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    Should capital be changed?

    After 9 years of formation of the new state Uttarakhand, do you think it would be feasible to change the permanent capital from Dehradun to Gayersain?
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    I dont think it is an an easy task accomplish.It will be just a game of words.

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    Hi Shweta,
    Changing of capital may seem a small task but it is a big procedure as all the government records have to be modified or re-created to a greater extent. To the hard work that goes in changing of capital whatever you receive against it is nothing. There are many things needed to be done as a new born state for Uttarakhand to mark its existence on the map.
    Instead of wasting the precious time in changing capitals and names of cities and states we should be more focused on the development aspect of the state.

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    The shift of the capital of Uttarkhand from Dehra Dun to Gairsain, the hilly side of the state will make our politicians and administrators realize the ground reality of Uttarkand. Gairsain is also the centre of the sate; hence it will be easy for administrative matters.

    However regarding infrastructure and connectivity, Dehra Dun will prove to be the better choice. Also it is a well know city in the other parts of India.

    It is the people’s wish that the capital be changed to Gairsain. I wonder that the fight for separation for a state Uttarkhand from Uttar Pradesh has now shifted to the fight within the state for the capital.

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    Dear Mr. Jones

    I agree with your kind opinion about Gairsain as the capital of Uttarakhand. But, millions have been spent during these nine years to make advancements in the capital city Dehradun. Within these 9 years the beautiful valley has changed into a big polluted and populated town with bigger departmental stores and proposed malls.

    Recently the Airport has been upgraded.

    so I dont think it is much feasable to change the capital now. However as it was the wish of the martyrs of Uttarakhand Sangharsh Samiti that when the state is formed the capital should be Gaisain. Had they done it as and when the new state was born, much of the development could be done over there too.

    But then being the hilly area its very true that such places are severly prone to landslides and earthquakes, so things would not have been easy either.

    However, to realize the pains and discomfort of the people of hills, shifting the capital there isnt required. Gaisain, Badkot, Uttarkashi, all are very much a part of our State which came into being after so much of struggle. One can realise the pain in one single visit made via roads.

    The life here in hilly region of Uttarakhand is not very easy.

    I hope that our sleepy ministers wake up and do something atleast for the development of remote areas also rather than creating political issues like changing capital or anything else to hurt the feelings of our people again.

    Its never too late to be awake

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    There no use to change the capital. Its all happening because of these kinds of politician. Who wants votes to win the election. All these are happeing because of election. Their will get the huge vote account. As you also know that UTTAR PRADESH was divided in two parts.

    Uttar pradesh and Uttranchal this all happens because of the political ministers. If their don't do such kind of work then who their get the votes from that particular region.

    With Regards,

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    The capital should remain as it is. Development of any area is another concern, and on grounds of changing capital it seems to be completely political. The other reason for not changing the capital is the money spent on creating the code of ethics for a new site as capital.

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    I think Dehradoon is a right place to work with as a capital and most renowned place in the state.

    I dont know why government wish to change to other place when they have full setup to execute from. This nothing but just a political punch to add another history in the Indian assembly which is not good. As this will take extra expenditure and time to shift a place and to make changes is not good on a large scale.

    One even can develop its cities and can work in a better environment which is completely set and to disturb this means you are going to spend extra on such needless task which harms performance on development of any state.

    In my point of view this is not a good idea to shift the capital to another city. Improve your inner souls and work in developing manner to enhance the state beauty and culture.

    Amit Siwach

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    It is all not useful for the development of the state.The shifting of capital means not the progress.It is only the waste of time,money and energy.We should think about our problems such as poverty,unemployement,population etc . We have to overcome all these problems by long planning.By changing capital no one gets anything.We should think about some constructive work to overcome problems.

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