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    Are the poor or general people getting justice in India?

    Ruchika Girihotra case is a burning example of this. After 19 years Ruchika's molester DGP cop get only 6 moths jail and got bail within 15 Min. Though the family gets assurance from Home minister and Family has filed fresh FIR against SPS Rathore. Panchkula court refuse to grant him bail. despite this he is free. I think there is a need of big reform in our judicial and administration system. Please suggest.
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    Thanks Amar for your good posting.

    Poor will remain poor
    Poor are the people who always at the receiving end. They remain poor and rich becomes more rich.

    Politicians use them

    Politicians use them the most like a hand kerchief.

    Plight unlimited
    Plight of the poor cannot be mentioned in words. Take for instance the thing happened in AP. Politicians instigated students to fight for Telangana and they went on rampage simply and damaged pubic properties including many RTC buses.

    The result
    The State Govt has steeply increased the bus fares beyond the reach of the poor.

    Some one does something and the poor takes the brunt.

    Mera Bharat Mahaan hum aur app beimaan

    K Mohan

    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Justice delayed is Justice denied. In Ruchika's case is the best example. It is very strange that the FIR is accepted now after 19 years. The girl has committed suicide due to the harassment by the people to her and her family. The culprit is none other than the Chief of the Police of that State. The concerned depts' are only making mockery of our legal system
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    I want to draw your attention towards another Ruchika case in Ghaziabad.Another 15 yr. girl commit suicide. She was raped and harassed by rapits family to withdraw the cases. School, hospital and Police. No one helped her. unable to bear the stress the girl committed suicide on Jan 2, 2010. I think there are many such cases yet to come in light. I am confuse whom to blame? Who is responsible?

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    In India justice is purchased and all of us know any thing can be purchased by those who have capicity to purchase that thing.Poor has not capicity to purchase the justice. So justice is not for the poor in India.
    Thats all.

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    Its very sad, No justice and no help. only use.
    With Best Regards,

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    Hi all,

    I strongly believe that poor dit not got justice in India, infact the lower class of Indian did not know anything about justice or their rights etc.

    The lazy judiciary and the dumb and deaf system of India made the life worst of poor peoples.

    It is tough to think about justice for poor pupils in current scenario, if we have more delay to take this issue seriously, than we have hazards situation in front of us in very near future.

    Current situation of justice is just an alarm for Indian Society.

    Arun Rana
    Dev Bhoomi Himachal
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