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    Case of Ruchika Girhotra

    14 year Ruchika was molested and later on driven to commit suicide by none other than a senior Police Officer SPS Rothore of Haryana cadre. The incident molestation took place during the year 1990 and she had committed due to harassment by the police duirng the year 1993 . After almost 20 years, the Top Police Officer gets away with minor punishment of six Months imprisonment and a penalty of Rs.1000/- .

    Mr. RR Singh the then DGP of Haryana based on the statement of Ruchika and other evidences had found Mr.SPS Rathore guilty of molesting Ruchika and driven her to commit suicide. Had the police dept taken appropriate action against Mr. SPS Rathore Ruchika's life could have been saved.

    The Police , politicians nexus is responsible for the girls death. The police and politicians have played with the judiciary in delaying case so long and in the process succeeded in vanishing the case file.

    Is it not the case of fence eating the crop?. How can common people trust police dept and the judiciary?
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    But if there is politics involve then who can do anything if some do for that then his life will go on danger. so nothing can be done for this but media can do some thing for this. one power can fight with other power so use you mind instead of excitement.

    Today lot of corruption is exist in India no one need to solve it. so its time to come honest person in government.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Ruchika's case did not come to the light till today because of political interference.When her family asked for judgement the cops under the influence of Rathore started harassing the family by charging criminal cases against her brother.He was also taken in custody and beaten.The family feared that they might loose their son as well.This was the reason for the case not to come into limelight so far.Also when Rathore was found culpable, its sad that he was sentenced for a mere 6 months jail wand a penatly of 1000 rupees where as according to law such a crime posed jail life for atleast 2 years.

    Its a big shame for all the politicians and police officers.Such is our government.This is the reason why India is still behind and case for brain drain.Because of this corruption only, even the talented people rarely find a place in our contry...


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    Actually its not only Ruchika.India has lot many Ruchikas and lot many Rathores.None of the abused women is getting justice.The culprits are left scot free under political influence.These Culprits shold be punished in such a way that it will plant fear in their minds.They should be removed from their jobs and should remain jobless throughout their lives.A life sentence of minimum 5 years should be given to them.They should be handed over to the angry public.

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