though I have not yet got paid. I received my earnings through DD which was sent by site web master Timmy John

    3. Mention how much you earned through AdSense revenue sharing program.

    Ans: Although my earnings are less in Adsense I have made significant money. But till now I am yet to be paid. Hope I will get the payment as earlier as possible. Most of the revenue in my adsense account is only from ISC revenue sharing program, though I have earned 15% from my blog. I hope I will earn good revenue in the coming days from ISC.

    4. Mention whether you trust ISC or not

    Ans: I must say that I completely trust this site because i was taken aback when all the payments were sent very quickly and safely. Actually other sites either don't send the payments or they will delay the payments without reason. But ISC has sent payment payments quickly. But also ISC has helped me gain to knowledge and get to know new things. All the editors and web masters are also helpful in ISC.

    5. Mention any other special comment you like to add about ISC

    Ans: The special comments are that this site is helping lot of students across the country including myself and have been benefited educationally rather economically.

    6. Feel free to include your bad experience from ISC as well

    Ans: Some of the times my posts got deleted but I always wanted to know the reason so that I can rectify it. During this time editors have helped me with valuable suggestions to improve the posts to get good credits. But one thing is that all the deleted posts and pending posts must be given appropriate reason for the members because some members hesitate to contact the concerned editor because they will not be having info about who is the editor and why the post has not been approved. Overall I think this is one of the finest websites I have come across.

    D Shamasundar

  • #100047
    Hi Friends,

    I am a house wife staying with my husband and 2 years old daughter in Saudi Arabia. When I came here, my hobby was watching useless TV serials and wasting times. I know about ISC from one of my best friend in last year, I joined ISC on November 2008 and started working for ISC ( for me is more suitable ). I applied for Google Adsense Revenue Sharing program on the same month, fortunately it was approved within 10 – 15 days and I started earnings from Google.

    Now I am using my free times with ISC. I posted more than 1000 articles in Jobs section, 300 articles in Resources section and posted in Training centre, Assemblies, Lok Sabha etc. I am an active Member of ISC since November 2008. I am a Diamond member of ISC with more than 13000 points and Rs.1050 cash credits. I already received Rs.500/- from ISC through online payment.

    I am very happy to inform ISC members, that I earned more than 600 US$. only through ISC within this period. I already received 2 Payments (DD) of amounts US$-167.87 and US$-158.74 from Google and I am expecting my third payment of US$-124.16 on this month and fourth payment of US$-112.54 on next month. Most of the revenue is through the Resources Section & Fresher Jobs section of ISC.

    Now I am getting more than 100 $ in every month after implementing ISC Editor's Suggestions.

    Nadheera V
    ISC Member


    Nadheera V

  • #100123
    Hi Friend,

    Myself Santosh kumar singh living in Ahmedabad I am ISC Memeber from more than 5 months. I have earned Rs. 750 From ISC. I Fully Trust in ISC about payment because i have experience with other site which pay in dollar. I think most of sites which is not indian site are fake but ISC is indian site and all contents are real.

    Whatever activity i see daily updation in site. Great record of content isc have. If this site is fake then huge work done behind it not possible. so only one site name is ISC which is honest and do not worry about payment.

    it may delay but will come to you.

    so do not hesitate keep patient and work hard. try to learn all links first.

    rest is fine..

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

  • #100389
    I think you all did a lot of effort in typing this all, and trying hard to save the essence of this site.
    I could see the responces at top earning cash from this too. nice job.

    answer my one question. why is it that my earlier posts didn't got any cash revenue before this.Yes, I have written reviews and recalculated my earnings too.
    but it displayed the same. And now you have adjusted it from somewhere and added Rs20/- to my account. Is this how ISC works?

    One thing more, you make a false claim that you pay upto Rs1000 for every reffered member who join ISC and start posting.My friend andrew joined this site on my reference. You paid me just Rs 1. for that. Any justification to this.

    replies awaited.

  • #100396
    Hi Ankur,
    you can see your solution here. Please Read the facts here:

    Give others a reason to Smile. :)

  • #103106
    Sorry all of you. I just saw this thread or I would have been one of the earliest to answer this.

    I have earned from both the sites India Review channel and the India study channel.
    All the points reaised by Ankush Das and Rajmi Arun are valid for me too, particularly Rajmi Arun. We had been together at India Review Channel first and now at India study channel. I have had payments coming into my account from IRC and ISC.
    I became an editor in ISC only recently. Even before becoming an editor, I got my first payment from here as an ordinary member.
    As for your doubt Ankur, some of the posts you post in the categories will get approved late. Till they get approved they will not show in the total points and the cash credits.
    So you will have to wait for your post to get approved for you to be able to see the cash credits in your account.
    Start writing good quality posts and reviews, you will earn more and more. You will change your mind when your first payment gets announced. Ok See you then. All the best.

    Latha Jayaprakash

  • #103355
    I am earned on ISC is Rs 655.

    Can ISC payout me 500/-

    Please tell me!

    Kiran Kumar
    Diamond Member

  • #103496
    I have registerd my self and working out, Let me check after a month and let u know my views
    Rgds & love,
    Bharti member

  • #103567
    Hello friends,

    It has been very nice to hear about the testimonies of some of the ISC member of their adventure with this site. I really appreciate the author of this post for giving a chance for memebers to share their views.

    I have joined in ISC for about 8months now and I was disconnected from internet for few months. But out of my experience I trust this site and I do think that this site too trusts me.

    I appreciate the freedom that the site gives for one to express their views, answers, questions, comments, etc. I am decided to go on my journey with this site until its there.


  • #103728
    Dear All,

    I would like to tell you that ISC is the best site which pay for your hard work.

    I joined in the site in September'2008, till now i have also get two payments from ISC (Respectively Rs.500/- & 750/-).I have no PC myself, but when i got free time then i contribute something to it but not regularly, so, i would like to tell you that my trust on ISC is 110% not 100%.

    Till now i didn't earn from Adsence because my account is not approved by google till now, but i am sure that after get the account i will be able to get more revenue from adsence through ISC.

    So, there is nothing to worry about, please come and join in ISC, post here and learn and earn equally.

    Wishing you all a very bright future in ISC
    Happy posting.

    Thanking you
    With Regards

    Rajesh Gautam

  • #103851
    Dear Friends,

    as i know only CO-OPERATIVE sector help to build Economy.

    I really intrested such activitys.

    yes i have 100% trust on isc, before joining i see details of website,
    there i understood isc was a project & get implimented in real.

    so i joined isc at 28 apr 2009,
    before that i awared about adsense & using for my blogg, other websites, but results are not so good.

    now within 4 month i had complited my 1st 100$.

    so make bright features learning & earnings with ISC.


    With Best Regards,

  • #104382

    1. Mention how long you have been working in ISC, how much time you spend per day etc.

    I have joined ISC on 28th June, 2009, Since then I surf ISC atleast 2-4 Hrs daily.

    2. Mention how much you earned as cash credits, how much real cash you received so far, how did you receive etc.
    Till now, I have earned Rs.739/- from ISC. Since, Its not crossed the minimum amount of Rs.750/-, I didn't received it yet.

    3. Mention how much you earned through AdSense revenue sharing program.

    I have applied for Google Adsense account via ISC 2-days back and hoping to get approved.

    4. Mention whether you trust ISC or not

    Yes~~ I trust ISC, thats why I am putting effort on it.

    5. Mention any other special comment you like to add about ISC

    I wish I could join the Editors-List of ISC.

    6. Feel free to include your bad experience from ISC as well

    I want to say that, sometime I feel sorry about the cash-credits. Some of my well Answers and posting not get rewarded.
    Need your response:
    Here are the two links of diferent Businesses. Please see the content once and do the justification. Please mention your feelings after visiting these two business posts.
    .. How the cash-creits been measured? How? How?

    Post your testimonials as a response below. Do not exceed more than 4~6 sentences

    Tips to New Members:-
    1. Friends, this is not a spam site, so be active and earn more. Since I am not a regular internet user, I could only manage Rs.700 till now. You could earn Rs.1000/- per month easily.
    2. Resourse, Review – are the easiest way to earn money from ISC. But, the content should be self-written & unique.
    3. Try to participate in Forum & accumulate points to win Member of the week Award.
    4. Respect Webmaster & Editors decision for Approving or Rejecting your post, don't get into an argument.

    Best Wishes & Regards,
    Anindya (Andy)

  • #104699
    These details cannot be wrong. If so all these people and all those who got payments and scanned and send their payment receipts must be fakes.

    Wild chance.

    Nitin 53 Rs. 23710 Rs. 23500 Rs. 210
    Dr.Sanjeev(Sandy) 50 Rs. 55260 Rs. 55000 Rs. 260
    Ankush Das 47 Rs. 16814 Rs. 16750 Rs. 64
    Ramkumar 44 Rs. 28207 Rs. 28000 Rs. 207
    sobha wilson 35 Rs. 9591 Rs. 9500 Rs. 91
    Bharath Sudar 32 Rs. 22260 Rs. 22000 Rs. 260
    Giri 32 Rs. 11565 Rs. 11500 Rs. 65
    Mahesh 29 Rs. 7982 Rs. 7750 Rs. 232
    RajmiArun 29 Rs. 9226 Rs. 9000 Rs. 226
    Vandana 29 Rs. 4268 Rs. 4250 Rs. 18
    Latha Jayaprakash 28 Rs. 10559 Rs. 10500 Rs. 5

  • #104747
    What do you want to say Sajith Kumar. Please write in more clear words.


  • #104776
    Hi sandy,
    I have joined recently 2 weeks back and currently a silver member, but yet i have not received any cash credits from ISC. Its only the points that increase and decrease, depending upon approvals.Can u pls suggest how i can work hard to get some money from ISC?

    Rgds & love,
    Bharti member

  • #105419
    HI Dr. Apurva A. Tamhane,

    SajithkumarS's response clearing that who are the Top 11 earners in ISC and he Order by Member. He said :- 'These details cannot be wrong. If so all these people and all those who got payments and scanned and send their payment receipts must be fakes.' Meansing is :- This information is absolutely right & cannot be fake. But we know that we have had been receiving amount from ISC & Google Adsense. Its more reliable rather than a scoreboard of members who earned!

    Good luck!

    - Mahesh

  • #105634
    Hi Friends,

    Well i trust ISC. i joined recently 4 days back and moving from Bronze to silver with in a couple of days. ISC is really very good. Every one is trutsting ISC and y cant u?


  • #105642
    Dear friends
    Now as it is clear that ISC pays and I too this time recieved my first payment of 750 Rs. I think now there is no doubt about ISC. I request all members to post original contents only to get cash awards.

    Newbies generally think that it is easy to get money here but the fact is you you will deliver something of your own then only you can earn.

    Namita Jha
    Editor ISC

  • #105936
    i feel i am the newest member of isc which has gone to silver level so shortly. now being an engineer i am not a fool to invest my time in a thing which don,t here i am devoting myself to ISC in my free time.
    i have reconfirmed this issue with a dozen of members of isc who got the cheques.
    thanks sanjeev sir for raising this topic

    ankur bhatt

  • #106540
    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

  • #106604

    I have been here for 3 months although I worked for only the first one and a half month. In that time i nearly spent 2-3 hrs a day.

    I have earned Rs.1134/- from ISC. Since, I received Rs750 today.

    I have applied for Google Adsense account via ISC but it got disapproved so planning to give my profile a better shape and add some valuable resources before applying again.

    Yes I trust ISC, that's y I am here even after 3 months and many people are here from years.

    Keeping aside the money aspect, ISC has all kinds of professionals as its members so as far as my observation is concerned you will get your problems solved much better in this site than any other.

    Some times it so happens you end up entering duplicate entries as the search facility was not so proper in ISC, I dont know how it is now becase I am making a fresh start after a one and a half moth break.
    And never copy content from other sites.

    Finally , I am very happy that I received my first ever online income from this site.

    B.Tech, IIT Madras
    Webmaster, Andhra Spider

  • #106825

    I hope to get my payment in coming month from ISC.

    Best wishes to ISC.



  • #108629
    Please find my response ( A completly satisifed ISC Member) point wise to the points mentioned by Dr. Sandy

    1. I have been working in ISC since August 5 2009 and spends almost 2 hours a days.

    2. I have received Rs 750 as cash credit and is credited to my bank account within a week of sending the invoice to ISC. I have received full payment which was due to me for August Month.

    3. Since there were changes in the Ad Sense Account my account was rejected because i am in ISC less than six months.

    4. I completely trust ISC because i have already searched various sites but ISC does what it says "Earn to Learn Learn to Earn".

    5. Earlier when i started posting in ISC by mistake i have pasted some contents from other site and Dr Sandy sent a message to me saying that i should not do that and when i went back ans saw my post it was that way. Here there are people to monitor and also suggest as to how one can earn and also warn people who are not following the guidelines of ISC.

    6. I did not have any bad experiences with ISC till now and i will not have any in the future also because ISC is very well organized.

    I am a part of ISC and will continue to do so. I started referring people to the site and few of them have joined ISC and i would contribute to ISC for its growth and success.

    Kiran Paul
    ISC Diamond Member

  • #109678
    I Have been on the lookout for genuine online earning oppurtunities for a long way. Most of the sites that I came across were either scams or wanted money for joining. ISC I have realised is a genuine website with a exciting way to earn money.

    The best part about ISC is that it not only pays money it is also a great way to increase your knowledge as it is Powerhouse of knowledge. True to its name ISC is great way to learn while you earn and earn while you learn

  • #110359
    I joined ISC last july 2008. I got this website while i was searching in Google for article publishing websites. I joined this website with the intention of earning income. Now I am thinking writing resources for this website really very good experience to develop english writing skill. Thousands of websites I browzed only this website gives opportunity to earning along with learning.
    Thank you

  • #110831
    Hi All,

    I started my journey with ISC as a Bronze member and slowly and steadily, with my contribution here gradually I am what I am.

    I have been working from last few months with ISC and these days I spend 4-6 hours daily. Previously, I use to spend just 1-2 hours but gradually I started contributing more and today I am a Diamond member of ISC with the grace of God and ISC as well. I joined ISC on 18th Jan 2009. It has been more than 6 month working at ISC.

    So far, I earned Rs.2250 (paid) with my contribution. Seriously, I started contributing from last 1-2 months and got paid Rs.2250/- and gradually my contribution is going on and I hope my earning will depend on my ability and hard work. I feel and believe one can earn Rs.2K- 5K per month but it's not an easy task, one has to work hard and contribute their best. Hard work is always rewarded and appreciated at ISC. I received the cash amount instantly through net banking. I sent the invoice through mail and my account get credited with the payment amount.

    Recently, I have joined AdSense revenue sharing program and hope I would earn from it like others at ISC.

    Well, I trust ISC very much and I believe this site is one of the best site for students, house wife, retired and professionals as well for part time earning. Here, whatever one know, one can earn from it through their contribution.

    ISC is a website where we can earn, learn and experience more than anything else. Being a member of ISC, I have made few friends here and learned so much from this site too. There are loads of information here regarding everything you want. Say for example college, school, hospitals, restaurants, malls, jobs, etc. You can even review about the things you have experience in your life and also earn from it. I think at ISC it is great fun. I am enjoying here with my contribution and I have experienced that I am writing so much which I have left for few years. My writing skill is also developing these days. I am very happy here at present because no one knows the future. I believe in present and presently, ISC is rocking. What I like about ISC is that it is a genuine site and has a quality content, not copied from other sites. Copy paste is not allowed, the information get deleted if the information is copied from other site. I feel really good that here whatever you are, it's because of you, your contribution.

    So far, I didn't have any bad experience with ISC.

    Thanks & Regards,

    **Free as in speech NOT free as in beer.**

  • #111413
    Dear Friend,
    I am joined date of 10/10/2009. in, I am not get any money at time, but i try to get money and this channal is pay to money at last date of month. so i wait this day. but ISC is very important of the student. it is the best in the world.

  • #111518
    Dear Sir,

    Wishing HAPPY DIWALI to all 'ISC' family.

    Frankly speaking, About 'ISC' The only inspiration and confidence I grow
    day by day from an extra ordinary personality of ISC Dr.Sanjeev himself,
    A new entrant needs to learn how accurately, he answers the question.

    I do have high expectations to earn very good income and I wish to dedicate
    myself to ISC aiming myself to become GOLD, DIAMOND, PLATINUM, and I wish
    to avail myself the previlege of becoming an EDITOR too,

    I have set many hopes on India Study Channel,
    and 'I' means Myself, Myfamily, MyDependents, Myfriends, MyReferrals,
    MyReadership, MyCommunities, MyPolls, MyWellwishers etc., ... ...

    ... who all combined together shall hope that 'ISC' shall
    honor me with some good designations, awards, and secured
    income option enabling ME(Family)to continue the FAITH and TRUST invested
    in 'INDIA STUDY CHANNEL' and precisely HOPE that Dr.SANJEEV also, shall,
    will give some personal attention to INDIVIDUALS like me enabling more
    income sources , success, happiness before next October-2010.

    Wishing you all ISC-family a very bright future in ISC,

    Thanking you
    With Regards


  • #111584
    Good Write Up Roshan.

    I am very happy to know about your goals and your words speak a lot about your zeal and gist to grow in ISC.

    I hope you will very fast become a Gold and then a Diamond member at ISC.

    My wishes for you in the future.


  • #111596
    it took me a lot of time to completely scan the whole page. what i concluded from the postings above is that, it is surely a true and guaranteed paying website.
    i joined it through the google search result. i posted some questions and those got resolved very soon. that makes me happy.
    now i'm a silver member with 101 points. i too believe that this site will surely help me to earn me income. i'm also satisfied with the english section provided in the site. it helps me to increase my vocabulary, which indirectly helps me to get through mba entrace exams.i'm preparing for cat 2010. and i learn a lot from this site.
    regards and thanks
    to all the admins members
    and vandana madam
    for this creative decision.
    ataul haque

    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
    All about Indian people and Indian places!

  • #113117
    Dear Sandy Sir, the last few days were my happiest days, reason is well known to you, first one is being selected as trainee editor and second one, today selected as member of the week.

    My saga with ISC is not too far away, it is just around two and half months old, but the way I joined ISC was really funny, I joined through a spam mail, as my practice I don't have the habit of sending all trash at once, sometimes we may get gold out of dust, this is the way I got my gold, that is ISC.

    My earning is not too much just five short of 600, the way to reach 600 is really a learning experience, in fact I was in search of this, but unfortunately I was behind some PTC's, really I wasted my ample and precious time for a wasteful aspect.

    I was fortunate to get ISC, which I was in search for as I was in need of some relaxation through work, as I lost two precious lives of my life last year, in a span of just ten days, one is my beloved mother and exactly ten days later my wife, I was in a shattered stage, searching for something to relax, thanks ISC, looks to be my last search.

    In fact, I came here not for money, just to learn, in a span of just 2 and odd months I learnt how to make mistakes and rectify the same and finally I am trying to learn not to make mistakes.

    Hope I may stay here for a long time, as I have decided to contribute more for ISC, and I have many role models here in all aspects and in all sections, my advice to new entrants is don't think money as an important matter here, once you learn, then you will learn how to earn here. Don't leave ISC, try to contribute more, then it will become a practice.

  • #113277
    1. Mention how long you have been working in ISC, how much time you spend per day etc.

    It has been my eight months of beautiful journey with ISC. My sudden entry to this site on February 21, 2008 tempted me to register here on the same day. Though I was not able to contribute for four months in between from March end to July end because of lack of permanent internet, but my interest was never lost. The very day, I got the internet again, my contributions in ISC took an edge. Since then I have been working on ISC for almost three hours per day.

    2. Mention how much you earned as cash credits, how much real cash you received so far, how did you receive etc.

    Though it has been eight months period since my joining but my real contributions have been made in four months. In this four months, ISC has gifted me with many awards viz. Member of the Week, three times GD winner, Essay writing competition winner, Emerging personality of ISC, English section Wizard and many other awards. These awards have always given me a fuel to move ahead and that too with a faster and quality pace.
    So far I have earned 12682 points and Rs. 3342 cash credits. Out of this money I have received Rs. 2250 directly into my account. Still Rs. 1000 ore awaited this month.

    3. Mention how much you earned through AdSense revenue sharing program.

    Adsense has only been the regret so far me in my ISC contributions. In spite of my dedicated work, I have not yet been able to get the approval from Google. Thrice, I have applied for it and thrice it has been rejected. Thus no Adsense earning till now.

    4. Mention whether you trust ISC or not.
    To be very frank, I don't know why I had very firm faith on this site since my initial days when I was not even much aware of it. One basic reason behind this blind trust was that ISC did not ask for any investment to register here. Moreover as it is an educational site, I was losing nothing by contributing here.Instead I was increasing my knowledge with every post. However, in September 2009, when I received my first payment of Rs. 1000 from ISC, it made my trust more firmer that ISC really pays.

    5. Mention any other special comment you like to add about ISC.

    I would say ISC has provided me with a huge family of intellects. I have get to learn many things. In fact, ISC has given me the best platform to show my writing skills. Moreover the appreciation and boost up one gets from the fellow members is amazing and it keeps you going on and on.

    6. Feel free to include your bad experience from ISC as well.

    Only bad thing so far with me is that I have not been able to get my Adsense account associating it with ISC. I really feel disappointed for this.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

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